Pre-season Fitness

  • I am looking at running some pre-season fitness sessions for the team I coach once school returns in Feb.

    It is an U14 team with a decent range of abilities and fitness (from the traditional walking an insanely fit loosie)

    I have some ideas for fitness drills and some fitness games already, but thought I'd also see if I could some ideas from the Fern Massive on some fitness exercises but also any games I can incorporate as well, I mean I wannna push them, but also want them to come back the next week haha.


  • @taniwharugby something different from the norm; I like to play a game that is like touch football but has no off-sides. Once you catch the ball you can't run with it, which makes it like netball. The hardwork is done by the players off the ball getting into space and backing each other up. It's bloody tiring once they get the hang of it.

  • @antipodean yeah I saw something like that on Youtube (think it was being run by Reuben Wiki)

  • Yeah 1 touch touch is always good where once you get touched both teams have to run back to there goal lines and once new attacking team gets the ball the go once they have turned around, pretty sure it can be forward passes as well. As teams tire D line gets staggered and gaps open up. We used it with a team in Canada to teach them to hold a line as you get tired.

    Depending on the skill level can make it normal touch and any drop balls or 5th touches they have to run back.

    We would always finish training with 21's aka 5m down/ups.

    As a loosie we would always enjoy a heni and then having to look like keen team members and run back to jog in with the fat props....

    We also set it up that training started at 6pm and the leadership group would run the warm up and everyone would be ready by 6pm to start actual training. Was good had group warm up then they would practice kickoffs/lineout lifts/throws/passing

  • Play a standard game of touch on full field but once you make a touch you have to run back to your goal post and join the defence line again.

    Makes them try that little bit harder for their mates so they aren’t a man down.

    Also means that your defence team covers the field with low numbers which = more fitness

  • Make them run until they spew.

    Next time make sure they run further before spewing.

    I hope this advice helps.

  • Hillsprints, great for power etc. Plus they are good for all players. Have a set distance, line em up and smash them out.

    Could be good to put some strength stuff in so the bigger lads can shine a bit. If they aren't gassed of course!
    Maybe sweeten the fitness side of the deal by making a bet with them?

  • @MN5 said in Pre-season Fitness:

    Make them run until they spew.

    Next time make sure they run further before spewing.

    I hope this advice helps.

    Get them to scull water first?

    Piggy back races might be popular. Strength, stamina and a bit of fun.

  • Make sure you mix it up with some off field stuff like a jog up the local mountain or peak etc to keep things interesting and varied