Auckland vs Wellington - Semi Final

  • @rapido said in Auckland vs Wellington - Semi Final:

    The touch judge miss of the Lam late foot trip on Nanai was a disgraceful piece of inept officiating, was right in front him. Hope that gets picked up in their performance review.

    Crap piece of cheating by Lam, not even slightly subtle.

    I was blwoing up about that in the stand opposite - looked like he pulled him down initially, but I was 100 m away. How the hell the AR missed it, and then still missed it on replay is beyond me.

    Also, WTF is up with knock forwards for attacking passes? A floated pass for Auckland in the first half got knocked forward by a Welly player - and hte outside winder was in space. Yet only a scrum; not evena penalty, or (heaven forbid) the obligatory YC. I just don't know what the rules are from week to week any more.

  • @nzzp was driving back from Hamilton listening to commentary and even the Radio Sport caller and Kevin Putt was were mystified on the decision being missed by all 4 officials..!
    Glad Auckland got the job done,and also a great gesture by the union with the free entry.

  • @broughie said in Auckland vs Wellington - Semi Final:

    One thing I would like to see though is his mug in the screen more often so maybe his fitness is an issue. Thing is with these guys with FTO muscle the endurance can be a problem hence I guy like Franks a slug can play a whole game. I still think that being in an AB pack with experience around him he would change games. He is a game changer.

    Yeah, it was interesting to read Alama (who I have a massive new respect for) acknowledge certain areas needing improvement "for the next level", in amongst the deserved praise for Akira's performance.
    Has anyone ever put a stopwatch on how long it takes him to rejoin the defensive structure? I know the AB's put a lot of weight on that.

  • @african-monkey said in Auckland vs Wellington - Semi Final:

    Good performance from us. Akira was outstanding as we all know he is. A few one on one misses but that's going to happen with their big ball carriers but other than that, a faultless display. Seu (or Soo as Nisbo pronounces it) looked very good for someone who's been out for so long and Faiane has really stepped up this year.

    Also, Nisbo's pronunciation of names was awful!

    Sosene-Fag-guy 😅

  • @dice Taleni Soo, U-a-nee, and Fepulea'i wasn't pronounced too flash either.

  • And, in classic Auckland administration fashion, as soon as they do something great they have control of (free admission), the weather forecast is for rain. Poor bastards. Could have had a great crowd there if the weather was better.

    That said, I was at 2010 AMI Stadium final, and there were less than 3,000 people there. So poor attendance has been an issue for ages, and right aroudn the country

  • Hoping Waikato do something similar whenever their final is on..
    Crowd for Satudays semi was awful.

  • @steven-harris Friday night. The WRU needs the money so I don't expect free entry. Kids free with a paying adult would be a good start. But the days of huge crowds for NPC games are long gone.

    Hamilton empties out for a long weekend so I wasn't surprised at the low turnout. I was sitting in a plane at the time.

  • @bovidae kids free is what I think all Unions should do, is a no brainer!

    NRU did this about 4 or 5 years back for all registered junior rugby players, I'd of gone the other way and handed out passes to all the schools, involve more than just the rugby kids. FRee for all kids under 16 with an adult.

    Having an actual free ticket to hold onto, for a kid is more beneficial in them asking mum or dad to take them than just saying it is free IMO.

    I was in Hamilton, seemed plenty of people still about but then it is pretty quiet up here, so anywhere is busy haha!

  • @taniwharugby

    According to the TicketDirect website children do have free admission. Only $10 for where we sit.

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