• @Chiefy said in Coach:

    @taniwharugby Really? He was on a 3 year contract? That was a bit optimistic by the NRU...

    dunno, 3 years is just common sense IMO

    1st year for trying to implement new structures with existing players, 2nd year get a few of your own contracted players with your new structures, ethos etc, 3rd year should be your money year, if you are any good...

  • Whilst the union has advertised for a new head coach,Richie Harris has not resigned,but will reapply for the role,I also believe his assistant Dale McLeod will also apply for the role,.from what I understand the end of season player and coach reviews have been completed,and everybody will be informed over the next 2 x weeks,
    Just to update any further super rugby news in and around contracts,Solomon Alaimalo after being offered a WTG with Blues had decided to take a full contract with the Chiefs,good news for Solomon and Northland,and yes it's is the worst kept secret,But Jack Goodhue has signed the Taniwha for 2017.
    I do know of at least,3 x high profile players that are keen to play in Northland in the 2017 season,but out of respect for my contact,I will be keeping this under my hat,needless to say,one of these players has played for the Taniwha previously..!

  • Sounds promising @Steven-Harris is Matich likely to pick up anything?

    Ah ok, so he has to reapply, you'd have to think the odds are stacked against him to retain the role given his 1 win in 2 season record, but then I guess it also depends on who applies as well...

    Great news for Waa too being bought into the Maori squad!

    Mint news about Goodhue!

  • Thought Goodhue was starting to look very classy for Canterbury this season. If he keeps that rate of development up for another couple of years he'll be starting to look like AB material. He's got a long Crusaders contract now, no reason he cant switch to the Taniwha for NPC.

  • Gutted for Waa and Matich for missing sure there are plenty of players around NZ who are unlucky to miss a Super contract, but for me, these 2 for sure are the unluckiest for Northland this year.

  • I wonder if Matich is an option for Captain next year?

    Waa can make a comeback....

  • @kev
    No, Moulds is doing a good job! Players want to play for Northland, because he is a passionate Northland player and other guys want to play for us. You can't be promoting guys who are just good players, they have to have leadership and the changes you see happening around the traps are because of the SR guys bringing back to the region. Matich did well for his opportunities, but if DP was in the mix, Matich wouldn't have got much of a run.can't see him

  • @Northlandallday while I agree on Moulds, I am not so sure I agree that Matich woulddnt have got much of a run if DP hadnt been injured, the coaches seemed to favour FV2 at 6, meaning we'd of had DP, KP & MM fighting it out for the other 2 loosies spots, given he didnt play Ram much either, despite being a quality player and someone who always played with more punch than his size should have...coaches seemed to have much different ideas on the make up of the best side than most of us did

    Am a little suprised Moulds re-signed with the Blues or stayed on TBH given how little gametime they have given him in 2 seasons, so be interesting to see if he gets any more in 2017.

  • any rumours out there about who has or might be applying?

    I've heard a couple, but one is a bit unbelievable so wont spread it further.

  • @taniwharugby come on TR, where's the fun in that? 😉

  • well I have credible sources who I believe, while others I don't, and heard from both, so who to believe haha

  • @taniwharugby From what I understand,up to 30 applications were received,including a candidate that had coached in Ireland,and the final four coaches left in the mix are

    1.Dale McLeod,current Northland assistant coach
    2.Derrin Whitcombe,previous Northland coach
    3.Leo Crowley,former Taranaki assistant coach,Canada assistant to brother Kieran Crowley,
    in recent times was the Melbourne Rebels assistant coach in Super Rugby,also applied for the Head coaching job at Waikato back in 2014,without success.
    4,Mana Otai,Tongan coach between 2012 and 2015,contract was terminated with a year still to run.

    Interviews to take place around the 30th November.

