Rough tips and other bets...

  • I promised that I would tip out our horses when they made the Races.
    True-love has her first horses as a trainer running today and we are nervous and excited. 
    Peaky Blinders @ $21 (Was at $31 but some idiot has smashed it...)  and Naples. 
    I have multi'd them up and also each way.
    Could both run last as they are green as F&*K but both have ability so could go a good race!

  • Just put the house on them, now I'm nervous 😉

  • where are they running Hooroo? Havent got all day to go searching for them!

  • Matamata, Race 4 & 5 I think it was.

  • $1/2 on each of them for me.  I'm pleased Hooroo has taken my constructive feedback on board.

  • Good name; it's an omen.

  • Thanks!  I named another one that is looking great.... Hank Marvin!
    Peaky is down to $16 fixed from $31.
    Naples drifting slightly

  • I took a random quin I think it was with Naples and got Sicario...cos I liked that movie, is that a good sign?

  • Races 3 and 4 JK.

  • Yeah all over them thanks mate. G

  • Ran a tidy race that Naples and am quietly chuffed he jumped so well and tore to the front.
    Ran out of puff obviously but looks to have a bit in him.

  • ooohh, best I ring Mrs TR and tell her shes sleeping in the car tonight....:)

  • ooohh, best I ring Mrs TR and tell her shes sleeping in the car tonight.... 🙂

    You could sell your children.
    Or have you already done that for the next race?

  • nah I sold the cars for the next now I'm really worried, cos it just started raining here!

  • Place return there for Peaky Blinders so covers the cost of the bets placed and added a few $ to the account. Cheers Hooroo!
    Was impressed with the way Naples started too - really good out of the blocks.
    Those two horses of your lady pretty much ran opposite races to each other!

  • ''True-love'' is the trainer to follow from today's meeting. Cheers, Hooroo. Won't get $7 a place for it next time!

  • Congrats Hooroo!!
    sweet, don't have to sell the cars and got enough to buy the house back!
    Haha, got a place at $7.60, cheers Hooroo!

  • Smudge, how much was the margin??? I only got to see Naples race

  • 1 1/2L between Crux and Peaky Blinders. Long neck back to third. No shame in running second to a Roger James runner ridden by Opie Bosson.

  • I've just seen it. It was a fantastic ride. Didn't seem to pull up easily either which is nice. That's for your kind words previously. I'm so proud of her as she has worked so damn hard this last year to start training on top of normal agistment and day to day farm work.
    I guess both races showed she seems to be on right track from differing reasons. One jumped fantastically and ran well for the start and the other finished really well