V Auckland

  • 12 Matt Johnson
    13 Scott Gregory

    That looks better. Northland needed to move more quality into the midfield. My pick would have been Hyland but Gregory should improve things

    I don't rate Hohaia so that helps too

    What are peoples thoughts on Johnson? I've seen him play a reasonable number of games and I struggle to recall anything positive or negative about him.

    Debra at 15 is something I've wanted Northland to try.. just not with Hawkins at ten

  • Interesting selections, like the look of Johnson and Gregory, especially defensively, gonna be a tough at the office up against TJ & Manu..
    Agree about Hohaia, he used to be a stepper, but has now turn into a crash merchant..
    Looks like the Taniwha will use a 2 pivot role..
    Like Matiu at number 8, not a big ,but like Jordon Taufua brings a ton of physicality..

  • Dont think Johnson has had quite the chance to prove himself anywhere at the moment. He was with a rubbish Southland team for two seasons. He then got picked up by the Blues, but had heart surgery so that curtailed everything for him.

    The jury’s out, but seems to have something about him. Be keen to watch his progress.

  • I think having Gregory in closer and getting him involved more is essential to both the team and his development as a player.

    The Hawkins-Debreczeni thing is something I wondered if they might try, although hoped they wouldn't...hopefully Hawkins proves me wrong, I expect Auckland will run down his channel, but then that is the one area of his game I have no issues with.

    Yeah Hohaia seemed one to watch when he hit the scene a few years back, but had a serious injury and has not really shown much since, and I have seen him play a number of club games and certainly didn't dominate as you would expect him to do.

    For me he strikes me as one if those guys that hits all the training targets and does all the off field stuff, but is just lacking that little something on the field.

    I have a bad feeling about this game...which I guess won't be such a bad thing as I won't be able to even watch it tomorrow.

  • Johnson coughs it up. Not good enough.

  • Soft penalty gives away territory and try follows. Need to up work at breakdowns and win contact.

  • Auckland bodies falling all over the ruck.

  • Then we get pinged for the same thing.

  • @kev this is getting embarrassing. Need Debreczeni back at 10 taking it to the line.

  • Auckand are cleaning in the side all over the ruck. We need to man up.

  • @J77 can’t believe we started with Hawkins.

  • Matiu and Nock the only ones showing ticker at the minute.

  • Man ref is letting a free for all at the rucks. Almost every player going down on their hands before going for the ball,

  • @kev said in V Auckland:

    @J77 can’t believe we started with Hawkins.

    Yep, bum move there. Hopefully that’s the end of that experiment.

  • They were so offside. That is very poor.

  • We lost every ruck. Need to have changed game plan and played much tighter.We basically played no rugby. Not smart enough to work out how to stay in the game.

  • @kev every ruck was a free for all, worst ruck reffing I've seen for ages

  • Ugly...!
    Only player that could hold his head high was Jacob Matiu..
    Full credit to Auckland.they just did not let up..enough said.

  • @Steven-Harris we lost the physical battle, didn’t cope with Aucklands line speed, and individually made lots of mistakes. Coaches need to have a huge rethink. Players need to standup. Ugly is the word.

  • according to the M10 website, we have played Auckland 12 times since 2004

    Average scoreline in those matches: Auckland 37, Northland 14...

    Before last nights game average was 36-14.

    So we were 4 points worse than normal, Auckland 7 points better.

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