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    Real sad news about Brett Dallas. The former 90s try-scoring machine is in a downward spiral.

    As I recall early in Brad Fittler's career as a schoolboy on super-star money, his family appointed a trusted, gnarly old accountant to manage his affairs. When Brad came to him mid-week to ask for more money he would tell him "No. You were paid last week and spent it, now you must wait until I let you have this week's pay." As a consequence he is now said to have a net worth of about $10m. He kept working really hard after retirement to secure a reliable income, mostly from League.

    I venture way more of them end up on the skids than in anything even close to Fittler's position. A high number of Alan Jones' Wallabies succeeded mightily in business due to his influence but I have difficulty running off a list of past Wallaby and All Black players who spent their down time studying in preparation for life after - Brendan Cannon earned a business degree while playing, Snaky Smith is a solicitor, Doug Howlett has a couple of degrees, Bret Robinson is a surgeon ... . (Interesting to find Will Carling has a degree in psychology; Andrew Strauss has a degree in economics; Welsh centre Jamie Roberts has a couple of degrees, is a doctor en route to orthopaedic surgeon); Victor Matfield has an accounting degree; Bryan Habana has a BSc in IT; and Welsh captain Alun-Wyn Jones has a law degree).

    RUPA is now a member of a wider program encouraging academic and vocational study which apparently has a high participation rate, it's been a long time coming though.

    I assume highly paid team sportsmen now attend plenty of workshops arranged by their clubs with advice on how to better deal with their lives, personally and financially. They all have managers who presumably do the same for their 20% (although my son's mate had Our Your Quadie for a while - he had big wraps on himself but he simply did not get it) and their families are not all toothless Centrelink bogans lounging about drinking bundy and coke all day, who have a role in guiding them.

    Apart from the obvious dangers (when you're in the money you have lots of friends, including smooth talking salesmen with over-priced luxury home units off the plans and "professional" furnishers to fit them out at a monstrous cost with fine looking items having a real worth of about $25,000, top end cars and Guyanan choko plantation shares) I would guess that there is a fair bit of "you cannot tell me what to do!" and "simply will not listen" ... a rampant ego with no brains leading to zero savings and no income to pay the huge body corporate levies, council rates and annual vehicle registration.

    I am reminded that the estimable Robbie Deans in his first few days with the Qantas Harmless Wallabies counselled them "This fabulous opportunity can be all over in a very short period" and they did not bother listening right from the jump.

    ** Jamie Roberts went to school at Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf and Ysgol Y Wern but you all knew that, didn't you?

  • 18 - 6 and Round one looks like a false dawn...

  • Pretty terrible. Currently 24-12 and the Warriors only look dangerous when RTS touches it.

  • So much for Manly being wooden spoon contenders, or the Warriors being contenders. Bugger.

  • Feeble defence.

  • Our playmakers 6,7,9 were terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Options on attack and kicks looked less than schoolboys. 😭 RTS looked amazing though

  • No, that's disgraceful

  • Normal service resumes at the Warriors.

    What’s happened to the attack, they we’re as threatening as a marshmallow.

    Defence piss weak.

  • Yeah....we're not making the playoffs this year boys.

    Before we pick over that shit show performance by the Warriors it should be said Tom Trbojevic absolutely tore the Warriors a new one today. He'll destroy Queensland in State of Origin as well, first choice NSW/Kangaroos fullback for sure.

    The Warriors should be 3-0 to start the season but some old problems have resurfaced alongside injuries and unless Stephen Kearney gets creative and makes some serious calls on a few players, it won't get better.

    The first problem is the forwards are not playing with the same aggressive, take no prisoner attitude they played with in 2018.

    For most of the game the backs, like Adam Keighran, were first in the tackle while players like Tohu Harris and Adam Blair were no where to be seen. If no one gets in the face of Manly, Manly will just march down the field....which they did.

    The second and third problems are entirely on Stephen Kearney. Kearney showed piss poor player management by putting Gerard Beale on the bench when everyone knew Isaac Luke was still not 100% match fit.

    For years I've barked on about how the Warriors need to focus on power running football, which they are now, and that means the hooker position is now the most critical position.

    Luke got injured in the first half which meant Jazz Tevaga played the remainder at hooker and just threw interceptions and wayward passes the rest of the way.
    If Luke wasn't healthy there had to be another hooker on the bench and I'm talking about Karl Lawton since Nathaniel Roache cannot be relied upon due to his fragile body.
    Fuck it, just bring Beale on, move Hiku to stand off and slot Keighran into hooker but for God sake's you need a playmaker in at dummyhalf (which Tevaga is obviously not).

    Thirdly, some players need to be axed and yes Solomone Kata is the first to go. He made several weak tackles which lead to tries in this game and Fusitua is now struggling too. Other players need to be put on notice: Blake Green, Adam Blair, Agnatius Paasi come to mind.

    If the Warriors need to make an emergency pick up from another team, since they do have the cap space, maybe inquire about Mason Lino at Newcastle as a potential hooker/halfback/bench option because Chanel Tevita-Harris is not doing well in the NSW Cup either.

    Bet the Warriors are regretting the "return your season pass for a full refund after three games" promo....

    Team for next week:
    1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. David Fusitua 3. Gerard Beale 4. Blake Ayshford 5. Ken Maumalo 6. Adam Keighran 7. Blake Green 8. Bunty Afoa 9. Karl Lawton 10. Adam Blair 11. Isaiah Papali'i 12. Tohu Harris 13. Jazz Tevaga
    Bench: 14. Peta Hiku 15. Agnatius Paasi 16. Leeson Ah Mau 17. Lachlan Burr

  • Our D line fails to rush up and Manly obliged by racking up the metres. Our offence was headless, Keighran and Green's kicking game was poor for the second game running. The whole team looked disinterested, only RTS can hold his head high

  • Just saying but Johnson looked very good yesterday...

    Defended well, chased hard and made some big plays when he needed to. Cronulla as a whole look like they’ll go deep this season.

  • We're not the only set of fans wondering what the fuck is going on. Cowboys, Broncos, and Panthers fans will be just as unhappy with the start.

  • Apart from Melbourne the rest of the standings is all over the place. Manly is currently in 8th place after being last....

  • Don’t worry Warriors fans as a Panthers fan I’m equally dumbfounded about our start, I knew we would lose to the Storm on Saturday just not by that much.

  • he may be going shit in NSW Cup but as far as Kearney is concerned that's good enough for the NRL....

    Chanel Tevita-Harris promoted and Keighran dropped.

  • @raznomore said in NRL 2019:

    he may be going shit in NSW Cup but as far as Kearney is concerned that's good enough for the NRL....

    Chanel Tevita-Harris promoted and Keighran dropped.

    Countdown clock to either Hiku or Harris in the halves is running now.

  • @raznomore said in NRL 2019:

    he may be going shit in NSW Cup but as far as Kearney is concerned that's good enough for the NRL....

    Chanel Tevita-Harris promoted and Keighran dropped.

    Panic move by Kearney and you're right about Tevita-Harris, he hasn't been good in the NSW Cup at all. The problem is the forwards and who is usually directing them around the park (Tevaga due to injuries to Luke and Roache) not Keighran who is kicking at 90%. At least Karl Lawton will be named at hooker but we now hope Tevita-Harris levels up before friday night like he's in Dragon Ball Z.

  • dang, was hoping we'd persevere with Keighran. 3 games in does not make the rookie!

  • @Paekakboyz said in NRL 2019:

    dang, was hoping we'd persevere with Keighran. 3 games in does not make the rookie!

    At least he kicks goals well. The danger signs abound. How long is Kearney's contract?

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