Fatbastarding: NTA log

  • Captain's log. Star date 200602201408AEST.

    Nerd reference complete though not without some difficulty in reading the date backwards. At the suggestion of the Bartians, I have decided to implement my own thread on my progress for weight loss. I now present my previous post to get the ball rolling, and stop me looking like one:

    [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    Current weight: 118kg
    Goal weight: 100kg
    Estimated time to achieve: 6 months

    Plan: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday nights ride 20km on mountain bike along M7 Westlink bike track. Two routes have been selected starting at my place in the suburb of Quakers Hill out to a given endpoint, and then back to home. The endpoints selected are:

    [list][]The northern end of the track which terminates just before Old Windsor Road[/โ“‚1bqr3o6e][/list]
    [list][]The M4 motorway to the south at the Light Horse interchange[/โ“‚1bqr3o6e][/list]

    And an alternate "short run" of approx 10km that I use as a fill-in sometimes.

    At present only the first route is in use as I have a goal time to set on this route of 50 minutes with decrements of 2 minutes on current goal. Currently I have set a time of just under 55 minutes (new goal is 53 minutes) though I'm estimating as my stopwatch is broken and I had to use the clock on the oven. Once I crack that time I'll piss the MTB off and get a decent road bike. Then the length of ride should increase to a minimum of 30km total as I become accustomed to it. I also keep logs of conditions which will explain changes in times, particularly over time.

    If the evening is considered too hazardous to ride (rain etc) I shift it to another day. In addition to this, on the nights I do not ride, I am engaging (currently at inadequate frequency) in a program of pushups - sets of 10 as many sets as possible with rest breaks of a couple of minutes. Pushing my weight around is difficult given the sheer fatbastardliness of it all. Also situps and stretches to assist with my flexibility for when I need to start running.

    Current bike time improvements on the first route are:

    Friday, 27 January 2006
    62min 37sec

    Sunday, 29 January 2006
    59min 07sec

    Wednesday, 1 February 2006
    56min 45sec

    Friday, 3 February 2006
    Did Not Ride (sick)

    Sunday, 5 February 2006
    55min 54sec

    Tuesday, 7 February 2006
    28min 42sec "short run" course

    Friday, 10 February 2006
    56min 38sec (estimate)

    Sunday, 12 February 2006
    1 hour (est)

    Wednesday, 15 February 2006
    1 hour (est)

    Friday, 17 February 2006
    55 minutes (est)


    Sunday, 19 February 2006
    55 minutes (est)
    Bitching headwind and kind of tired but still a good time. Must have been the lack of sleep - when the Tahs get back from fucking South Africa I'll be a happy man.

    I must really by myself a new and robust chronometer to get more accurate times for the rides.

  • Potential disaster looming - was checking the bike last night and noted that the front gear system looks a little wonky. Sure enough if I grab the pedal crank and pull it away from the bike frame it wobbles a bit. Pretty sure that isn't meant to happen. Also trouble changing up cogs 3 through 5, though 5-6-7 seems able enough and the front derailleur is working perfectly. Sure the bloody thing was $400 and has been subjected to my fat arse for the best part of 18 months but surely they make them a bit more robust than this?

    A service call to the local bikesmith's is looming....

  • Nick, without having seen first hand what's happening, it sounds like you've had a bearing or 2 let go, or at least need replacing. Are you at all mechanically minded? If so, you might save yourself a bit o' dosh by seeing if you can fix it yourself? :nta

  • I thought the bearings would be the issue to RB, and while I am about as mechanical as the next bloke (I can strip and reassemble the mower more or less :shifty: sometimes I even end up with spare parts!) I don't have stuff like a chain breaker etc. etc. The movement in the crank is only about one millimetre through the horizontal plane so it can't be too serious yet.

    In any case, it really does need a full going over and I have no idea about tweaking the gear lines or adjusting the breaks. My strategy is to ask if I can watch them do it and take mental notes.

    Then I will get shitfaced at the pub and promptly forget all I saw

  • yeah, but if you were serious about wanting to learn, you could take written notes, even though they'd think you were a fucking weirdo....then again they may think that anyway? ๐Ÿ˜

    Yeah, I've got no idea about the chain breaking shit, I thought it was a nut tension thing, so you don't even need to break the chain? :nta

    Sorry, my mechanical servicing skills are more focussed on shimano fishing reels, not shimano bike gears :shifty:

  • You probably don't need to break the chain but I'd like to just to make sure it can be done Makes it far easier to clean and oil that way, and I'd learn how to fix the damn thing if ever I get a break.

  • Stepped on the scales this morning: 117kg. :happy: Going for a ride tonight followed by protein shake. Have also noticed some of my shirts are starting to hang off me a little so might do some measurements and see where I'm at there.

