Hayden Paddon

  • Surprised there isn't a thread already, this a massive achievement.
    Became the first Kiwi to win a full WRC event also moving him upto 2nd on the table.
    Rally is easily my favorite motorsport event, have been in a couple of hotlaps/shakedowns on a track with a top driver several years ago, it is insane how fast they go, fly into hairpins and while I am pushing my feet through the floor they just cruise round it seemingly effortlessly on gravel...the driving skill level of these guys is something to behold, reckon it exceeds F1, V8s etc.

  • It was a great achievement. It seems the challenge will be for him to do it consistently enough to beat Ogier. He doesn't seem to drop too many points.

  • Classy stuff from Paddon to compete in the Rally of Otago the week prior to Argentina and the Rally of Whangarei this weekend. Really seems to want to give back as much as possible to NZ rallying.

  • Wow, this is tragic, gotta feel for all those involved.

  • @taniwharugby That's awful. I used to rally myself and was always worried about spectators. Also was careful where we stood at events when not competing.

    There is some crazy footage of people trying to touch the cars as they go past, Portugal or Spain I think. Seems to be a thing like the running of the bulls.

    Not the first time it has happened in WRC either but the onus of care has to be on the individual to protect themselves. Some people put themselves in unnecessary danger on the outside of corners in particular - simply for a better view. Not saying that this guy did that for a photo op but it does happen.

  • @Snowy yeah I know when they used to have stages out on the metal roads out where my family lives we used to go watch, you always wanna be on a corner but usually sitting on a hill a decent distance away.

    Youtube is littered with clips of people standing in less than safe positions

  • @taniwharugby said in Hayden Paddon:

    Youtube is littered with clips of people standing in less than safe positions

  • It was pretty innocuous. Paddon didn't actually hit him from the video footage, merely hit the bank which shook the guy off his perch. Poor bugger must have fallen on his head because it wasn't a big fall.

    Is it too soon to call him a Darwin candidate?

  • @Frye Think he died of a heart attack, not from the fall as such.