Farah Palmer Cup 2020

  • North Harbour team to play Counties:

    1 JayJay Taylor, 2 Amy Robertsaw, 3 Olivia Ward-Duin, 4 Huni Manutalaaho, 5 Clementine Varea, 6 Tenaija Fletcher, 7 Kate Williams, 8 Pia Tapsell, 9 Tamea Te Rauna, 10 Olivia Waldron, 11 Lose Mafi, 12 Zakiya Kereopa, 13 Mikayla Robinson, 14 Mollie Tagaloa, 15 Hayley Hutana, Reserves: 16 Lynn Koelman, 17 Toakase Filimoehala, 18 Danjela Haigh, 19 Brooke Ellison, 20 Hailey Beale, 21 Danielle Mellow, 22 Renee Adams.

  • Livestream for the preseason game between Wellington Pride and Manawatu Cyclones:


  • Preseason:

    Half time: Wellington 5 - 0 Manawatu

  • Waikato 18 - Northland 5

  • @Bovidae was 6-5 with 5 to go, so strong finish from Waikato after sustained pressure.

  • @taniwharugby I didn't see any of the game, just checked the Mooloo website for the result when I got home.

    Watching the last few mins of the live stream an ex-Northland player (Anderson) scored the first try with 3 mins to go. Alley then scored from break by no.8 Simon off a scrum on halfway in the last minute.

  • Preseason

    FT: Manawatu 0 - 27 Wellington

  • HT: Counties Manukau 37 - 3 North Harbour

    This game will turn into a blood bath. That's what you get if you mix both divisions in the FPC; last year's Premiership semi-finalist v last year's 5th placed team of the Championship (out of 6 teams). The difference is just too big.

    Taranaki (2020 wooden spooners) v Auckland (2020 Premiership finalists), tomorrow, will be even worse.

  • Full time, as predicted:

    Counties Manukau 89 - 3 North Harbour

  • Taranaki Whio v Auckland Storm Live stream now

  • @Daffy-Jaffy The best game this weekend to see one team savagely butcher another. The gulls will devour the ducks!

    And that's after watching the Counties v Harbour game, yesterday.

    Edit: Or not. I see it's still nil all after 15 minutes.

  • Half time: Taranaki 0 - 12 Auckland

    It's hard to believe this score. I keep on waiting for Auckland to explode and start a try fest. Maybe the lack of training is playing a part in their reasonably average game thus far? The bits I've seen of the first half were error-ridden (both teams, and the rain will be partly to blame), although AKL clearly the better team.

  • FT: Taranaki 0 - 38 Auckland

  • Those awful one-sided results are a big reason not to watch women's NPC

  • @Machpants These scores are not more typical for the FPC than for the Mitre 10 Cup. It may be a bit worse this year, because they went for a pool North and a pool South (mixing the Premiership and Championship teams), but it has nothing to do with being women's rugby per se. We had some crazy big scores in the Mitre 10 Cup, last year, too. For example, Tasman v Manawatu (64 - 3), BOP v Otago (50 - 7), Auckland v Southland (64 - 7), Tasman v Northland (52 - 6), BOP v Manawatu (64 - 3).

    I assume it's meant as a cost-cutting measure. Hopefully, it's for one year only.

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  • @Stargazer Seeing Manawatu getting rolled by sixty points twice in a Mitre10 Cup season is a delight.

  • Last weekend's results:

    North Harbour 17 (Zakiya Kereopa, Pia Tapsell tries Hayley Hutana 2 con, pen)
    Bay of Plenty 67 (Alena Saili, Kiani Tahere, Angel Mulu, Mahina Paul 4, Les Elder, Luka Connor, Karli Faneva, tries; Kelly Brazier 7 con, pen).
    HT: 3-38

    Manawatu 10 (Selica Winiata, Janna Vaughan tries)
    Canterbury 36 (Pip Love, Alana Bremner 2, Grace Steinmetz, Cindy Nelles tries; Kendra Cocksedge 4 con, pen ).
    HT: 10-15

    Waikato 76 (Stacey Fluhler, Cheyelle Robins-Reti 2, Grace Houpapa-Barrett 2, Tanya Kalounivale, Chelsea Alley 2, Toka Natua, Ariana Bayler, Merania Paraone tries; penalty try; Alley 6 con; Tenika Willison con)
    Taranaki 14 (Paige Neilson, Chloe Sampson tries; Gayle Broughton 2 con).
    HT: 38-14

    Tasman 0
    Wellington 62 (Monica Tagoai, Jackie Patea-Fereti, Dhys Faleafaga 3, Thamsyn Newton, Charlene Gubb, Joanah Ngan-Woo, Isadora Laupola, Nina Foaese tries; Newton 6 con).
    HT: 0-36

    Northland 22 (Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali, Tyla Nathan Wong, Aroha Savage tries; Timara Leaf 2 con, pen)
    Auckland 29 (Theresa Fitzpatrick 2, Ruahei Demant, Sylvia Brunt tries; Patricia Maliepo 3 con, pen).
    HT: 22-14

    Otago 29 (Kiana Wereta, Kilisitina Moata'ane 2, Teilah Ferguson, Rosie Kelly tries; Rosie Kelly 2 con)
    Hawke's Bay 20 (Kathleen Brown tries; Kaitlan Bates 5 pen).
    HT: 14-11

  • This weekend's draw:

    Wellington Pride v Hawke’s Bay Tui
    Saturday 19 September
    12.30pm, Hutt Recreation Ground, Wellington
    Downer Referee: Jono Bredin

    Canterbury v Otago Spirit
    Saturday 19 September
    2.05pm, Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
    Downer Referee: Lauren Jenner

    Taranaki Whio v North Harbour Hibiscus
    Saturday 19 September
    2.45pm, TET Stadium & Events Centre, Inglewood
    Downer Referee: Tiana Ngawati

    Bay of Plenty Volcanix v Waikato
    Saturday 19 September
    2pm, Blake Park, Mount Maunganui
    Downer Referee: Becs Mahoney

    Manawatu Cyclones v Tasman Mako
    Sunday 20 September
    11.35am, Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North
    Downer Referee: Nick Hogan

    Auckland Storm v Counties Manukau Heat
    Sunday 20 September
    2.05pm, Eden Park, Auckland
    Downer Referee: Brittany Andrew

    Double header, double challenge
    On the same day as the Canterbury men will defend the Ranfurly Shield, the Canterbury women will defend the JJ Stewart Trophy (a cheap-looking, uninspiring trophy that goes on the line in the holder's home games in the same way as the Ranfurly Shield in the men's competition).

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