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  • @Stargazer That's interesting given how often NH viewers ask where the crowds are in Super Rugby.

  • @antipodean said in Super Rugby News:

    @Stargazer That's interesting given how often NH viewers ask where the crowds are in Super Rugby.

    We do tend to play games in larger venues in general which can look empty with those numbers in them. Some of the grounds in the UK are small but get packed out.
    To give them their due though, the other weekend they got massive crowds to both Twickers AND Wembley on the same day (something like 50k and 60k)

  • @Stargazer said in Super Rugby News:
    Whitelock can also pull the pin after the 2019 World Cup.

    What when hes 31? He could be the next BBT we could be talking about him in 2027.

  • Just a thought with regards to Super Rugby. Have you looked at your viewing patterns lately?

    The Chiefs have just been to Africa, but to me they may has well have been on the moon. Except for the appearance of a score on my app, they completely disappeared from existence. It's the same pretty much every year (since i stopped being in pubs at the same time as the African games). I know from a rugby perspective Africa are essential, but i never watch games that are over there (even tests can be dicey unless i record).

    What was the last all-aussie derby you watched? Or Aus v SA game in Aus? Do you care? Really?

    Stargazer you watch everything, you are excluded from the above sample as a proven extreme

  • @mariner4life
    I always try and watch the canes live and I make some effort to watch some of the kiwi teams delayed, maybe 3 games a week on average. Back in the s12/14 days I would try and watch all kiwi games live but that was before technology allowed for a quick download or mysky. I do still watch highlights for the others but I think that is more for research for my fantasy rugby team.

  • @Stargazer

    Is there any news on the 3 teams dropping out of Super rugby yet? I just can't believe how many people seem to be in favour of this. In my eyes the real problem with Super rugby is that too many players choose not to play it, and look for a Northern Hemisphere contract. I was hoping they might seek to bolster the weaker Super rugby teams with leading Pacific Islanders, Namibians, Americans, Japanese etc, and thereby increase the interest in super rugby in those places. But, they all head north. Perhaps a lot of the success of European rugby viewing numbers is that they import so many quality players from the Southern Hemisphere, and SANZAAR does nothing to stop this.

    Please look at 3 conferences of 6 teams, and expansion into two divisions SANZAAR. I would love to see a more cosmopolitan competition to stimulate extra interest.

  • @mariner4life My experience is very different. I watch every game in NZ, every game involving an NZ team in Oz and about 75% of Non NZ OZ games - Not always live.

    As for SA games I pick the decent NZ games to watch and ignore the rest (again recording is my friend). Obviously always watch the Clan live.

    I might be a bit obsessed though.

  • @mariner4life I always watch the South Africa games, I like getting up on Sunday morning (the actual morning not middle of the night), sitting down with breakfast and watching the recording of the game. Will watch most of the Canes, Blues and Highlanders matches and occasional matches from all other teams.

    As I've said before I prefer watching an NZ team v Oz and SA teams than watch two NZ teams go at it.

    If I'm doing nothing I'll watch an Aussie derby .... If SA were in our timezone I'd watch more of them than I do.

  • @mariner4life I watch all the Crusaders games, but games in SA and Perth are usually as replays. I usually watch whatever is playing at 7.30 pm on Friday/Saturday, though I may lose interest if it's one-sided, or I don't have things/people I'm particularly watching for. If there's a potentially interesting game in Oz at 9.30 pm I'll start watching and see how it develops - but, I'm likely to flag it at some point.

    @Nepia has forgotten to mention that he watches every Crusaders game huddled in the foetal position chanting "please lose, please lose..." and that he has a small statue of Todd Blackadder pinned above his bed, about where Catholics have a Jesus, and each night he prays thankfully to Toddy for delivering him from more titles... 🙂

  • @ARHS Haven't heard or seen anything yet that indicates that a decision has been made. The rumours have died down a little bit. I think this article about the Force sums up quite well what's going on at the moment:

    • threat of legal action by Force and Rebels
    • ARU and SARU still trying to work out which team(s) to drop (at least officially)
    • lots of uncertainty for players and their families
    • poaching by other clubs has already started, so the team that won't be dropped, might have a problem ...

