The hard yards start..

  • Crab depletion.

    Today's food intake, after a superset leg workout from hell in the morning.

    pre workout. COFFEE, half cup whole grain rolled oats with a scoop of isomax protein powder baked into a rather yummy biscuit. Use coffee to mix together, not water for that special taste! Cinnamon and mixed spice also for taste.
    10am meal, just finished, 200g chicken breast, 200g kumara - YUM.
    Lunch to be 300g of chicken breast, 4 cups beans/broccolli.
    2pm: 200g chicken breast, cucumber and asparagas.
    4pm. Scoop isomax shake
    6pm 300g poached fish, 4 cups mixed veg (no peas/corn), salad
    8pm, 150g chicken breasts.

    Cluck, cluck, cluck.

    This diet through to Monday, then Tuesday Wednesday Thursday changes - lose the rolled oats and have more, wait for it, chicken and kumera for breaky, (the 10am meal), and then the 10am meal changes to 150g chicken and asparagus, lunch is 250g poached salmon with asparagus and salad, 2pm becomes 150g chicken and asparagus/salad, the remaining meals remian the same....

    Mrs BartMan's diet very similar, just less quanitity, and more salmon - for breakfast and mid morning!!

    Wish us luck!

  • Good luck dude. That's a lot of chicken! Think I'm away the weekend your down but if I'm here I'll come over to watch. All the best for your missus to.

  • Huge week ahead Bart. Damn thats a massive chook load. Are those regular chooks or those free range chicks?

    Are you allowed a ''treat'' this week? If so try some cacao powder, coconut oil, walnuts/almonds, raw honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract - blend all together and roll in small balls. Healthy truffles.

  • Crab depletion ? Is crab part of a typical diet in the first place ? xzxcool

    but yeah good luck !

  • lol -carb!!

    No idea on the chiken - get it from the local healthy burger joint, they pride themselvs on all that natural shit, so probably free range - alll good stuff anyway.

    All bllody good though, final countdown!

  • Im guessing the chicken isnt allowed to the nugget variety or from the colonel!? xzxnegative

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