Fatblasting: ACT Crusader

  • Current weight - 85.5kgs (20/2/06)

    Desired weight - 80kgs or under

    Time - Easter

    I go to the gym during my lunchtime break and have been for the past month or so. I'm not shedding alot but my fitness is increased dramatically. Haven't done weight work for some time so muscle mass has increased as well. Since moving to Canberra and sitting on my butt for most of the day has really hurt the waist line.

    Regular gym routine - 10min fast run/sprint on treadmill, then a circuit of abs, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, then finish with rower or bike for 20mins. (3 or 4 times a week)

    Timeframe is important as I play in a basketball tournament every Easter so have to get in shape for that.

  • 21/2/06

    Not alot of time for the gym today so altered my workout

    cardio - sitdown bike machine (10 mins)
    chest - flat and incline (3 sets each)
    arms - Barbell curls
    shoulders - those sit down dumbell thingos
    abs - crunches inclined bench (5 sets of 20)
    legs - calf raises (3 sets of 12)

    Play basketball tonight to top things off

  • Played a full game of bball last night without being subbed and was feeling good after it so i reffed a game as well.

    BTW I've just spent the last half hour reading some of the other threads and while a few employees are waiting on a report I am writing, I must say that I am impressed with some of the advice flying around on this board.

    Keep it going fellas and fellessis. i'm off to the gym in about an hour.

  • 22/2/06

    Half an hour cardio work on treadmill during - then back to work

    Played a full game of mixed Netball


    15 mins fast jog with sprints on the treadmill (3.0 incline)
    shoulders & arms
    ab work
    10 mins on the rower 2.09m/500m splits - buggered afterwards

  • 24/2/06

    15 min warm up on the ex-bike
    ab and core work
    15 min jog on treadmill (3.0 incline)



    11pm - some gelati and other ice-cream at Brighton Le-Sands :twisted:



  • 27/2/06

    Touch season over so a little more cardio at the gym today. Eating going okay except for 1xKrispy Creme donut   😁

  • Tried to up my protein intake this past week and up my weights a touch to get those Arnie guns happenin :coolsmiley:

    A couple of comments here and there don't hurt the confidence either 😁

  • From blokes?

    are there guys at the gym trying to crack onto you now, ACTC? Be careful, it could be Crucial. 😁

  • Mrs the Aussie has noticed a difference in the amount of weight NTA is carrying around.

    NTA has offered her a bargain - one shag per kilo lost. Mrs TA is yet to sign the contract.

  • Well its been a while since the last update. Firstly RB I only have time for the ladies comments  :coolsmiley:

    Still going to the gym 3-4 times a week during my lunch breaks. Have really up the cardio work as well as weight training. Only lost a couple of kilos but my body fat has dropped and lost 8cm around the waist.

    Have discovered the eliptical machine which I have always labeled a girlie machine but as a calorie burner its the best out there. 15 minute run on the treadie weights/strength work (with a 5minute stint on the step machine) and then finish up with 15 minutes on the eliptical and I'm stuffed. But its great stuff

    Big week ahead with the start of a new program and a 2 day basketball tournament on the Gold Coast over Easter.

  • New programme is working a treat. Got me going to the gym 3-4 times a week and really enjoying it rather than being a bit of a slog.

    As for the basketball tourney the added fitness really helped given that a couple of teammates pulled out and we had to run with 7 for the 2 days.

    BTW there were plenty of  :afro: 's there and Carrara stadium was set up like the Otara flea market - some fella was flogging TSF t-shirts as well but never got to speak to him  :nta

  • Still going strong with my work at the gym. Have upped the cardio work. Programme now resembles

    • 20 mins on eliptical. interval programme at 8 resistance maintaining between 170-180 strides a minute

    • 10 mins run on the treadmill about 11kms an hour with 3x1-1:20min sprints at 14km/h

    • Monday & Thursday: biceps, shoulders

    • Tuesday & Friday: Triceps, lats

    Eating well during the week with some treaties on the w/end, but feeling great

  • Haven't updated the log for a while, but have been concentrating on the arms/shoulders of late (see "How do I get arms like..." thread)

    I have maintained the same body weight from the day Fatbusters commenced for me, however my goals and programs have changed and instead of losing weight per se I have focused on building muscle mass particularly chest, arms, legs. My body shape has changed considerably and my only regret is that I didn't take any before shots.

    But I am far from over and its time to really attack this gut I have. Its pretty much flat but you know that spare tyre that often finds it way around a mans mid section, well thats where I'm atÂ

    I don't think the exercise part is of concern because I have a very good mix of

    • weights days 1/3/5;
    • cardio days 2/4
    • rest

    But its probably my eating. i don't drink so its definitely all the crap I eat. If anyone can point me to some good eating plans/ideas that would be great. I'm sort of like the TSF experiment in that I have adopted a few things from the fern while incorporating what the trainers at my gym advise.

    So know that your info is well recieved and not done in vain  😁

  • eating - I've found a simple plan.  If your hungry, and feel like a pie, have a bread role, and so forth.  Downgrade your cravings!!  Also avoid fatty foods wqhen eating out, make a concious choice to order healthy foods, or as healthy as you can at the time / venue you are at.  Diet fizzy drinks - I am a martyr to coke, or was, then a martyr to diet coke, now a martyr to coke zero, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Â

    smaller portions etc - all the shit your trainiers is saying is right, it just sucks having to do it!!

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