Heart Rate

  • What are peoples resting and max heart rates and ave during workout/runs?

    My max is about 191, with average of 125/160 during workout/run

    Resting is about 50 although my ave BPM while sleeping last night was 70, but I didnt have a great sleep.

    All seem a little on the high side?

  • @taniwharugby due to my various health shit, I've been doing blood pressure and HR pretty consistently.

    Varies anywhere between low 50s to low 70s for me, light exercise (walking) up to 110 and running is probably above 150 - don't tend to go to max due to the aura thing.

    The medication I'm taking for cholesterol doesn't really change BPM. So I'd say you're in the ballpark.

  • 82 at the moment but I have had about 50,000 black coffees

  • mine from a run on Thursday