2018 New Zealand Schools

  • Higgins said:

    St Kentigans have, by my quick count, eight players in the two squads listed above. There must be a lot of hand wringing and finger pointing going on amongst their officials as to why they were unable to win the 1As given their riches in talent available to them. There might be a number of rival 1st XV coaches looking nervously at their penciled in squads for next season to see if there are going to be any late defections/unavailabilities.

    The team they lost to went on to win the Nationals. Just goes to show how tough the Auckland 1A comp is.

    Also, how the hell are Auckland getting all these first fives into the NZ Schools team? I thought we only produced loosies and outside backs.

  • @bovidae gauranteed he is, lord must just be even taller!!

  • @98blueandgold Just an observation, but obviously not a fact. 🙂

    So who is the likely captain of the NZ Schools. It should be one of the U18 captains. For the Chiefs, the co-captains were Reihana and Parker. What about the other 4 teams?

  • @bovidae I don't know who the Hurricanes U18 captain was, but it could be Tyrone Thompson who was the Napier Boys captain. He's a very good leader.

  • Prob Reihana I think

  • Speaking of which, there must be another hooker in the NZS squad.

  • @bovidae Maybe one of the players that I saw mentioned as a prop, is (also) a hooker?

  • @higgins at least 3 of them have signed with the crusaders too.

  • chchfanatic said:

    @higgins at least 3 of them have signed with the crusaders too.

    Probably come from Christchurch in the first place!

  • I know punivai is definitely from chch. I don’t think the other 2 are though.

  • New Zealand Schools team to play Tonga Schools (Brisbane, 4pm NZT):

    1 Tamaiti Williams (St Kentigern College)
    2 Soane Vikena (Mt Albert Grammar School)
    3 Saula Mau (Auckland Grammar School)
    4 Thomas Martin (Hamilton Boys' High)
    5 Josh Lord (Hamilton Boys' High)
    6 Iona Apineru (St Partick's College - Silverstream) - vice-captain
    7 Anton Segner (Nelson College)
    8 Niko Jones (St Peter's College)
    9 Taufa Funaki (Sacred Heart College)
    10 Rivez Reihana (St Kentigern College) - vice-captain
    11 Josiah Maraku Feilding (Agricultural High School)
    12 Gideon Wrampling (St Paul's Collegiate)
    13 Isaiah Punivai (St Kentigern College) - captain
    14 Ethan Webster-Nonu (Scots College)
    15 Blair Murray (New Plymouth Boys' High School)

    16 Tyrone Thompson (Napier Boys' High School)
    17 Matt Graham-Williams (St Kentigern College)
    18 Tiaan Tauakipulu (St Kentigern College)
    19 Simon Parker (St Peter's School)
    20 George Prain (Rangiora High School)
    21 Louie Chapman (Christchurch Boys' High School)
    22 Zarn Sullivan (King's College)
    23 Chay Fihaki (Sacred Heart College)

  • New Zealand Barbarians Schools team to play NZ Māori U18 (2.00pm NZT at Porirua Park, Porirua):

    1 Poukohe Sorenson (Rotorua Boys’ High School)
    2 Arther Allen (Christ's College)
    3 Patrick Teddy (Napier Boys' High School)
    4 Robert Rush (St Kentigern College)
    5 Zachary Gallagher (Christ's College)
    6 Samuel Smith (Wairarapa College)
    7 Noah Perelini (King's College)
    8 Keelan Whitman (St Patrick's College)
    9 James Arscott (Otago Boys' High School)
    10 Stewart Cruden (Palmerston North Boys' High School)
    11 Caleb Cavubati (Scots College)
    12 Corey Evans (Auckland Grammar School)
    13 Lukas Halls (King's College)
    14 Roderick Solo (Scots College)
    15 Peniasi Lasaqa (St Kentigern College)

    16 Jacob Payne (Southland Boys' High School)
    17 Benet Kumeroa (Auckland Grammar School)
    18 Ovaleni Uelese (Scots College)
    19 Mahonri Ngakuru (St Kentigern College)
    20 Joshua Gimblett (Napier Boys' High School)
    21 Kristian Standen (New Plymouth Boys' High School)
    22 Tahu Kaa (Christchurch Boys' High School)
    23 Ropati So'oalo (Aotea College)

  • Hard to know if that is considered the best NZS team or just the first step in giving every player a game before the Aust test.

    @Stargazer Are these games live streamed?

  • @bovidae I'm afraid not. I have been looking and no mention of livestreaming anywhere.

  • @Stargazer @Bovidae the Tonga game tomorrow will be live streamed on double take sports with a commentary team. @DoubleTakeQLD on Twitter but stream will be on YouTube

  • @Stargazer the four players not selected have been sent home, just not picked. Reasons could be varied but at least two of them were Year 12s and could have been there for experience for next year.

  • @thewaterboy said:

    @Stargazer @Bovidae the Tonga game tomorrow will be live streamed on double take sports with a commentary team. @DoubleTakeQLD on Twitter but stream will be on YouTube

    Awesome, thanks!

  • @stargazer Update - looks like it will be streamed on the NZ under 20 facebook page

  • That was Tyrone Thompson from Napier BHS leading the haka.

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