  • I will always watch the kiwi games if not at work, always sucks once DST hits over here and stops in NZ, 6:30am games are much easier to accommodate. If it's a kiwi team in SA then it can be a bit tougher if I'm playing that day.

    Will have the Aussie, Aussie/SA games on in the background on a Friday morning if working from home, but not pay much notice.

    SA, SA/Aussie games I'll watch on a Saturday arvo but wouldn't be fussed about missing (i.e. have to go do something else with the missus).

  • @Stargazer all the talk of Rebels and Force, ARU blindside the Brumbies at the 11th hour and kick them 😉

  • I obviously go to the Chiefs home games in Hamilton and I will watch their other games in NZ/Aust live on TV. Their recent games in SA were recorded and viewed when I had time on Sunday. The only time I watch an early game from SA is an AB test. ALL AB tests must be watched live.

    I try to watch the NZ derbies but the games between the other NZ teams and Aust or SA opposition are not always a priority if I have other things on. I wouldn't bother recording them to watch later, or with a delayed broadcast.

    I never watch SA derbies and will seldom watch the Aust derbies.

    Time to sit down and watch the Canes-Brumbies. This will be the only live game I see this weekend. A recording of the Chiefs-Force will have to wait until Sunday night.

  • Back in the day I used to watch most games that involved NZ teams, and like @Nepia I used to enjoy the NZ v Aus/SA games the most. The Aus and SA derbies have never interested me much.

    Nowadays I watch the Canes when they are playing at an OK time, otherwise just catch highlights, and don't really watch much else.

  • I suppose I watch quite a bit. All Hurricanes games and probably at least two games each weekend. The Aussie derbies or South African derbies are a bit hard to watch these days and the New Zealand teams are just a bit too dominant when they play those sides. During a NZ derby I probably won't even leave the room to get a glass of water. If I watch the Highlanders vs Sunwolves tomorrow it will just be on in the background while I do other things.

  • So if you (not responding to anyone specifically) watch only very few SR games (and I can understand people not having enough time to watch many/all games), how can you possibly compare players and form an opinion on whether - in your view - a player deserves to be in the ABs? If someone never watches, say Highlanders games, how would you know that ALB deserves to start in the 13 jersey more than Fekitoa? Based on last year's AB games? Or on what opinionated journos write? Highlights?

  • I watch every NZ game each week. If they are in SA I will record and watch the next day, usually avoiding the score in the mean time. Very rarely go to a game and don't see that changing. Just prefer to watch it on TV so i can see what is going on.

  • @mariner4life said in Super Rugby News:

    What was the last all-aussie derby you watched?

    Probably 1996 or 97 ... actually ... umm ... never

    Or Aus v SA game in Aus?

    See previous answer.

    Do you care? Really?

    No. See previous answer.

    And in answer to rest of your post: two words -"My Star".

    Don't know if I've ever watched a non-finals Super game live from Africa except when kick off was at 6am NZT. Even in those days the VHS was the preferred means of viewing.

    Test matches however are always watched live (if broadcast).

  • Depending on whether TKB suffers from concussion symptoms after failing his concussion test last night, the Chiefs could have a big halfback problem if Finau gets suspended, with Weber already out. The reason is that Finlay Christie has been cited for stamping.

    Other citings: Rebels captain Nic Stirzaker received a red card after two yellow cards against the Sharks and Sharks second five-eighth Andre Esterhuizen got a red card for a tip tackle.

  • Finlay is big trouble I think. Being a ginger this is the opportunity they would have been waiting for to throw the book at him.

  • @Stargazer I think most here at least will watch a player play before commenting. Can't say the same on other sites or even journalists for that matter.

  • Taranaki lock Leighton Price called into the Blues Super Rugby squad

    Last updated 14:07, April 23 2017

    Price, 28, played for Tukapa on Saturday as they beat New Plymouth Old Boys 57-20 has represented Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Bay of Plenty and New Zealand Maori but has never played Super Rugby.

    The Blues had a bye at the weekend and could not be contacted on Sunday. Tukapa coach Laurence Corlett confirmed Price had accepted an offer to join the franchise for the rest of the season.

