2019 Jock Hobbs Memorial National U19 Tournament

  • Half time:

    Hawke's Bay 3-0 North Harbour
    Wellington 15 - 5 Auckland

  • By Waikato, I think they mean Auckland.

  • @Canes4life Ha, yes, I noticed that, too. Otago played in the previous game.

  • Auckland bt Wellington 21-18.

    Poor from Wellington to let that slip.

  • Full time:

    After a draw at full time, Auckland took the win kicking a penalty in extra time against Wellington:

    Wellington 18 - 21 Auckland. Auckland progresses to the Graham Mourie Cup (Premiership) Final; Wellington will play for 3rd place.

    North Harbour 9 - 10 Hawke's Bay. Hawke's Bay goes through to the Michael Jones Trophy (Championship) Final (9th/10th place). North Harbour will play for 11th place.

  • Half time:

    Canterbury 6 - 7 Bay of Plenty
    Taranaki 21 - 10 Tasman

  • Full time:

    Canterbury 16 - 14 Bay of Plenty; Canterbury will take on Auckland in the Graham Mourie Cup (Premiership) Final; Bay of Plenty will play Wellington for 3rd place.

    Taranaki 47 - 27 Tasman; Taranaki will play Hawke's Bay for 9th place in the Michael Jones Trophy (Championship) Final; Tasman will take on North Harbour for 11th place.

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  • So there's no highlights of the first 2 days anywhere?

  • @Duluth Nope, I haven't seen anything. Very disappointing coverage this year. I've only seen half time and full time updates and a few photos. It's all very low key. I wonder why? Cost-cutting? I doubt it will keep scouts from NRL away ...

  • Half time:

    15th/16th place: Northland 19 - 13 Southland
    7th/8th place: Auckland Development 0 - 29 Waikato

  • Full time:
    15th/16th place: Northland 45 - 18 Southland
    7th/8th place: Auckland Development 19 - 36 Waikato

    Half time:
    11th/12th place: North Harbour 10 - 0 Tasman

  • Full time:
    11th/12th place: North Harbour 29 - 17 Tasman

    Half time:
    13th/14th place: Heartland 8 - 33 Counties Manukau
    5th/6th place: Manawatu 3 - 7 Otago

  • Full time:
    13th/14th place: Heartland 20 - 52 Counties Manukau
    5th/6th place: Manawatu 3 - 17 Otago

    Half time:
    3rd/4th place: Wellington 13 - 7 Bay of Plenty

  • Full time:
    3rd/4th place: Wellington 34 - 7 Bay of Plenty

  • @Stargazer a few players showing some real class in this game.

    Taine Plumtree, Shamus Langton, Josh Southall, Keinan Higgins and Tyrone Thompson all superb in this match, pushing their case for Under 20 selection next year and for further NPC and Super contracts going forward.

    Plumtree senior looked happy in the crowd with his sons efforts. Fair play to Taine he was probably the pick of the bunch today. Has a superb all round game.

  • @Canes4life Yes, it was a good game. I think those were indeed the best Wellington players. I hope Leo Thompson's hamstring injury - which prevented him from playing this game and showing his skills - is not going to cost him a possible spot in the U20s.

  • Sir Michael Jones Trophy Final

    Half time:
    9th/10th place: Hawke's Bay 13 - 31 Taranaki

    Patrick Teddy has been great for the Bay. Otherwise, the Bay's pack is much smaller than Taranaki's and it's showing in the scrum. Taranaki's backs are clearly better than ours, although Murphy is kicking well. Overall, much smarter play from the Naki as well. I hope this doesn't become a big blow-out win to them.

  • Sir Michael Jones Trophy Final

    Full time:
    9th/10th place: Hawke's Bay 25 - 52 Taranaki

    Well-deserved win to Taranaki, although they probably deserved more than their two yellow cards, too.

    I will post some comments on the Hawke's Bay performance on the Magpies forum.

    I haven't looked too closely at Taranaki's team, so can't name any outstanding players other than their hooker and their lock Josh (?) Lord.

  • Graham Mourie Cup Final

    Full time:
    Auckland 17 - 26 Canterbury (HT: 0 - 14)

    Convincing win to Canterbury, who win the tournament. They have an impressive forward pack!

    Napier Boy Zarn Sullivan a stand-out for Auckland.

    Overall, there's been some great talent on display on this last day of the tournament, especially from the top 4 provinces. It's a pity that so few games were televised.

    Looking forward to the list of players that will be invited to the first NZ U20 camp.

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