• Thought this was a good place to post this. A guy I follow online/listen to his podcast occasionally started a challenge which has gained a bit of traction called 75Hard.

    Basically its challenging you to step up and be consistent no excuses for 75 days.

    • Pick a diet and stick to it for 75 days no deviations
    • 1 gallon (3.7L) of water a day
    • Read a book (paperback) 10 pages per day
    • Take a progress pic every morning
    • Exercise 2x45 minute workouts.
    • No alcohol

    If you miss any of the above you start back to day 0.
    I have taken the challenge with a slight modification.

    • Not exercising 2x45 minutes per day (can include going for a walk). I pretty much do most days as I walk 10k+ steps and gym 4x and basketball twice at a minimum. Working out for the sake of it would probably be detrimental to me powerlifting. The exercise unlike others in the FB group im in isn't my big challenge.
    • Writing one piece of content per day as part of my content strategy for my business. Was initially aiming for 1000 words but instead decided on one quality piece of content.
    • Use headspace for 10 minutes a day, not in bed. Usually, do it each night but fall asleep in it.
    • Not being too strict on the reading though as I have achieved it each day and audiobooks aren't meant to count but I usually listen to an audiobook every 1-2 weeks. Aim of the challenge is to expand your mind/thinking and I'm pretty active on that. Have 3-4 books I don't have on audio so am fine for the time being.

    Should finish on xmas day and will celebrate at the boxing day test. If I fuck out then no beersies/hotchips etc at the boxing day test so thats good motivation.

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