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  • Headed along to the Kamo v Hika game at Kamo today.

    Was a very strong Kamo side with both Tua & Goodhue taking the field along with Blake Hohaia, Straker, Murray along with a number of other classy players, I thought they'd be far too strong for Hika.

    In the end, they were, but they were made to work hard!

    First 20 were spent defending thier own line, some excellent defence as Hika attacked over and over, eventually Kamo having a man in the bin, Hika finally hit and took a 5 point lead.

    Kamo with thier bigger names never really managed to get going as you'd expect, they dominated up front, but struggled at lineout time and alot of passes going to ground.

    Kamo lead 15-5 (I think..I've had Beers, Mojitos and Pina Coladas since...) and turned to have the breeze at thier back.

    HIka again started strongly, and closed the gap briefly, before Kamo stretched the lead and from there didnt really look like losing, running out winner 36-15.

    Hika played bloody well against thier much vaunted opposites, only area Kamo had clear edge was at scrum time, although they did sub off Todd McDowell soon after the break and scrums were a little more even.

    Tua had moments, but needed to pass a few times to the sharp looking Shelford Murray outside him, same with Hohaia, who was probably my pick of the day with his orgainsation, running and bruising defence, he got a bit hungus on a couple of occasions, but one they recycled and scored instantly.

    Straker looks a pretty mobile prop, involved heavily on defence and at scrum time, saw one decent run.

    Goodhue as always threw himself about, but despite having a much taller lineout, they did struggle, although the throwing was a bit average with a few not straights and plenty not hitting the mark.

    Berridge was quiet in the first spell, but got going in the second, Sykes was a threat from the back of rucks and in broken play.

    Shelford Murray looked sharp, nice footwork and some wheels, but didnt see a huge amount of ball as Kamo did spend alot of time defending in the game.

    Was a good game, played in good spirit, some brutal defence, which I think was only one borderline high (pointed out by the guy who was grading the ref I was standing with)

    Kamo will be tough to beat, especially once they gel a bit better, they had a bloody strong team out there today, so for Hika to keep them under 50 was a good effort!

  • @taniwharugby anybody from Hikurangi stand out..?

  • @steven-harris thier pack did look to tire near end of the first spell but they kept getting back up.

    I don't know the names of the ones that looked good, but one of thier props was into everything as was thier 7, thier 9 tackled and tackled.

  • Kamo continuing thier march on with a 48-8 demolition of Kerikeri, while OBM also remain unbeaten with a comprehensive 36-10 beating of Western Sharks in Dargaville.

    all other results HERE

  • Surprising to see Hawkes beat Mid Northern, but anyone know why Hawkes are on 0 points after 2 wins?

  • @northlandallday Mid-Northern have lost players players all over the shop from the last couple of seasons,the Apoua brothers who were a big part of their pack have moved back to Auckland while some players have moved back to Kerikeri and some to Hikurangi ,also I don’t think Waisea Lawabuka is in New Zealand..apparently Jordon Olsen played openside flanker for Mid-Northern scored 3 x tries and was close to the best player on the paddock,Matt Moulds scored a late try to secure the victory for Otamatea..
    Otamatea have picked a very handy first five from the Glenfield club in Auckland and Cole Campbell who was a lock around the Northland scene several seasons back has returned from overseas.
    Wellsford are apparently struggling with injuries and unavailability but once many of these players return,Ross Wright,Matt Wright,Jordon Hyland and Sean Sweetman to name a few.

  • @steven-harris
    The surprising result tho considering Mid Northern were so close to beating OBM whilst Hawkes got beaten by Kerikeri, I guess at least they have turned that around with the win over Wellsford and MN, must be more than just one or two players. I had a yarn this week about the MN game and heard Moulds scored 3 tries and played a variety of positions. Also found out what's up with the points...

