Black Caps v India

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    @Baron-Silas-Greenback that is really cool. Hadn't heard that before... which makes it even cooler as I bet he isn't interested in telling people about it. Fark, you'd be equal parts excited and terrified facing him!

    Safe to say at club level he bowls within himself and bats above himself....
    ...unless some little snot smashes him through covers for 4.. then he becomes a fast bowler again...

    I've often wondered how I woulda have gone bowling to Chris Martin at his best.

    Knowing my skills I'd probably make him look like Bradman.

    I can tell you thing.. Boult will be STOKED to get a century on the clubs honor board...
    When you are international player you don't get to brag really about your international accomplishments.. otherwise you are a fucking knob. But at club level trashing your club mates and pointing to your century on the honors boards is a rite of passage.

    Didn't he already have a century at club level? I think I recall him getting one at the National Club Championships a few years ago. I think it was his first year in the test team or before he made the test team, as I was then surprised to see how 'bad' he was at batting at test level.

    However he is probably the most effective bad batsman I have seen so far in my life.

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    @No-Quarter All well down here. Got evacuated for a few days, but back now.

    I think Mark Geenty probably has the situation pretty much spot on. Astle and Sodhi fighting for a spot. Seifert, Munro and de Grandhomme probably done enough in recent games. Bracewell will be unlucky.

    It's weird because all 3 of Seifert, Munro and CdG have shown form in 20 overs which is a distinctly different game to 50 overs. It's all very well to have batsmen playing "their natural game" but I'd rather have more selective hitters who can build an innings. A quick 30 isn't going to cut it ....

    CdG will probably be OK due to the CWC being in England - I wouldn't pick him for the sub-continent as he isn't accurate enough as a bowler.

  • @KiwiPie Munro is a really weird one, because if his T20 record was his ODI record, he'd actually be a reasonable ODI batsman.

    Average of 33.6; strike rate of 162 - three hundreds and nine fifties from 49 innings.

    I'd take that over the untested Henry Nicholls opening.

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