Otago vs Hawkes Bay

  • Ah, I forgot we still had Fomai. Toala off

  • Not looking good in the tipping comp with most of the Bay team going for the 9-16 point margin. Come on Bay, one more scoring play would be much appreciated in these last two minutes thanks.

  • The bloody ref keeps adding extra time on! 🙂

  • Yessssss! Bonus point win. Also no bonus point for Otago. Good night for the Magpies, even though they let the southeners come back a bit.

  • Duane Monkley medal points

    Weber 3 points
    Flanders 2 points
    Cridge 1 point

  • You would take 2 wins and a draw against Wellington everyday of the week and twice on Sunday if you were given those odds at the seasons start...just need to tidy up those kick off receives and make you sure you keep your defensive shape through the entire game..enjoying the magpies in 2019.

  • @Steven-Harris People tend to underestimate the Magpies. Probably because we've so many young lads fresh out of school that even the so-called experts don't know. We've plenty of SR players though, it's still surprising me a bit that nobody gave us any chance of winning the Championship title at the start of the season. I'm fine with an underdog status though. Still many rounds to go.

  • @Stargazer said in Magpies v Otago:

    Duane Monkley medal points

    Weber 3 points
    Flanders 2 points
    Cridge 1 point

    Josh Ioane should've got at least 1 point(I would've given him the 3 points tbh). Had a weak pack/halfback and still looked extremely good.

  • Returned from the game.

    One thing that was very noticeable at the ground, and probably what you can't see on television, was the Magpie defensive line did not advance when Otago had the ball and Otago were able to make valuable yardage advancing the ball before meeting or having to evade a tackle. It happened numerous times.

    Restarts/kickoffs - I think there were five we failed to secure. That is poor.

    Liked Flanders a lot at number eight, and we have good depth at loose forward.

    Hintz very good in the scrum for a short prop, the opposing looseheads can't get under him, but when he's carrying the ball he has a lot of difficulty breaking a tackle, or advancing, because he is just coming up against bigger men.

    McClutchie was hot and cold, Weber was outsanding. Pouri Rakete-Stones, in his third season, is really developing well. And only 22 years old.

    Parsons was the main man in the lineout.

    Another thing you could notice at the ground, and probably couldnt on television, was Caleb Makene speaking to the backs a lot and organising them.

    Always good to win though, and with a bonus point. A bit frustrating to win by eight when you've been 22 points up.

    That last Otago try ruined my tipping, I had HB 9-16.

    Edit: Lowe went off injured, holding his left forearm/wrist. McNicol was there on crutches.

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