  • Results from Easter Weekend

    Otamatea 15 Old Boys Marist 15
    Hikurangi 14 Western Sharks 10
    Hora Hora 53 Kerikeri 17
    Kamo 69 Wellsford 10
    Mid Northern 27 Waipu 27

    Going to take some sort of team to knock over Kamo in this years comp,
    Big improvers since round 1 have been Otamatea who since beaten both Wellsford & Mid Northern although they were held to 15 all draw last Friday,Cole Campbell having a big influence on the Hawks forward pack.
    Hora Hora are all looking like a much improved unit in 2018.
    I have heard Wellsford still have many injuries and unavailabilities but I would imagine come the 2nd round the will welcome back players like Matt & Ross Wright ,Jordon Hyland & Sean Sweetman

    Both Old Boys Marist and Mid Northern I believe are both rebuilding this year with many players having moved on from both clubs.

    Waipu lost Rinakama to a short overseas contract ,but I understand he will be back before the start of the Mitre 10 season for Northland,
    Hopefully available for Waipu as well,Sam McNamara who has been unavailable for the last few weeks should be retuning this weekend along with Fijian and Northland sevens player Tavite Gadeisuva who was Northlands best at the National 7s back in January

    One player to keep an eye on is last years Fijian under 20 lock and captain Temo Mayanavanua who at 1.98 and 120kg is quite the athlete,I understand he is very fit and incredibly athletic and physical around the paddock,given Northland don’t have a huge amount of size in the region ,I will be very interested in his progress.

  • Yep Kamo have a strong squad and are playing to thier strengths.

  • Kamo Prems continue thier march, 8/8 now, at home they got past Waipu 27-5.

    Gus Collins made a brief appearance off the bench to lean on a scrum or 2 for the reserves, Tony MOnaghan also had a run around as he got to line up with his son who was in the mid-field.

  • Prems table
    Kamo 39 points
    Hora Hora 35
    Old Boys Marist 28
    Mid NOrthern 21

    Waipu 20
    Kerikeri 18
    Hikurangi 13
    Wellsford 12
    Otamatea 9
    Western Sharks 9

    rest of the results:

    BAYLEYS CLUB RUGBY RESULTS from Saturday 28th April 2018

    Championship (Blackie Walters South Zone)
    Pipiwai vs Whangaruru TBC
    Southern 60 vs 10 Mangakahia
    Dargaville Old Boys LBD vs WBD Tomarata
    Kaihu 17 vs 19 Mid Western Rugby

    Premier (Joe Morgan Memorial)
    Hikurangi 17 vs 32 Mid Northern
    Kamo 27 vs 5 Waipu
    Otamatea 24 vs 39 Hora Hora
    Wellsford 22 v 24 Old Boys Marist
    Western Sharks 27 vs 22 Kerikeri

    Premier Reserve (Section A)
    Hikurangi 12 vs 15 Mid Northern
    Kamo 29 vs 14 Waipu
    Otamatea 25 vs 27 Hora Hora
    Wellsford 7 vs 20 Old Boys Marist
    Western Sharks 29 vs 26 Kerikeri

  • BIt of an upset with Waipu getting up over Hora HOra


  • Kamo were trailing at the break.

    Big win by OBM there.

    @Steven-Harris when do Wellsford get Ranger?


  • @taniwharugby unsure of Rangers return,but you would want him to get a few games under his belt for Mitre 10 cup

  • OBM & HH both pick up wins to keep in touch with Kamo.

    OBM made to work against Western Sharks, went to the break with a 28-10 lead, and a huge crosswind that was just angled at thier backs in the 1st spell.


  • Kamo handed thier first defeat of the season out at Waipu, going down 25-20.

  • Otamatea defaulted to Kamo today, I guess fortunate for Kamo that a home semi wasnt relying on them getting a BP win...shame really, was Kamo's club day and was a good day with all the Junior teams out in good form too!

  • @taniwharugby Defaulting a Senior Prem side should mean they get some sort of penalty.

  • @kev definitely!!

    TR Jnrs game was postponed as them and their scheduled opposition provide about 24 kids in the Taniwha Shield this week so I had a rare chance to mooch about watching other kids teams and talk to people and they were very unhappy, it isnt just the game, its the supporters that turn up to watch and have a couple of beers after the game, and when your club is winning, that is a bigger hit.

    I think they now have to front up for the Promo-Relegation game v Tomarata...

    If promoted I wonder if Ranger would head back for a few games!

