Lower Back weight exercises

  • Folks - am looking for ideas to strengthen my piss poor lower back that doesn't invlove deadlifts  :evil: (long story).

    Can think of hyperextension thingames - anything else?Â

    Preferably with a low probability of re-injuring an old prolapsed L5-S1 disc...

    (Note - I'll take whatever suggestions anybody makes under advisement and consult a properly trained professional...)

  • Try swiss balls etc. Strengthening your lower back is part of strengthening the core. Even exercises like press ups etc will help with that.

    Also most gyms have a thing where you can do back extensions either using just your own body weight or holding weight plates. Kindve hard to explain, but I know what I mean

  • yeah - get the abs kick arse strong, and the back will follow.

  • Depending on how flexible you are, try a back arch and hold. Lie on your back, then reverse push up with your hands and feet, arching your whole back. Then hold this position for as long as you can.  Repeat 3-5 times. This is a yoga position that can be used to buld incredible strength.

    This is excellent for strenghtening the back without using any weights. It also builds outstanding flexibility in your spine. And it is relatively safe as long as you don't fall on your neck. I've had back surgery, and I do these regularly with no problems.

  • Like Warlord suggested...swiss balls are the dogs bollocks for core stability. Pilates is also fantastic.Â

  • Swiss ball coupled with hand weights does the trick.

    I've back problems - it's mostly upper back - and that just helps stretch it out and keep the problem to a minimum.

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