North Harbour vs Canterbury

  • 14 all 3 mins left in first half, who would have thought it of Canty last few years to struggle like this?

  • @machpants To be fair they are still winning their games. Bryn Hall needs to clear the ball quickly from scrum time with the NH scrum going backwards and realise that it's not the Crusaders pack infront of him. Parsons throwing has been terrible and should have been pulled up for a few of his awful throws. Cameron's having a good game constantly exposing Li out wide and Whetu Douglas also playing well.

  • Ref being very nice to Auckland II, especially at scrum time. We are pushing passes a little but far more organised, without the dropsies we'd be cleaning up. Bridge clearly a class above.

  • The steam rolling has got going again, 31-14 20 to go

  • What is there 12 people in the crowd?

  • I think 'crowd' is a bit of an optimistic term

  • Luteru Tolai showing that he's a converted hooker.

  • So how good is that Waikato hooker's throwing?

  • They cop a bit of criticism for not being as good as previous years, but they keep on winning do Canterbury and with bonus points. They're still favourites for me to take the title.

    North Harbour have looked average all year and have a relegation fight on their hands. Their big name players haven't stood up for them so far.

  • There was a great passage of play last night.

    Canterbury mullered NH in a scrum pushing them back 5m at a rate of knots, but front rows didn't pop. Liava'a miraculously managed to extract the ball from the back and ran it from the base of his backwheeling scrum. Drummond tackled him with a text book tackle and slid down to his ankles. But Liava'a remained on his feet and bunny hopped for about 5m with Drummoned wrapped around his ankles.

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