  • @taniwharugby Tomarata now play Moerewa/UK, the winner plays Otamatea and the loser plays the Sharks.

    That was the 2nd game in a row that Otamatea defaulted, and the Sharks also defaulted yesterday.

    I understood the rules to be if a team defaults twice they have to go before the NRU to plead there case to be allowed to remain in the Premiers.

    If my information is correct Tomarata have no interest in getting into the premiers but Moerewa/UK are very keen.

  • @gunner it’s bloody sad to see the state of Otamatea,Dean Kenny coached them to a semi final 2 x seasons ago,but was then asked to reapply,this is a former All Black who was commuting from the North Shore of Auckland to Kaiwaka..
    Along with his assistant Nathan Jacoby who called a spade a spade they both in my opinion were treated badly,
    In other words the executive backed the players that were moaning their heads off about being spoken to sternly,well fuck me...!..
    In my experience players come and go,good coaches are hard to come by,so you back them 100% of the time..
    Bloody sad really as my 2 nephews played for Otamatea that year and there are some great people within the club,but I guess there are some that may need to step away..
    Even the sponsors have pulled the plug and they are having trouble putting a team on the paddock..
    Maybe some time down in the South Zone comp might be the best way to rebuild ..would be great to get some feedback from the current players

  • What a fucking shambles. None of those Joe Morgan comp clubs should be defaulting. I’ve seen it a bit in Mangonui/BOI in the past, but this is our premier competition, they should all have suffice numbers for an A and B team.

    Hell, I just spent some time down in Horowhenua-Kapiti where my daughters live. I got out and watched some club footy and all the teams were stacked full... and that’s a Heartland Union!

    Get rid of Ota and chuck Moerewa-UK in there, at least they’re keen - plus they’re tearing some new assholes in the North Zone comp.

  • @j77 totally agree Justin,this is not the first time they have been in this position and have relyed on the promotion relegation game..
    Credit to Mid-Western,they may have been relegated but at least they are fronting up.

  • I cannot understand how the players can do it though, any loyal club players want to be there, I understand injuries, but surely they could have a fit squad to travel and at least play just the a's?

    I know it aint fun getting thrashed, but a bit of pride goes a long way.

    I remember one time in the UK our 1st team had a Sunday Cup semi final, so the b's played on Saturday in the a's club game, got killed, but at least had a team (I Played in both games for 80 mins haha)

    Also hear Waipu are having some 'legal' issues around fielding a non-registered player (although apparently had NRU permission, but still breached a rule or some rules?

  • Most premier clubs struggle to get two teams on the field, some players have to front up and play two games.

    I think it’s time they did away with the premier reserves, if a club has two teams their second team plays second division.

    It will create a more level playing field, because as it is the system is set up for clubs in higher populated areas to dominate. Take Tomarata for instance. They can comfortably put together one good team but not two, so if they are good enough to win the promotion game, it’s only fair that they have a crack at playing premiers.

  • @taniwharugby said in Club Footy:

    I cannot understand how the players can do it though, any loyal club players want to be there, I understand injuries, but surely they could have a fit squad to travel and at least play just the a's?

    Also hear Waipu are having some 'legal' issues around fielding a non-registered player (although apparently had NRU permission, but still breached a rule or some rules?

    If they can’t field a reserves team, then both games are defaulted...
    I think it’s done that way to prevent defaults, but it’s clearly not working.

    The Waipu situation is, how shall I say this, an ‘interesting situation’

    I could go on all night but the inconsistencies in rules and how they’re applied at Northland is unbelievable.

    The MW situation that saw NRU take 7 points off us for playing an ‘unregistered player’ was an absolute joke.
    Without going into it too much, the guy who it was over is a local guy who played some footy in Ireland about 5 years ago. He played for us 2 or 3 years ago, no issues but apparently it was a problem this year.
    Waipu knowingly played a player in rounds 2 and 3 who was registered to a North Harbour club and somehow that was ok because there was some magical ‘3 week window’ to get all registrations done.
    Funny because the game we lost points for was in the third game of the season. Where was our 3 week window?

    It’s fucking bullshit to put it bluntly.
    Let’s make the rules up as we go should we?