  • clothes are the one NTA, belts going in a loop or three, shirts not so tight across the shoulders, pants actaully needing a belt.

    All goodร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜

  • NTA just got back from his bike ride. O Great Yak Spirit, while NTA realises you are at all times omnipotent but with a fucking evil sense of humour, could you please stop taking it out on NTA, your most faithful servant, with fucking HEADWINDS every time NTA rides that damn contraption. :evil:

    Time out (10km): 33 minutes
    Time back (10km): 24 minutes

    Guess which fucking leg the wind was blowing? :tickedoff: Note that the track is up and down a bit but the 10km end point is actually at lower altitude than the start point.

    NTA might have a shower and weigh himself before doing anything else. NTA feels this will give him a good idea what his absolute low weight is at present to cheer himself up. Then an episode of Battle Star Galactica and off to sleepy-byes. NTA is quite delirious at this point and having trouble seeing the keyboard...ร‚ย  :idiot2:

  • And measurements:

    Chest: 120cm (across the nip-nips)
    Gut: 117cm (belly button)
    Arse: 125cm (same level as the mummy-daddy button)

    Man I feel like Wendell Sailor but without the vomiting....

  • Just determined that my "dry weight" (i.e. first thing in the morning after having a long piss) is 116kg. Shame I have to eat breakfast but there it is.

    Tonight's plan is pushups and crunches while the ad breaks are on for Lost.

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    Arse: 125cm (same level as the mummy-daddy button)

    I hate to think what the mummy-daddy button is.

  • Well its less mummy lately

  • Got home from work and decided not to exercise as I was completely stuffed from last night. However, in the interests of maintaining my output levels I had a protein shake, demanded (and recieved) my husbandly rights from Mrs the Aussie, and am in the middle of sets of pushups and crunches at the moment.


  • Regular Friday night ride finished about 90 minutes ago and I've been watching rugby but its now halftime. Blustery wind that has the evil capability to blow hardest when I'm pedalling uphill. Bastard.

    Anyway, the times are in and a NEW RECORD! 54 minutes 20 seconds, beating the previous best by at least 40 seconds. Yay meร‚ย  ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ Before drinking water and protein shake I weighed myself and its somewhere around 116kg but I was trembling from exhaustion and the old scale couldn't handle it.

    [quote name='BartMan']
    clothes are the one NTA, belts going in a loop or three, shirts not so tight across the shoulders, pants actaully needing a belt.[/quote]

    Speaking of which - got my t in the mail and its a bit... er... snug :embarassed: But not to worry - hopefully in a few months it'll be a muscle shirt and not a love-handles-n-manboobs shirt Naturally Little Aussie's is a teensy bit big on him (comes down past the knees) but he has time to grow into it

  • Nick - don't weight yourself after a session on the bike. It's all fluid loss.

    I was out a few weeks ago - it was just above freezing - for 2 and a half hours solid. 2 layers soaked through under a wind / water prrof jacket. I had dropped nearly 2kgs in sweat. Gives the wrong impression.

    Weighing yourself first thing in the morning, after a pish is the way to go.

  • [quote name='Irish Richard']
    Weighing yourself first thing in the morning, after a pish is the way to go.

    Its actually about the same IR - or at least less than 1kg difference each time. I'm having a couple of litres of water and some protein shakes after the bike but most of it gets absorbed overnight it would seem with the rest expelled at the morning tinkle. Its more for my own curiosity than anything, as I work out in the evenings after 8PM and therefore don't eat solid food between the bike and the next day. The scale last night had the needle between 116 and 117 but this morning after the pish its 117 even.

  • Weather not looking ideal for an evening ride - lots of thunder and threat of rain. Definitely don't want to be caught in it with the driving record of some folks aroundhere. Think I might head to the local oval with the footy and have a few kicks and maybe a few sprints as per RB's 22-50-22-100 schedule. Its gonna hurt compared to the bike but I need to shake the joints a little

    As for the rest of today, we had friends over so a fairly good lunch of Mrs the Aussie's BLAT salad (see thread) and beef and chicken skewers. Had some pavlova for dessert (naughty) and a nip of McWilliams 1977 Vintage Port. Liquid gold. Also had probably too much Coke Zero, consuming 2 litres. No sugar but loads of caffeine.

    Decided to make Wednesday my measurements day in order to keep it even. I will still weigh myself every day to monitor my general consumption so for example today was 118kg but will be back down to 117kg tomorrow morning. The goal of roughly 3 kg per month is still on track and this week at work will be another good opportunity to limit the diet side of things.

