• So got through last week was like a semi deload week I went lighter than the program to get back in the swing post-cold.

    Today was funny.

    I have gone back to week 2 of the program as we missed it.

    Was meant to be 2x5 @77% (which was about 106kg i just went to go for 105kg)
    3x8 @70% think it was meant to be 96kg I went for 95kg)

    Warmed up got to my 70% weight and did 1x8 then planned to do 2x5 then my last 2x8's

    Got through first set of 1x8 then the 2x5's where fucking way harder than they should have been.
    Turns out I had counted wrong. my 1x8 was 105 and 2x5's where 115.

    Dropped down to 95 for my last 2x8 and they were easy.

    Rest of the work out.
    4x12 30kg incline DB
    Bent over row 4x10 @60kg
    3x12 rear delt on incline bench 5kg
    3x10 DB curls 20kg
    Hollow holds on the pull up bar 3x30seconds.

  • I read through this,astonishing progress bro,whats ur age height and bw?

  • @geebee 33y/o 110 ish and 189cm. I think my lifts would be a bit more impressive at sub 100kg
    but has been awesome improvement and shows what good programming can do to push yourself.

    Update as ive been MIA.
    Have been ho hum on frequency averaging 3 times per week. Have been following as best as possible the bench sessions. Deadlift and squats I have been doing 5/8/ or 10 reps for 4-5 sets for the last few weeks rather than following the program. Squats have been between 120-140kg range and deadlifts 150-180kg. Did a couple of singles at 200kg for DL the other day to make sure I hadn't lost all my strength.

    Its testing week this week. Got a 2.5kg improvement which finally got me to 140kg.

    Probably wont give DL and squats a go.

    Around Oct went away for a week so didnt train. Got back got sick for another week then was weak the following week and didn't lift heavy so basically had 3 weeks off and lost a lot of the foundation from the first few weeks so have been focused more on higher rep ranges.

    Have been tossing up changing it up next year and still lifting heavy but may be working towards a body building competition with 9-12 months prep.

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