Mitre 10 Cup - news, injuries etc

  • @taniwharugby Waikato got first choice.

  • How about waiting to see the draw. For all we know Waikato's shield challenge could be in the last round (i.e. the least likely).

  • @chris-b ah sorry, reverse order of seeding...I assumed it was seeded 1-7

  • @kiwimurph Because that iniquity is already here - it's been here for several years.

  • @kiwimurph said in Mitre 10 Cup - news, injuries etc:

    How about waiting to see the draw. For all we know Waikato's shield challenge could be in the last round (i.e. the least likely).

    Exactly. Canterbury should be Otago's biggest draw but they would still want to have that game later in the season. Otago will have all the other home games against other Championship teams, and I did read they wanted to give Southland a challenge.

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    @drivingmaul said in Mitre 10 Cup - news, injuries etc:

    Just because Waikato have chosen Otago it doesn't mean that will be the first game of the season. Until we see the schedule we don't know when during the season these games will be.

    I realise this. However, it is iniquitous that Waikato should have been allowed that choice.

    If they get a challenge it will be their seventh challenge in seven years. A period in which Tasman has so far had none and is reliant once again on indirect and usually unlikely routes to getting a challenge - and if we do, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be against fucking Canterbury!

    The system as it stands is stacked in favour of the worst team in the Premiership.

    So basically, fuck the Shield and fuck NZ Rugby!

    It's part of the tradition of Shield rugby that it's fucked up regarding challenges. Remember there was a period when it hardly left the bottom of the South Island.

    Anyway, you can't have all the AB 6s and a Shield challenge ... that's just greedy.

  • @nepia North Harbour had 3 challenges in 6 weeks back in 1996 due to the quirks in the draw and the RS changing hands twice. They lost all of them of course!

  • @bovidae I remember that, it was classic (well not for Harbour fans).

  • Media Release

    Andrew Strawbridge appointed as the new Waikato Head Coach for 2019

    Former Waikato stalwart and centurion Andrew Strawbridge has been appointed as the new head coach of Waikato for the 2019 Mitre 10 Cup.

    Strawbridge, 54, is currently one of the Chiefs assistant coaches after joining the team in 2012. He was brought in by head coach Dave Rennie, and was a part of the coaching team that lead the Chiefs to back to back Super Rugby titles in 2012 and 2013.

    After finishing his playing career with Waikato at the end of the 1995 season, Strawbridge went into Secondary School teaching for 20 years in various roles including assistant teacher, head of departments, assistant principal and deputy principal.

    After his teaching career, Strawbridge then moved into his coaching career. His coaching roles saw him look after Hamilton Boys’ High School 1st XV, Hamilton Old Boys’ in the Waikato club rugby competition and numerous overseas coaching roles.

    At National Provincial level, he oversaw North Harbour for two seasons (2003-04) and Auckland for three seasons (2009-11). Strawbridge was also a part of the New Zealand Under 20’s campaign that saw them win 2 world titles.

    Andrew Strawbridge said “Having played for the province, it is a huge honour for me to have this opportunity to coach a team I have strong ties too. The key to the 2019 season is to maintain and to continue to build on the success that the team achieved in 2018.”

    Waikato CEO Blair Foote said “The Waikato Rugby Union is very pleased to announce Andrew Strawbridge as the new Head Coach of the Mitre 10 Cup team for the 2019 season. Strawbridge is another former player turned coach that understands the pride and the passion in the province and the jersey; we are privileged to have a coach of his calibre joining our coaching staff.

    He brings a wealth of experience and coaching knowledge to the position and we look forward to seeing him put his unique stamp on the squad in 2019 and beyond.”

    Andrew Strawbridge was Waikato cap number 784 and is a centurion amassing a total of 131 games between 1983 and 1995 scoring a total of 646 points by the way of 53 tries, 83 conversions, 78 penalties and 5 drop goals.

  • @mikedogz I'm surprised that the WRU waited so long after the release of the Chiefs squad guide.

  • @bovidae They do, here's the interview

  • Kieran Keane to lead North Harbour Rugby

    North Harbour Rugby is pleased to announce today that Kieran Keane will be the Head Coach for QBE North Harbour Rugby.
    North Harbour’s General Manager David Gibson said it was an important appointment for the Union and our community.
    “Our Purpose is to Improve Lives, Through Rugby, and to be a community driven organisation, and although Kieran is not from the region these values came through really strongly, so that is exciting.”
    “What is also exciting is the experience and knowledge that Kieran brings having spent time coaching at all levels of the game both domestically and internationally. He showed a real hunger to share what he has learnt to help grow the players and the next generation of Harbour coaches as we look further to the future.”
    Keane, a Teacher by trade played Provincial Union Rugby and for the All Blacks before moving into coaching.  He has coached at Club level, Mitre 10 Cup for Tasman, Super Rugby for the Highlanders and Chiefs, and Overseas.
    “I am extremely excited and privileged about the opportunity to support the growth of Rugby in the Province”.
    “Throughout this process it has become clear that there is a drive to improve on what has been achieved.  Harbour has been led well by a strong player group, coaching and management staff and I am looking forward to adding value where I can to strengthen what is already a proud Union.”
    Keane will begin in February next year and will primarily focus on leading the QBE Harbour Rugby Program and provide Coach Development services within the community

  • Does anyone remember what happened? This doesn't look good at all.


  • @stargazer These pics show him training with the chiefs recently so I would guess a training ground accident?

  • Log o'wood spruced up

    The shield was designed as a trophy for football, not rugby and the centrepiece showed football but had been modified by adding higher goal posts on the football goals.

    Surprised to read that. I've never seen a picture that was clear enough to see that centrepiece in detail.

  • Of all provinces, he picks the Poo 🤦🏽♂

  • @Nepia I hope he keeps his mitts off Bay players! I'm glad our squad is so young that most players have never played under him.

  • @Stargazer said in Mitre 10 Cup - news, injuries etc:

    @Nepia I hope he keeps his mitts off Bay players! I'm glad our squad is so young that most players have never played under him.

    Maybe he'll poach Ben May off us to make @Higgins happy?

    But yep, we have to keep our young guys around, although I see that Napier Boys High are doing a poor job at preparing players for the Magpies and their big stars are heading to Wellington. For shame Napier Boys, for shame. 😉

  • @Nepia Who are the big stars heading to Wellington?

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