  • Last night's ride got called off due to pouring rain so am looking to have another go tonight though it might be a bit wet to corner at any sort of pace. Hitting asphalt at my weight is a less than fun activity.

    Instead I got in some pushups and ab work, and I'm varying what I do here to make different muscles do their thing - crossovers, isometrics, crunches, hand-to-knee.

    What I REALLY feel like doing is lifting some serious weights at the gym so if it rains again that's what I'll do.

    :edit: Mate of mine happened to be nearby at day's end so got a lift home from work. Hadn't caught up in a couple of months so had him over for dinner while Mrs the Aussie was out at Little Aussie's parent/teacher night (yes for daycare). Lasagna and garlic bread for dinner and remaining pavlova for dessert. Got a headache and need sleep more than exercise. G'night mommy. Definitely exercise tomorrow night - probably a bike ride.

  • I examined the bearings on my bike's pedal crank while riding home from the train station and decided that to push them further is not a wise move. I will therefore schedule in one more ride later this week, and in the meantime attend the local gymnasium to do some weights work as I'm getting a little punchy for heavy metal. I feel like a lazy prick for not riding now for 4 nights in a row but if the pedal crank goes when I'm 10km from home I will not be a happy camper.

  • Know how you feel Nick - once the energy levels are up you can't beat hitting the gym and pulling the arms off yourself!!!

  • More tight than you know big lad. As for the workout, I have but one thing to say:


    Was going to start on the bike for 5 minutes as a warmup but only had 50 minutes until closing time (stoopid council run gym) so after a brief stretch of pecs, hammies, and quads, got into the following sets of each (keep in mind I had limited time so decided to sacrifice reps for weight - generally 1 minute rests but longer for leg press):

    [u]Bench press:[/u]6 x 20kg bar to check for full range of chest/shoulder movement; 10 x 60kg; Dropset of 3 x 80kg + 5 x 60kg
    [u]45o incline leg press:[/u] 6 x 80kg warmup; 10 x 140kg; 10 x 240kg; 7 x 300kg (my pb is 5x400kg and I reckon I could get back there within 2 weeks)
    [u]Dead lift:[/u] 6 x empty bar to check my technique; 10 x 20kg; 10 x 40kg; 10 x 50kg - note I did these in the frame (bar on vert rails) to prevent injury as I've not done them in a while. Free weights next time I promise
    [u]Assisted chinup:[/u] Lard Arse + piss-poor upper body strength = 4x60kg; 8x40kg ๐Ÿ‘…
    [u]Assisted dip:[/u] As above but a set of 10x40kg
    [u]Bicep curls:[/u] limited to 2 sets of dumbell (5 full, 5 half up, 5 half down, 5 full) at 10kg per arm, then barbell at same weight (10kg total) - arms stuffed at that point
    [u]Military press (standing):[/u] 10 x 10kg; 10 x 15kg

    At that point my arms had had enough, and I theorised given my inability to walk straight I should spend two minutes on the bike stretching the legs at a gentle 80rpm before leaving. They were closing anyway. Came home, had a protein bar and a couple of shakes to take protein intake to 50g. Getting out of bed tomorrow is going to suck.

  • Good stuff Nick.

    The way I look at it - okay, I may gain nothing in muscle / strength just now through weights (beacuse I am trying to keep the calorie intake low) but it is additional exercise / burning kcals and gives the cardio (bike / cross-trainer) muscle sets a rest.

    I'll go late on tonight and record and post what i do.

  • [quote]Assisted chinup: Lard Arse + piss-poor upper body strength = 4x60kg; 8x40kg [/quote]

    I'm a bit of a novice here, how do assisted chinups work exactly?

  • Its a frame basically with a kneeling pad, with is attached to a weight stack by cable. You put the pin in at the appropriate weight, and that's how much counterweight (assistance) you're getting. I put the pin in at 60kg so I was only lifting the remainder of my body weight - 117-60 = 57 (basically 60 as far as I'm concerned). I think the stack goes up to about 100kg. The dip bars are on the same machine at my gym.

    Here is an example (not the same as the one at the local) - the assistance is via the weight stack you can just see at the back. The weight stack at the front is infinitely more pleasurable, but infinitely more expensive

    [url="http://www.e-weightloss-fitness.com/back_exercises/asschin.shtml"]http://www.e-weightloss-fitness.com/bac ... chin.shtml[/url]


  • I see, thanks for that Nick. :happy:

  • Being unable to walk properly, there is no exercise today. My leg muscles hurt like ... well... not quite buggery (nothing hurts like buggery :shifty: ) and all the stairs at work today were microcosms of pain and loathing.

