Manawatu v Magpies

  • @Stargazer superb forward effort ,PJ looking comfortable on the loose head side of the scrum.. Joel Hintz for a small stature goes well

  • @Steven-Harris Pouri was great! He looks way more confident than last year (bigger too?) and his game showed that.

  • Every time I see Hinz, I am reminded of Otis Dozovik

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  • @Stargazer really glad he was patient and hung around the Bay, he loves the region ..if he can keep this sort of form up, a super contract will be just around the corner..
    A really dominant display from the magpies the look of Fakatava , just needs to pick his moments..feel for Sam McNicol he can’t seem to catch a break at the minute.

  • Okay, here are some stats from Opta:

    Tackles made - tackles missed - turnovers won - turnovers conceded:
    Manawatu: 99 - 14 - 6 - 20
    Hawke's Bay: 62 - 12 - 8 - 16

    Most tackles made (tackles missed) by Magpies:
    Devan Flanders 9 (0)
    Tom Parsons 9 (0)
    Mason Emerson 6 (3) -> that was also the most tackles missed

    Highest number of turnovers won by individual Magpies was 2 (Emerson and O'Connor).
    Highest number of turnovers conceded by individual Magpies was 3 (Fakatava). Players conceding 2 turnovers were Emerson, Flanders and Parsons).

    Line-outs won - line-outs lost - line-out win %
    Manawatu: 4 - 4 - 50%
    Hawke's Bay: 12 - 6 - 66.7%

    This shows the limitation of stats, because 4 of our line-outs led to tries, which isn't visible from these stats.

    Scrums won - scrums lost - scrum win %
    Manawatu: 7 - 2 - 77.8%
    Hawke's Bay: 9 - 1 - 90%

    Highest number of line-out wins by individual Magpies:
    Evans (4), Cridge (3) and Walker-Leawere (2).

    The Magpies only conceded 4 penalties during this game. Manawatu 10.

  • Good to start with a win.

    Liked the scrum and forward drives from lineouts. Pouri Rakete-Stones is showing the benefit of two previous seasons in the team, making a big advance in his play.

    A lot of handling errors which is probably to be expected in the rain.

    Let's go at Wellington on Friday night.

  • Any word on what McNicol did?

  • @Magpie_in_aus I'm keeping an eye on it. Haven't seen any injury update, yet.

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