Sunwolves v Lions

  • Sunwolves are going to win a couple games this season.
    Had me worried for large parts of the game.

    Thought the Lions let them off the hook tbh. Still, good effort from the sunwolves.

  • Good effort first up, but plenty to work on for the SWs. Overall, they don't have the class of other teams, so they'll have to win by grit, that means better line speed and better discipline. 
    In terms of Japan and my experience playing over here, we'd fucking kill Pisi in the 'Hansei-kai' at the end of the game - That sort of shit is just unacceptable anyway, but no way in Japan*, and particularly so when you are trying to build a fanbase here.
    Good points: I like their halfback, Pisi and the centers were better than I expected - especially Tatekawa who I thought would be a bit light for that position. Be great if they had Sau with him, but oh well. Ono went pretty well, and Horie is playing well at this level now.
    However, the set piece needs work. From what I saw of the line-out, it was fine - but the scrum is a worry, particularly when the subs come on. Line speed was fucking weak, and tackle efficiency is a problem (and missed tackles). They also need better physicality and body position on attacking ball, they got held up and turned over too easily.
    Changes: Honestly, they don't have much class that they could use - but they are light out wide, so I'd get the new Mako winger in there.

    • For those that missed it, he had a go at the ref after being called for being offside at a ruck, which he was. Then got yellowed. I wonder if his attitude affected the decision..

  • They were much better than I expected after having only trained together for 3 weeks.

  • That's pretty shocking isn't it? This is a hugely important expansion team, particularly since the RWC will be held in Japan. Yet, they throw the team together 3 weeks before the season kicks off and hire a coach who puts the S in shit. Not exactly the best starting point for success, Kind of reminds me of those crappy expansion teams in the old Super League (Rams and Reds). Hopefully they'll succeed in spite of these handicaps. They certainly showed plenty of heart.
    I could have been hearing wrong, but it sounded like the crowd were howling like wolves during the game. That was pretty funny.

  • Mascot's name is Pinging. That is too good.

  • Basil Brush has had a hard life hasn't he?

  • Mascot's name is Pinging. That is too good.

    apparently not...haha least its got people talking about the SUn Wolves!

  • It looks like that Fox from Meet the Feebles.

  • Ha ha! Is does too!!! Just needs more coke round the nose

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