FatBusting : BartMan log.

  • Friday - nothing, feeling a little crook, and couldn't be arsed basically, so did nothing but lie on couch and watch comm games and sevens wins...

    Saturday morning  - row 5000  20:13.0

    Long slow row, still not feeling 100%, dammit.

  • Ugly weekend, fish and chips and such, but even BFL lets you have the day off right?  I just made it two - Pizza for dinner on Staurday, Fish and Chiups on Sunday, and bloody nice too  😁

    Back to real world though, Monday morning row:  5500  21:34.3
    Breaky that healthy cerial shit, trim milk.

  • Could have been worse Bart, could have had some cold Heinies to wash the Fish n chips down with!!

    And yeap BFL lets you have a cheat day.

  • subway for dinner last night, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, subway.  but was strong, and didn't have my normal meatballs, had some roast chicken or something,  Still good.

    This morning:  Rowed 5500  22:01.0

    About as motivated as a soggy weetbix at the moment...

  • Yes I know how you feel Bart - but perhaps you need a change of scenery. Go for a power walk or jog on the sand down at Whanga or something. The rower is always good but you risk becoming stagnant if that is most of your exercise. Running around the oval certainly made me appreciate my bike a lot more

  • Does that scenery thery apply to your misses as well Nick?? :2funny:

  • yeah NTA , got loads of forestry tracksm around, was thinking I might get up early and walk uphill for half an hour, and then turn around and come back.

    J8ust a passing phase, had them before and will have them again.

    I have rower set up so I can wing TV around and watch while I row, takes your mind right off it.  Series one and two of MASH getting viewed at the moment!!

  • [quote name='willie the weka']
    Does that scenery thery apply to your misses as well Nick?? :2funny:

    I only wish she made up part of my exercise routine

  • managed an evening row!

    5000m  19:28.0

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    managed an evening row!

    5000m   19:28.0

    and a bloody good one too, by the looks Barty? Nice work mate.

    Have you any secrets to share about how you overcome the "can't be bothered" feelings which inevitably accompany the beginning of some sessions? :nta

  • buggered if I know. Just thinking how much better you'll feel afterwards was what got me through this!  Thinking its only 20 fucking minutes you plonker, just do it and get it over with!!

    Other than that, no idea - anyone else got some training blues solutions...?  Start a new thread if you do please  :happy:

  • morning row  5500  21:06.0

    Then some dumbelss weights - Curls, shoulder press, french press - and abs work.

  • Son you are seriously training the bloody house down!! Go fella

    I must admit, i was really luke warm about putting your eating / drinking / exercise / results on here for all to see, but it does keep you motivated and responsible!!

  • morning row:  5500  20:39.5Â

    And a bunch of crunches etc.

  • Broke the trusty mountain bike out and rode out to some bush tracks, and proceded to run/walk/stagger two laps of this circuit (there are dozens that you could make with all the mt bike trails there are).  Pretty much climb a hill up one track, and down another track.  Two laps took 27 minutes, plus the 12 or sominutes there and back, total of 39 minutes.

    Will get three laps in next time, and then start knocking time off, hoperfuly!

    Dodgy old ankles not enjoy it too much though - rolled left ankle, but only a 'front row tweak' - about 400 metres on forestry road with shingle on it the size of dinner plates and down, soplenty od scope to hurt yourself!!

    All in all though, good fun and a nice change.

  • two rows today, and a weights session - the exercise blues are gone!

    Morning row:  5500  21:28.6
    Evening Row:  5000  17:48.6  =  5 seconds outside my PB.
    Weghts - bench press 7 sets, leg press 5 sets, deadlift 3 sets.

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    Evening Row:  5000  17:48.6  =  5 seconds outside my PB.[/quote]

    Damn that's fast. I'm still a couple of seconds over 20min

  • Saturday morning:

    30 minute row  8008 metres.
    Weights:  shoulders / arms.

    Dululth - I have rowed over 5 million metres on my concept2 log now, I am sure once you hit your first million you'll be dropping your times below the 20 minute mark!!

  • Sunday, nothing, Saturday wedding of JP and Mokey, so a few beers and planty of nice food  😁

    Monday lunch row:  5000m  17:57.7  Give it a half decent nudge, but still came up short of PB, but reckon once I get another week or two training under belt, will knock 17:43 off with room to spare...

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    Sunday, nothing, Saturday wedding of JP and Mokey, so a few beers and planty of nice food  😁[/quote]
    Fuckin oath.

  • jeez, that 48 hour ban doesn't last long does it Phooey  :coolsmiley:

  • evening - wind down, lactic acid removal row!

    5000m  20:17.3

    Nice easy row, kept stroke rate well down, concentrated on form, and not much else.

    Eating bloody well too today, pat on back...

  • morning row:  5000  19:41.3

  • lunchtime row  6000  23:15.7

    shed load of ab stuff.

    Been too busy to row much this week, sucks.

  • morning row.  20 minutes  5240 metres.