    There was a whisper doing the rounds that former Canterbury and Munster coach Rob Penny was in the mix,don't totally discount as a possible move going forward,apparently he loves the lifestyle in terms of fishing and outdoors in the North

    Looking at the possible candidates,Dale McLeod from what I am lead to believe received a very good players review,and I believe the Northland union is pleased with the work he does with the clubs,which is a real work on to develop the game in the North.
    Also has the personality to stand up to the players

  • Cheers @Steven-Harris Penney was the name I was referring to. Surely if he had applied, it'd be a no brainier to give it him?

    I'd heard that about McLeod too...interesting to see Whitcombe in the mix, not sure what to make of that TBH.

    I think he was making progress before he left, but not sure going back is always good, although we've done that with Woodward a few times.

    The other 2 don't fill me with confidence.

    Any word on the signings you mentioned before?

  • @taniwharugby Crowley and Otai don't exactly give me a world of confidence,from what I have gleamed,Whitcombe wants the Northland job,but also wants to do a stint in Japan,i am hoping this is not correct,as its doesn't sit comfortably with me.
    the rumours around Ranger wanting to return to Northland are starting to build,along with a possible Matty Wright return,Whiria Meltzer has also returned North and will play for Wellsford,apart from Jack Goodue,which seems to be the worst kept secret returning,Matich and the 2 Pryors,along with Jack Ram have all resigned,but Ram has an out clause if he picks up a contract while Tonga are on their end of year tour.
    Phil Kite and Howard Sillioto have both resigned,which is great news.

  • Give it to Whitcombe, surely!!!

    MacLeod, hmmm wasn't he in charge of the backs? No thanks, our backs were very poor overall, and had a different midfield combo every game.

    The other two, I'll just say who?????

  • Derryn did nothing for our scrum and lineout when he was coach and left us in the lurch. Plus he wants to split his time. Don't know why we would want him back.

  • @kev I honestly dont think you can hold leaving when he did against him.

    I expect being offered a role paying about several times what you are currently earning would be very tough to turn down.

    But I dont think he should be splitting his role between here and there, so doubt he is gonna leave that role for this role

    His first year with us was a hangover from Bozo, where our team had been full of imports, the 2nd year I thought we were making good progress making the semi finals and was looking good for the next season, alas, the Yen came knocking.

    So then it comes down to McLeod and Whitcombe, I wonder if Whitcombe would work under McLeod if he is then allowed to split his time?

    Regardless what the players say, I expect McLeod will be tarnished by these past 2 seasons, plus he is not a local (not that that bothers me) and I know plenty from aorund Club footy have issues still with this. I even hear whispers that some dont even like the fact the likes of Nock and Goodhue come back after being away.

    Cant bloody win really...pick all out of towners, moan...pick only players playing locally, moan, pick all Northlanders (although what exactly is this??) and lose by more, moan.

  • @taniwharugby So those that are criticising players for being away on super contracts don't actually want Northland players to progress in rugby. So they wouldn't get a bit excited about the Pryor boys making MAB's? That seems like a pretty petty attitude. Nock was away at world u/20's for a good part of the season. Or do you mean going away for High school, then coming back to Northland? If that is for real, that's total bull. What about those that go away to uni? These guys are loyal to Northland, it's not something that has been seen for a dam long time.

  • @taniwharugby gee, whoever has a problem with Northland youngsters who were (in most cases) lured away for better education and rugby IMO can't want the best for Northland.

    I'm not saying you're wrong for one minute, but I really struggle to believe anyone could have an issue with it.

    Northland doesn't have much a of a 1st xv scene to speak of, so you cant blame them for going. Then we've gotta welcome them back with open arms.

    Anyone who disagrees is a bloody moron.

    End of.

  • @Northlandallday It isn't me, I love that these guys come back and expect this is the thinking of the vast majority was just what I hear from the odd person I have talked too. I certainly tell them it is daft reasoning, but there is no telling some people.

    Like you say it is great these guys come back from schooling elsewhere, the fact they still want to play for Northland despite the fact it would probably be better for their careers if they took up contracts elsewhere is awesome.

    Northland fans, while being very dedicated also seem to have odd thinking sometimes.

    I am happy with people playing club footy here and being selected, we need these guys to improve the level of people here, and super players show people the path available to them.

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