High School Rugby Cancelled - Nova Scotia

  • This is blowing up on my facebook as I lived in Halifax and played footy there. What a stupid governing body. One of my friends is a doctor/business owner/active in politics and on rugby boards so can only imagine he will be putting a big fight up on this as he doesn't mind an argument.

  • Big CFL putting pressure on the sports body maybe?

    Football seems to have a surprisingly low number of injuries too - seems rather suspicious. Rugby too honest with their injury reporting?

  • Perfect opportunity for the local clubs to step in and take over the running of the teams.

  • Its more Hockey with the low number of reports considering fights still take place and the body checking.

    High school footy is kind of what sustains club numbers/growth. Lots of the players go and coach from the different clubs which is usually a feeder.

    There is only about 5 Prem A clubs and maybe another 5 other clubs in prem b. Its a very small community. Same in female grades.

    The clubs have started mini rugby comps/camps for pre-high school. High school rugby is so important over there because a lot of kids turn to it once they don't make the junior leagues (the Q/O/W) for ice hockey but still want something physical and active. Because of logicitics many don't pick up the game until their last couple of years at school. Obviously the earlier they pick the game up the better skill set they will develop. Lots of the players give it a go at school because their friends are. Taking it back to clubs can be one extra barrier.

    When I was there we had a pretty stack prems team and went unbeaten (first time they won) with 4 kiwis 2x loosies 1x 1st 5 and 1x2nd five in the team and an irish hooker we had key positions covered. Most interesting thing was though the improvement they got from us passing on things we take for granted at training. Lots of them were very athletic but couldnt read the game (and was hard when most 1st 5s couldn't spiral a kick or kick tactically) but over a season of playing and we also coached 2 uni teams you could see huge improvements.

    Overall a bit gutted knowing the community and how tight it is and how much is put into from everyone.

    Report and manage injuries properly and get punished from the sounds of things.

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    Yeah, what's it all aboot?

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