    According to Corlett, Price was contacted by Blues coach Tana Umaga about a month ago to see if he was interested in joining their wider training group.

    Work commitments prevented him doing that but when Umaga contacted him last week and offered him a full contract for the remainder of the Super Rugby season he accepted.

    Price left on Sunday to travel to Auckland where he will join the squad on Monday.

    It is unclear who Price has replaced in the squad. The Blues, who sit bottom of the New Zealand conference with three wins from eight matches, are due to meet the Brumbies in Canberra next Sunday.

    Corlett hoped to have Price available at some stage near the end of the premier club season but it was a case of waiting and see what happens.

  • I'm assuming Tuipulotu is out for an extended period then.

  • @African-Monkey Could be Tupou too.

  • No disaster for the Canes; they've plenty of puppy 1st-five eights to develop and who'll be delighted to learn from Barrett (2x).

  • @Rocky-Rockbottom said in Super Rugby News:

    "For me obviously there is a spot at the Blues," Black said

    jesus, check out this guy, that obvious is it?, messrs I.West and Perofeta will be so glad that with a sweep of the hand you've dismissively consigned them to Super Rugby history. Shit he must be good.

    Calm down. Francis is leaving so there clearly IS a spot at the Blues.
    Add to that the Blues have obviously been in touch with him and possibly even offered him a "spot".

    Would be a very good signing for the Blues. With him and Perofeta they would have two promising young 10's. Depending on how much longer West lasts (is he only on a 1 year deal?) they may have Gatland to compete with the other guys into the future too.

  • Rebels captain Nic Stirzaker has come off without a suspension after receiving a red card after two yellow cards for deliberate knockdowns. His situation was practically the same as Beauden Barrett's, so this is a consistent decision.

    No news from the other two citings yet.

  • Four weeks is my guess.

  • @KiwiMurph said in Super Rugby News:

    Blues or Chiefs. Surely this is a no-brainer. He will be a guaranteed starter for the Blues.

  • @Billy-Tell said in Super Rugby News:

    Blues or Chiefs. Surely this is a no-brainer. He will be a guaranteed starter for the Blues.

    Yeah, I was surprised to see the Chiefs mentioned. Cooper may have other ideas but I'm sure DMac would want to move into 1st 5 next year. That also allows Stevenson to play in his preferred position of fullback. Otherwise, you risk losing the latter after the 2018 season.

  • Chiefs halfback Finlay Christie has been suspended for three weeks for stamping on an opponent in their 16-7 win over the Western Force in Perth on Saturday.

  • @Bovidae said in Super Rugby News:

    Chiefs halfback Finlay Christie has been suspended for three weeks for stamping on an opponent in their 16-7 win over the Western Force in Perth on Saturday.

    6 weeks halved for good behaviour and relative innocuous action?

  • @Billy-Tell said in Super Rugby News:

    @KiwiMurph said in Super Rugby News:

    Blues or Chiefs. Surely this is a no-brainer. He will be a guaranteed starter for the Blues.

    I'd be happy to have him, seems a decent ten.

  • @Bovidae said in Super Rugby News:

    Chiefs halfback Finlay Christie has been suspended for three weeks for stamping on an opponent in their 16-7 win over the Western Force in Perth on Saturday.

    Dumb ginga.

    Thankfully, two of those games are against the Sunwolves and Reds. Then again, we probably shouldn't take them that lightly given the Chiefs ability to play down at their opponents level over the last month or so.

    Fingers crossed TKB makes a quick recovery.

  • @Unco guess the issue is, who is next cab off the rank, cos he was your WTG or Dev 9 wasn't he?

  • @taniwharugby

    As the article says Logan Crowley (Taranaki) and Luke Campbell (BOP) are the current Chiefs Dev halfbacks.

  • @taniwharugby said in Super Rugby News:

    @Unco guess the issue is, who is next cab off the rank, cos he was your WTG or Dev 9 wasn't he?

    Yip. They already called up Counties' Taumateine when Weber went down, so he's the next cab. No clue who'll be on the bench if TKB isn't fit though, probably one of the dev team halfbacks. Or hell, maybe Rennie will give a nod to Hansen and select DMac as halfback cover.

  • Are those development guys still in Hong Kong?

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