Wellington vs Northland

  • @kev 57-36 FT

  • despite the Wellington score, I am pretty happy with that.

    We had some bloody good patches, and we gave them some bloody soft arse tries.

    Glad they fought for 80, well done lads!

    I like the look of both Rae and Byrne, Stokes had his best game, I believe that was his blazer game too.

    Cherrington didnt get much to do, but hopefully he gets a start.

  • @J77 like one half of that. Sounds like we have not picked the best team from the start...but still have s gaping hole in midfield

  • @taniwharugby agree with all you said,given the injury toll and unavailable bodies..I would have taken a 19 point loss before the game..You have got to wonder about why Jonty Rae has not been part of the playing XV sooner..thought Sam Caird was superb..happy for Aorangi Stokes, his best game in a Cambridge blue jersey ..

  • @taniwharugby yep some real ticker there, and that’s all you can ask for. All I wanted was for us to come off with our heads held high, and we’ve done that. I was expecting 70-80 points against and not many for.

    Most of Wellington’s tries were very soft. To score five of our own was very pleasing though.

    Our pack muscled up well bar a few scrums. The locks and loosies all shaped up. Stokes was supercharged! Also liked Byrne, if he can stack some weight he’ll be a beast.

    Out wide Gregory, J Deb and Rae were my picks.

    Hope we scrap Tasman the same next week. Could be a similar score maybe?? Got to get more than the donut Auckland received.

  • @taniwharugby said in Wellington vs Northland

    Cherrington didnt get much to do, but hopefully he gets a start.

    Too easy that riddle.. Start Cherrington and drop Johnson. Johnson was terrible.

  • I normally rate Jackson as a ref but I found incredibly poor seemed to favour Northland I know I’m going to get roasted but that’s the way I saw it.

  • @mikey07 thought the same, but the other way, especially in the first 50 or so....was one shocker of a not straight we threw but he gave back to us after you guys knocked it on in the last quarter, thought he was a bit more leniant for us in the final 20 though

    As is always the case, you only see things when skewed against your own team.

    Guess it highlighted why Jackson aint at the RWC.

  • @taniwharugby yes indeed I wonder if anybody else has had the same experience with him

  • The standard of officiating at this level is so poor. Vince Aso's try for Wellington was CLEARLY a knock on and so was Jonty Raes try for Northland. The level of officiating is almost as bad as Matt Johnson's performances at 13 for Northland.

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