Training with the flu

  • OK so I woke up on saturday morning with a sore throat and achy joints, actually my voice completely went in the morning which was timely as I didn't have to talk to our visitors. Felt a bit better today initially ( so I thought ) and decided to do a few weights......Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaark what a mistake that was, I coughed and spluttered and weights I usually rep out pretty easily were a real struggle. I gave up pretty early and went back to the couch in disgust.

    Anyone else had this problem especially with flu season here ? ( it was about 19 degrees here today incidentally so not exactly freezing ! )

  • think the best thing is to flag training, drink tons of water, and get back into it next week!!

  • Take a day or two off. Get ratfaced on Scotch whisky which kills flu bugs.. Resume training when better.

  • Cheers boys, I did both exactly as outlined. Which was more enjoyable ? I'll leave that to your imagination but bear in mind I have Scottish heritage. I was surprised at how weak I was on the sunday though hopefully thanks to the H2O and the Grants I'll be ok now.

  • Well I did as suggested and did no weights for a week, just shot home for some cheeky curls and presses and they felt great ! good to rest the joints for a week or so....probably did me the world of good actually.

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