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  • I see there is a Northland and Hawkes tread so thought I would start one for BOP.

    I'm just curious if anyone knows of any comings and goings of players for the coming season. We obviously know of TTT and possibly Otere Black.

    I only know of three from last years team who definitely won't be back. There is a group of NZ sevens players playing locally for their clubs and a few players returning from overseas so I assume some will be included in the NPC team.

    So, anyone know of new signings ?

  • @Snollygoster Let's see. The Steamers lose

    • Alex Ainley to retirement;
    • not sure whether Chris Eves is still playing;
    • Richard Judd is probably still contracted to his Japanese club, so may not be available?
    • Abraham Papali'i going overseas;
    • Liam Polwart retired?
    • Joe Ravouvou has left for France.
    • Nathan Vella is struggling with his health (concussion) at the Highlanders. What's he going to do?

    BOP definitely having the benefit of all those 7s players living in the province; not all of them will return to their home province for NPC.

  • Cheers for that Stargazer. You're a wealth of information.

    You are correct Ainsley, Polwart and Wardlaw are definitely gone.

    The contract situation and NPC availability situation with some players is a tad confusing. I see Keepa Mewett is playing locally and Tom Franklin has appeared on a recent BOPRU promotion. Both, I understood were contracted in Japan so maybe their contracts are finished or possibly they have dispensation to play back here. Someone here will know.

    Vella's concussion issues don't look good and I'm not sure where Nathan Harris is ,health wise , these days.

    You're also right about about the Sevens players although I think most who are playing locally are contracted to BOP. Reagan Ware I think was with Taranaki.

  • Cant wait for the season ahead

  • Tom mchugh has taken time out from rugby
    Isaiah going to ireland
    Tyler didn't play for us last year due to wc but he's off overseas

  • Eves, McHugh, Vella, Polwart, Ainley, Wardlaw, White, Papali'i, Ravouvou all likely or definitely out. Matenga, Mua, Robertson, Lalomilo players don't know about but haven't seen in club rugby. Gonna presume/hope all our Super players are returning but I haven't been checking other unions signings.
    Props- Geldenhuys, Ross, Mafileo, Thwaites. Jordan Lay is back, Benot Kumeroa Toni Toia others in club I can think of.
    Hookers-Eklund Harris, Vella? Nic Souchon signed from Canterbury.
    Locks- Carroll, van den Hoven. Club- Mewett, Leaupepe, Morrice all back playing & Maloney-Fiaola probably the other one close.
    Flankers- Blake, Johnston, Karpik. Club- Dickson is playing for Rangiuru, Herbert from 20s, Te Whetu Rangi impressive for TGA but they will likely wait another year, Budd finally given an opportunity? Don't know much here.
    Halfback- Carter, TTT in. Mcgarvey-Black vs Campbell for a contract maybe?
    10- Hollinshead, Trask. Hopefully Black. Biddle played 10 last few weeks?
    Centres- Skipwith Garland, Tiatia. Thompson rumours? Don't know much here aswell & may not sign anymore like last year. Club-Bardoul, Tuhakaraina, Filemone.
    Wings- Fuatai, Webber, Collier. Club- Ware most likely but Curry and Warbrick also playing from 7s for Mount, Barnett.
    Fullback- Forbes, Narawa. Can't see any other signings here, good depth with Tiatia/Trask options.

  • @trooa Aidan Ross?

  • @Tim Sheesh yupp, forgot the captain.

  • @trooa What's Kane Leaupepe's local club?

  • @Stargazer Te Puke

  • jemaih mua been playing for the hautapu invitational xv

  • @ploughboy Yeah looking for his older brother Ajay who was in the squad last year.

  • @trooa Great job Trooa. I thought I would give a few other possibilities :-

    Lock . I'm pretty sure Tom Franklin will be included somewhere as he has been doing some promotional stuff on the social media.

    Flankers. Kapeli was involved a while back but haven't heard much from him lately apart from being involved with the Highlanders.

    Half back. Another possibility is this guy who is playing club rugby locally..

    Centres. This guy is playing local club rugby.

    There are so many unknowns this year with many of the overseas competitions being cancelled and the sevens players involvement. Overall , if most of the names mentioned are available, it will be a pretty capable team. It should be exciting.

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    Le'aupepe has re-signed

  • Just didn't play last year as was at rwc with samoa

  • @Cpt-Kumera Yupp same as Kapeli with Tonga so likely both are back.
    Thanks for the Price and Parkinson suggestions @Snollygoster , I haven't watched the Mount at all as their results haven't been great. Any idea on their performances compared to the other possibilities in their position?
    With Franklin added, definitely strong crop of locks. Mewett was captain couple of years ago so likely a case of whether he wants the contract or not. Morrice the unlucky one again unless they view Carroll as a 6 this year.

  • PS looking forward to the Volcanix this year. They're star studded with the addition of Williams, Willison, Pouri-Lane, Paul (& her sister), Blyde, Robins-Reti and Brazier. Bit gutted FPC players have been taken out of club rugby now, the last match between Rangataua and Rangiuru was top notch and the final would have been epic.

  • @trooa @trooa I also haven't watched any of the Mount's games (and only one other club game) so have no idea who is playing well or not. If all the rumored signings are true, then our backline will be pretty exciting with competition for places in pretty much all positions. Ainsley and Wardlaw will be big boots to fill in the locking department however but there are quite a few options. Three specialist locks are usually selected with one or two who can play lock/no.6/no.8. Franklin, Leapepe, Van den Hoven, Morris, Kapeli, Matenga, Caroll and Mewett have all be contracted with The Bay before.

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  • Anyone got a lazy $10 to invest ? BOP is already rated as the team most likely to be relegated !!

  • I talked to Rob Thompson today as he's my coach for school rugby and he's going to Japan and not playing for Bay of Plenty. Confirmed

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  • BOP certainly benefit from having the NZ sevens base at the Mount, for both the male and female teams.

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