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  • Reckon this game is there for the taking (obviously still need to play well) but it's whether we can get up and match Aucklands physicality, which is where we have often been undone in recent years and it has at times looked like men vs boys.

    We have a pack that appears on its day it should match it with pretty much anyone this year, and our backs, on their day would be up there too, especially if we have Goodhue slotting in!

    Assuming no injuries, I'd start the same pack, with only really Matich/Douglas a position I'd consider changing, but it's the backs where I would make a few changes to the starting line up:

    Markwick (assume Nock is still out) Breen, Macilai, Tua, Goodhue, Ranger, Alaimalo

    Bench would be the same bar swapping Wright with Macilai.

  • @taniwharugby agree with that 100%. Hard on Matt but the key is matching the physicality and at least staying in the game.

    1. Howard Sililoto

    2. Matt Moulds

    3. Namatahi Waa

    4. Tim Bond

    5. Murray Douglas

    6. Jack Ram

    7. Kara Pryor

    8. Dan Pryor

    9. Sam Nock

    10. Peter Breen

    11. Solomon Alaimalo

    12. Tamati Tua

    13. Jack Goodhue

    14. Rene Ranger

    15. Matt Wright


    1. Jordan Olsen

    2. Ross Wright

    3. Ropate Rinakama

    4. Joshua Goodhue

    5. Matt Matich

    6. Malcolm MacLeod

    7. Dan Hawkins

    8. Jone Macilai

  • interesting pushing Goodhue to the bench...Nock fit, for now...

    Bar Goodhue, not surprised with other tweaks.

    Damn good side if they click.

  • @taniwharugby Goodhue has stitches in that eye split, so I think it's a good move to keep his playing minutes limited for this week.
    Looking forward to see this squad perform V Auckland, they have no Ioane's that's got to be a bonus for the Taniwha.

  • @taniwharugby said in v Auckland:

    interesting pushing Goodhue to the bench...Nock fit, for now...

    Bar Goodhue, not surprised with other tweaks.

    Damn good side if they click.

    It seemed like Josh Goodhue had a bit of a knock last week, maybe they're reducing his workload for this match..

    Would like to see Macilai get at least half a game this time, would chuck him on the wing and shift Alaimalo to 15.

    We'll have to match fire with fire this week, as Auckland will be pissed off after dipping out to Counties.

    Our loosies look menacing again, looks like we're opting for speed around the park this time. I hope we target their 9-10 combo, as I think we can apply some heat there..

    As always, Auckland will be favoured, but this is our best chance in a long time of tipping them over. Time to start backing wins up Northland!

  • @Northlandallday ah ok, he had that black headband on when I took a photo of my son with him after the game, but knew he had gone off just didn't know what for.

    @justin77 yeah that loose trio is pretty quick and aggressive.

    Is interesting they see Marckwick as a better starter than MacLeod but rate MacLeod as a better bench option (again unless Marckwick is injured as he did get seen to a few times IIRC last week)

    Yeah Auckland will be tough, and hurt from last week, so we need to come out of the blocks firing, I don't think we'll be allowed to play catch up with them if we give them a start like BOP.

    Both our wins over Auckland this century, have come in Auckland, but yeah when did we last have back to back wins, probably 2014?

  • @taniwharugby Markwick went off relatively early in the BOP game so I'd suggest perhaps he's injured?? McLeod play far better than last year, even tho he had a couple of loose kicks, it was a big step up from last year skill wise.

  • @Northlandallday yeah the Physio or Dr's went on to treat his leg? a couple of times...was more the fact he wasn't in the 23, then Nock got injured and he slotted in to start.

    MacLeod def played well but I still think his passing technique in particular needs work to provide quicker ball.

  • this ref is missing alot of knock ons by both sides...denied Auckland a try when they didnt knock on, but was one just before anyway.

    Lacking a bit of accuracy at the moment and Auckland out muscling us at the breakdown a bit

  • Error rate and lack of security particularly at the break down

  • Goodhue making a massive difference in midfield.

  • Pretty harsh call on pulling that maul down I reckon

  • Great work by Matich...wtf

  • Undone by MacLeod who has injured himself...

  • Ref is consistent with his 'knock ons'

  • in many ways, disappointing result, but in others, happy to get a BP as in previous years we would conceded 2 or 3 tries in that final 10...

    This side does appear to have a bit more steel in it though, which will no doubt see us pick up a few more wins this year

    Wellington looking ominous though!

  • @taniwharugby In the end a game there for the taking as this Auckland side despite all it's stars is one dimensional. Loved that we matched them physically. With some better game management, and some better work in the line out we will present a challenge to most teams. Funny, me and Steve were agreeing that Daniel Bowden wasn't much chop nowadays and the guy next to us said he was his Dad. 😀

  • @kev thats gold!

  • @kev haha, well Dan Bowden hasn't been much chop for a while, his poor dad tho. 😁

  • @Northlandallday I walked into the 2011 RWC Semi with Stephen Moore's father. He's a decent fella, and his boy was a decent hooker at that time. Finished a yarn by wishing him luck, but not much luck 🙂

  • Still feeling quite upbeat about this team, yeah we didn't win, but to play a game in 2nd gear and still be a chance at the end is encouraging. In fact I think we were better than Auckland in most aspects.

    The lineout needs serious addressing however, it was after all what ultimately cost us the match!

    Auckland had a slight advantage over the ball too, we went in to a lot of rucks with our eyes closed it seemed.

    Everywhere else we had their measure. Our defence was rock solid. Really impressed with the midfield. Lock those two in for the season! That's provided Jack doesn't get an ABs call up.

    One of my unsung heroes was Howard Sililoto, he gets through a mountain of work. Bloody strong scrummager too.

    On to next week... I really think we should tear Southland a new asshole, won't be content with average in this match. We have to at least put 15-20 points between the two teams surely....

  • interestingly, Auckland and Northland have the highest tackle success % respectively after 2 rounds, it will come as no surprise to see where we sit for lineout success, which TBH has been an ongoing issue, and similar to our scrums, seems to be more a focus thing, like where Eklund scored the other day, was purely communication, not poor throw, poor jump...communication and focus.


    Heard we have a few injury concerns for this weekend too.

  • @taniwharugby who's our injury concerns? I saw Matt Wright wasn't well and Macleod went off, but other than that we looked ok???

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