Otago vs Taranaki (Ranfurly Shield)

  • What a brilliant game, thats what I call heart and Otago displayed it in spades..Taranaki had all the bigs names but a couple of them were to quiet in my opinion ..
    A much better round with some real thrillers..

  • The shield must always be held in the highest regard in the landscape of New Zealand rugby.

    That was a great game due to the log being on the line - adds so much to the players efforts

    No shield and Taranaki win that by at least 2 scores. I reckon.

    Heard Dan Carter saying winning the shield is better than a super title, or something like that.

  • Yep, as a neutral, that was an excellent game to watch.

    Otago fans probably enjoyed it as well!

  • @Damo said in Otago vs Taranaki (Ranfurly Shield):

    Down by 8 with 2 minutes to go and if you get a kickable PK, you should take the points. Get the three, win the ball from the kickoff and then go for a try.

    Don't try to score a try, use up all the time on the clock and then mutter about how there isn't time for the kickoff.

    Totally agree. It had me yelling at the tv telling Marshall to shut the f up when he abruptly said No! When the other commentator mention taking the points. 90 seconds isn’t long enough to take a kick to the line, a line out and them score from 20m out. Just dumb. Take a quick shot and back yourself to hold onto the ball until you score the try. Even if it takes another 10min.

    Great game though. Otago deserved the win because they scrambled so well and took their chances. Naki looked like the ABs from 2018. Lots of breaks and chances fucked up by poor handling.

    Love the Ranfurly shield.

  • @Siam Yep top three NZ Rugby trophies for me.

    1. William Webb Ellis trophy.
    2. Bledisloe Cup
    3. Ranfurly Shield

  • So stoked! Seems obvious Otago this year only cares about shield and not away games. Hope we can keep it going. 😃

  • McDowall has been good, but good enough to bench Lentjes??

  • The Shield challenge brings out another mean as game.

    Poor decision by Naki to go for the lineout at the end there. I would’ve tapped and run if not going for the 3.

    Otago deserved the win though with some of their endeavour in attack and some decent forward play.

  • Is Koroi a prospect at 10? At super level.

  • @shark I thought Lentjes was carrying an injury, so was benched.

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