  • @gunner ah I didnt know that about if they cant field a reserve team both are done, that is a ridiculous rule, it should be geared toward the Prem side.

  • @gunner so you'd know just how Otamatea feel then.

  • Both Kamo Prems and Reserves won in the finals today at Toll.

    Final was a pretty tight affair for the most part, played in perfect conditions in front of a big crowd at Toll.

    Kamo opened the scoring and were out to an 8-0 lead within about 10 mins and looked like a big win was on the cards.

    BUt Waipu fought back and were up 11-8 with a minute to go to the break before a dangerous tackle saw them lose a man to the bin and Kamo took the points to head into halftime up 11-10.

    Waipu looked the more composed through the first half and with a bit more patience may have picked up another score, although Kamo's decisions not to kick for territory (into a decent breeze) when camped in thier 22 added to Waipu's chances.

    After the break, Kamo hit within minutes of the re-start to push out to 18-10 and were up to 21-10 before Waipu were back to 15.

    With the score at 28-10 Kamo lost Reuben Wright to a red card (from where I was sitting looked to be retaliation and a number of punches were thrown both directions, but he has history with cards, although this may be his first of the year?)

    The final score of 35-10 was a little flattering for Kamo with 2 late tries, but certainly not undeserved.

    Thought a number of players looked good out there, and a few of our recent signings put in good performances too.

    Sam MacNamara looks bigger up close than he does in his profile pic, and was very busy on both sides of the ball.
    Mayanavanua was very busy and looked a threat, but never really got much of a shot.
    Jacobsen was busy but IMO overshadowed by MacNamara.
    Blake Hohaia is still looking sharp, strong running, good defence, but I think his biggest problem is his tendancy to hold the ball too often rather than spread it.
    Saw glimpses of Throughgood today that showed alot of promise, showed a nice turn of pace to set up Kamo's first try as he went through a gap, beat another defender and off-loaded to Wells.
    Sykes still in great form, had to defend alot today and got thrown off by some of the bigger guys, but certainly didnt back off.
    Tua came on in the last 20, on the wing, and scored a nice try where he showed a very nice turn of pace to score.

    Not sure of names, but the Waipu 13 and 14 had alot of pace, and looked dangerous on the occasions they saw the ball, 13 in particular, a tall rangy Fijian, looked like a 7s player the way he was playing, had a good game, bar when he tracked back from a Kamo kick, gathered the ball and as he ran across past his posts, ball in one big hand, he was hit, ball popped up into the arms of Hohaia to practically fall over the line for the final try.

    Waipu half (PIttman?) was good too, fiesty AF, took a big knock (body, not head) late in the game and took a bit to recover.

    Scrums were pretty even, although every now and then one side would demolish the other, lineouts were messy.

    All in all, a game worthy of the final, and Kamo deserved winners after a great season!
    0_1532154832067_37612801_10156571537526834_3604915623768883200_n.jpg 3_1532154843599_37613700_10156571537361834_7922397288658370560_n.jpg 2_1532154843599_37609875_10156571537491834_6351730879542329344_n.jpg 1_1532154843599_37562903_10156571537411834_5959303192335351808_n.jpg 0_1532154843597_37396636_10156571537201834_5664990369398390784_n.jpg

  • @taniwharugby Gee that’s a super crowd,and thanks ever so much for the report,if I was not oversees,I would have been there,the tall rangy centre for Waipu woud have been Tavite Gadeisuva,played for the Northland 7s team at the Nats.
    Good to hear about Sam McNamara,he’s definitely promising and has a good workrate and attitude

  • @gunner when we were coaching the prems we always thought that playing the Prem game first would help to solve a few issues. it would allow for a full bench and the hearty prem players could then back up to make the numbers in the reserves.
    we even went a step further and thought that if the reserve game was 2nd then if a prem club was fortunate to have NPC players then they would play one in the reserves each week to boost morale and give the younger players some experience. the other thing it would do is allow the scrums to be safer in the reserves as the prem props could back up and secure the scrums.
    the other option that no one has talked about is because of the lack of numbers in reserve grade that could be turned into a 10's comp, 5 4wds and 5 backs, unlimited subs.

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