AB MotM V England

  • @Paekakboyz said in AB MotM V England:

    Goodhue was our best and I'd have subbed ALB instead of him. Reece created some chances and looked likely, yes he had some defensive lapses but... ah, our whole team was pretty ave on that front.

    I will go out on a limb here and say Crotty may have been useful at some stage

  • @Nevorian thought our subs were all wrong, without talking about tactics (or lack thereof and the ability to make changes on the fly to try and disrupt the English)

    THink SB should have stayed on longer and taken BR off, and left Goodhue on and taken ALB off and probably bought Coles on sooner...

    ALl that being said, we just werent in that game last night

  • I honestly do not get the love for Goodhue. He was far from best on park for the AB's in my opinion.

    He's very one dimensional, good on defence but after re-watching Namibia and Irish games prior to the English match, he offers very little in attack.

    He usually just tucks the ball and hits the line barely making a dent. And I've yet to see an offload of his all tournament.

    Best on park for me were Savea and Smith. Didn't pick a 3rd player.

    Edit. I would actually give it to Coles who was very busy and somewhat effective when he came on.

  • Goodhue made ground off poor position almost every carry. Not many other players could say they did better.

  • @ACT-Crusader I am a fan but I'm sick of ineffectual Aaron Smith box kicks. He's a liability in defense immediately behind the ruck and he's at that point where all of our best recent halfbacks seem to eventually get to. He over-thinks. Piri was great when he just used to pass like a bullet out of a gun. Marshall was much more serviceable in the first half of his career. When he wasn't fluffing around. Still a fantastic player, Smith. But he needs to pump the breaks on the playmaking and get back to instinctual rugby.

  • I went with Goodhue, almost added Scott Barrett (as a lock), for mine he was the best of the three locks in the first half (shows how bad they all were). But alas the decision to start him at six was an issue and we needed a flanker for sure. As a six he didn't get my vote, so only had one vote.

  • @RoninWC He doesn’t look like he can make a break on the outside of his man. I prefer ALB at centre.

  • Reece , Ardie, Goodhue for mine.

  • @rotated said in AB MotM V England:

    Goodhue, Cane, Coles.

    Glad they all spent long periods on the pine.


  • @ACT-Crusader said in AB MotM V England:

    @Old-Samurai-Jack said in AB MotM V England:

    A. Smith was a workhorse I thought. He was taking on the big boys when our big guys were missing.

    Sheesh, I thought his decision making left a lot to be desired. If I was Rattue I’d be demanding a public square explanation as to the box kick just outside our attacking 22 alone. And that wasn’t one of those platform was a problem issues. We were on attack and actually building.

    I can remember watching mccaw do the voice over for the 2015 final, in a similar attacking situation early in the game , smith kicks it in behind them into the in goal, and the Aussies took it away with ease, looked like a similar stupid play.

    Mccaw adds , that kick in behind them was planned , didn’t really come off .

    Maybe smith was working to Instructions, , hard to fathom why , but When I saw it , I thought of the above.

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