    Rowing for a time and seeing  how far I can go, instead of setting a distance and seeing what time I can get for it, if that makes sense.  Nice for a change, seeing the metres going up instead of counting down!!

    Evening row.  20 minutes  5236 metres.

    Willie Weka visiting too, can vouch for him training the house down, by the way he can't walk thanks to two calf muscles that are on strike after yesterdays workouts.  Trying not to laugh at the poor bugger, but really, it's quite funny.  and have noticed a reduction in Mr Weka's V8 motor, down to a V6 now.Â

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    have noticed a reduction in Mr Weka's V8 motor, down to a V6 now.  [/quote]

    So he got the scoop in the bonnet taken out?

    Now how he feels about the calf thing - when in ChCh in 2002 I used the Hotel rowing machine, and could barely walk the next day as I hadn't exercised for the month previous. Made it very painful getting a massage the next day from the sweet young thing in the white dress. They had a good day spa at that one

  • nah, this from the Wekas workout - calf raises, three sets of 25 reps.  And he trying to impress the chick personal trainer he has (dunno if that part is true, but makes a good story) and going all macho...  Then a step class, and its all over for Weka and walking for a day or two!!

  • evening row:  30 minutes  8183 metres.  'Just' 74 metres off my PB for this distance.  That 74 metres though, is around 17 odd seconds, which is quite massive in the scheme of things.

    Didn't row hard out full on though,more of an interval thing, did 7 full on strokes at the start of each minute, then glided the rest of the minute, 30 times!!  The hard out rowing was 1:40 (a low of 1:35), the glide would bust out to 1:55 at the start of the next minute.  The 7 strokes would take about 13 odd seconds.  Average 500m time over the 30 minutes 1:49.9.

    So officially knackered, and ready for the Blues v Bulls.  Come on the Blues!!

  • Saturday morning.  6000m    22:33.3

    That is all.

  • SUnday morning.  30 muntes. 8223m.Â

    Gutted, was setting myserlf up for a udge at my PB, which I thought was 2208.  It was, before I beat it a few months back, with 2257.    So when i finished though i had set a new time.Â

    Did the 7 hard out strokes every mon ute thing again, but ran out of puff with 6 minutes to go, so just rowed at the average needed to reach 8208, which was about 1:50.  With a minute to go, dropped too 1:45 or so, so as to beat the time.  So probably would have beaten my REAL PB, had i known what it is.  Fuck it is annoying to row for that long, and have 'everything under control', and beat your record, but be aiming at the wrong time.

    Ahh well, always next week.

  • INJURY ALERT:  During weights on sunday morning, deadlifts, bad form, lower back twinge.  bloody sore sunday night, just sore tonight, and will be gone tomorrow.  An old injury that I've had before, just a little bit of time.  The bad form though, that pisses me off - but self inflicted.  Don't need great form when lifting 60kg in the DL.  Upped it to 80, and in the last set, ping on rep 8.  Souloution to problem, front row style, I will out more weight on, soI HAVE to use correct form just to get the tin off the farking ground!!

    Meanwhile, was able to row today, having to keep back nice and straight, which is a good thing.

    6000m    23:17.6m

    So kids - be careful out there - FORM is where it is at!!

  • Yes good advice Bart - I'd also like to add that people really need to watch their backs as they get older. I had a twinge last week because I slept with the covers off and the window open - cold air and sleeping crooked can fuck you up faster than you think.

    Also when working out, keep the back covered - long t-shirt or even singlet is always good, and a weightlifters belt if you can get one. Fuck your back up and often its for life.

  • rowing this morning.    6000m    23:59.9.

    That is all.  Back still a little sore, but shouldn't feel it within a couple of days I expect.

  • weighted in today at 103kg.

  • morning row:  7000m  26.59.9

    have now rowed 5,461,769m in total, since getting rowing machine on 30th April, 2003.  So almost owned if for 3 years now.

    this season, which ends May 1, have thus far rowed 1,873,001m, which is a daily average of 5,525m.  An average for the actual days rowed, of 9,048m.

    most metres in a week 95,500.  Hard bloody work that, but think I'll build up for a crack at breaking 100,000 soon.  Have to row twice a day for that for sure, although might start doing some long slow distances, 10,000m + rows, just for a change of pace and scenery, and to 'schock' the body, getting used to these 'middle' distances of 5000-8000 metres.

  • In my Concept days I used to do 15K once and 3-5K 4 times/wk.  Really enjoyed the longer row. Used to do it watching footy on TV - in the daqys when they still had afternoon games. Wish I could get back into it. My favourite exercise regime ever.

  • yeah dogmeat, I have rower set up so I can swing TV around and watch.  Usually rugby is good.  But today wathced the first half of Jurrasic park.

    Rowed  10,000m  38:56.6

  • 5000m    19:57.7.

    Back a little sore after last nights long row.  But niothing you can't train through, probably tight more than anything...

  • Fark. Give it a day off Bart for pity's sake.

  • pain is just weakness leaving the body  :happy:

    can't feel back at all at the moment sitting here at work, so obviously it is ok.  So full scrummaging session tonight at trainingÂ

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