Auckland vs. North Harbour - The Battle of the Bridge

  • @tim Tasman did didn't they?

  • @african-monkey Yep, they did. Don't think anyone did last year?

    Remember hearing Nigel Yelden talk about it early this year.

  • Sweet win, especially after last season. It's good to see us get a convincing win against a decent team going into the playoffs.

    Loved seeing Papali'i thoroughly outplay Hunt, especially after Parsons saying earlier in the week that Hunt has been the best openside in the Mitre 10 Cup 🙄 . He put on a masterclass yesterday and definitely deserved his AB call-up.

    Faiane set the tone for us in that first half. That clean out to spring the Ruru try was beautiful. At the game you could see him barking at the forwards to get in there, but decided he had to do it himself. Needs to retain captaincy next season even if Gibson is healthy.

    Usually this isn't funny, but Parsons giving a familiar losing interview at Eden Park made me laugh.

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