  • OK my legs have recovered but still no exercise the rest of this week. Oddly, I'm down to 116kg as of this morning

    Will get back to exercise tomorrow I promise - Tahs game this afternoon.

  • The copious quantities of beer and Thai have taken their toll over the weekend - back up to 117kg. Last night went for a run at the oval, and took Gilbert along. The oval I use has 1.5 rugby league fields on it (juniors play on a reduced size field) that I run the fence on, so its about 400m all up.

    Warmup lap: Jog with kick-pickup - kick the ball as hard as possible down the boundary line then run after it and scoop it up on the run before kicking again.
    Lap break: 20 incline pushups (feet lower than arms using a low fence), then 20 crunches, then 20 decline pushups (feet up on low fence)
    Second lap: Jog with toe ahead - chuck the ball on the ground then give it the toe and chase after it, continuously kicking along the ground
    Lap break: as above
    Third lap: Straight jog/run - by this stage I was so stuffed I run the first 100m, then had to walk the second 100 before running the third 100 and then attempting to sprint the last. My "sprint" at this point was not much more than a fast jog.

    My calves are really hurting this morning and it definitely teaches you that you can pedal as far as you like on the bike, it just ain't the same as ground impact. I think my grass shoes are in definite need of replacement though as I could feel my ankles rolling in, leading to shin issues.

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']My calves are really hurting this morning and it definitely teaches you that you can pedal as far as you like on the bike, it just ain't the same as ground impact. [/quote]

    Yeah, unfortunately. Then, once you've come to this realisation, you also realise that jogging is no match for actual matchplay and by then it's too lateร‚ย  :happy:

  • Dammit MvJ I was trying to hide that fact from my brain! I'm going to start mixing up my training now - bike 1-2 times per week, then down the oval with a mixture of jogging and kicking practice, and probably joining up at the gym again to do some weights work. This should provide a better overall fitness plan but I am on a downslope in terms of motiviation at present.

  • Me too. MvJ will have to kick-start the fat-busting once more...ร‚

  • Went for a 45 minute walk/run last night... mostly walknig :shifty: About 5km all up, probably only a few hundred of which was running :nta Regular testing of heart rate showed it to be in the 130-140 bpm region and I sweated like a fat bastard, not surprisingly. Calves still hurt this morning but didn't experience any ankle roll thanks to use of better shoes. My grass shoes are going in the bin.

  • NTA - are you doing any stretching pre/post exercise.ร‚ย  I find it makes a big difference for me, even though I only spend about 3 mins stretching the calves, hammies etc.

  • I do a bit post-exercise but nothing pre. I believe I should be able to adequately 'warm up' my calf muscles by walking All other muscles are fine - its just a spot about halfway up the back of my lower leg that hurts, not the whole thing.

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    I do a bit post-exercise but nothing pre. I believe I should be able to adequately 'warm up' my calf muscles by walking All other muscles are fine - its just a spot about halfway up the back of my lower leg that hurts, not the whole thing.

    I am thinking that explains all the desperate PMs Mrs NTA is sending at the moment.

    NTA, if you know nothing else, you surely know to warm it up before you get stuck in?

    (Love your log tho, honest and fullsome, it's great).

  • [quote name='The Gamer']
    NTA, if you know nothing else, you surely know to warm it up before you get stuck in?[/quote]

    If I knew how to even get the keys in the ignition I'd have a go at warming it up first

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    [quote name='"The Gamer":1vnk8dpa']
    NTA, if you know nothing else, you surely know to warm it up before you get stuck in?[/quote]

    If I knew how to even get the keys in the ignition I'd have a go at warming it up first

    Just one word for ya NTA: " Cleo"

  • Pffft. Magazine written by women who are just trying to sell something. There can't be THAT many types of orgasm in the world. NTA has tried the romantic approach, the passionate approach, the sit-and-wait, the loving and caring shit. NTA's conclusion is: alcohol and a night off from minding the Little Aussie are the only things that work, preferably in combination.

    Back to the fatbastarding: NTA hopped on the scales after mowing the lawn and doing the housework (Mrs the Aussie having the morning off at a beauty treatment ) to discover he is down to 115kg! Yay me :happy:

  • Yesterday afternoon's exercise was re-setting the stand for my 1000 litre rainwater tank. Probably ended up lifting about 500kg all up after draining the tank, clearing all existing brickwork and then putting it back in better order on a levelled surface. Not a bad job if one does say so, with the new stand being very solid and supportive. My back was stuffed at the end but feels OK today. Lots of deadlift style work there.

    Measurements this morning:

    Chest: 120cm
    Gut: 116cm (1cm loss)
    Butt: 124cm (1cm loss)

    Must be where that couple of kilos came from

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