Fat Busting: JayCee

  • Well, after around two years of deciding whether or not to join the police, i have decided fuck it, i'm gonna do it - i'm not keen on sitting at a desk all day anymore.

    So basically the only thing that is stopping me from passing the physical tests is the 2.4km run in under 10 minutes and 15 seconds. My best time so far is around 12mins 30secs.

    I have started going for runs in the morning, and i can't see that alone helping me reaching the target of under 10mins 15secs.

    So does anyone have any training tips for building up my running stamina and speed?

    Has anyone else attempted the 2.4 run in under the certain time?
    It appears that 2.4km is a common distanced used for testing (i know that the army also uses it - my flat mate was in the army and could do it in 8mins - bastard).

    I'm hoping to reach that target (10mins 15sec) in 3 months.

  • fuck, I hate running, but we used to have to do the, I think it was Coopers run at school.  Run for 12 minutes and get as far as you can.  Used to hate it with a vengance!!  I think 6 laps (2400 metres) was the average level.  That was my target, but you need to get the time down. obviously.

    not being a runner Can't really help, but here'a a thought.

    Get to a 400m track, work out how fast you need to run each 400, and then warm up, jump in and do a lap at the time youn need to do all 6.  you will then know how fast you need to run, for 6 l;aps, and you are there...

    no good running long slow distances when you are needing to go faster for shorter - need the base stamina to be sure, but get the fast running in there too...

    Help - runners out there....

  • well, being a sprinter traditionally, I don't know how much help I can be JayCee, but I would have thought that if you measure out the required distance, and keep practising it, you will improve, especially if you push yourself to better the previous time by even a small amount. It conditions your mind to strive for more.

    However, if you alternate between practising the 2.4 km distance and a longer distance such as, say, 4 to 5 km, then you will develop a base stamina as Bartman says, which will help you power through the 2.4 km distance with effortless ease (eventually).

  • yes, the 12 minute run, I remember that.  I quite enjoyed it but then again I do like running  :shifty: (in small doses)

    Perhaps a bit of jog run jog run between each lamp post (ie run one lamp post, jog the next etc etc) might get your speed work up.  I suggest also running a bit longer to get your speed up, say 3km?  That way 2.4 won't seem so long.

  • Well, yesterday went up to the Waitakere Trust stadium to run around the 400m track they have there - went well apart from the Shin Splints i'm starting to get - starting happening a week ago and now it seems to be coming on a lot quicker. Looks like i going to have invest in some running shoes from the Shoe Clinic, or the equivalent as the limited amount of research i have done on the internet seems to indicate that shoes are the main cause.

    So far i've learnt i have a lot of work to do - i have to do 400m in 1min 40 sec (which is 2.4m in 10mins 6 times), i can do one lap and then it turns to shit.

    But overall last night, ran 2.4km (6 laps), had to stop because my shins were killing me, then ran another 1.2km.

  • Im really shit at running but have waddled though interval work with an Atheletics coach to help get my 3km times down.

    You can use run/jog/walk intervals to increase your running speed.  Divide the 2.4 kms into 6 x 400 metre laps.  After warmimg up, run a 400 lap at the pace you need to pass the police test at.  Im sure you can work out the required lap speed on a calculator.  Then walk for another 400 metres.  Repeat 6 X until you have run 2.4kms at the Police testing speed.  In each session you will run 2.4kms and jog orwalk a further 2.4kms  (not counting any warm up distances). Quite quickly as your running speed and fitness increases you can  gradually reduce the length and distance of your rest lap from 400 metres to 0 so you are running non stop for 2.4kms at under 10.15  Â

    Actaully feel like going out and doing this myself now for a few weeks.  Need a break from Cardio in the gym.

  • Cheers, that sounds like a good plan.

    I'll give that a crack for sure.

  • The 2.4km is the recent and fashionable soft-cock version of what we used to do in the good old days. In referee training in Christchurch it was the 3,000m and at school we did the 12 minute run. But everybody's doing 2.4km these days.

    10 minutes 15 seconds is yet more proof that pigs are soft  :happy: The IRB has apparently set a minimum standard of 9 minutes 15 seconds for international refereesÂ


    I can only suggest that sprint training will help (I know people say the two are separate and distinct). But if you're doing reps of 200s, 400s and 800s and reducing your recovery times between, eventually you can start knocking out, say, a fast 1200m, then 1600m, then 2000m and then you're practically there.

  • Decided to change this to a fat busting log.

    In the 8 weeks of training that i have done, i've lost 8kgs - from around 120 to 112. Which is handy since i've only just realised that to be accepted you have to have a BMI (body mass index) of 28 or less - which i just get under being 2m tall.
    But i find that crazy since if i put on any muscle mass (weigh 113) then i'm over 28.

    I've stopped drinking, but the level of my dedication will be tested this weekend when the ABs start playing, I find it hard to watch them play without sinking a few to calm the nerves.

    And i've started swimming (since i need a swimming certificate as well to join). Fark does that get me buggered quickly. And i don't realise how farked until i get out of the pool. Never been much of a swimmer, but i'm starting to enjoy it.

    Running has been shit, since i'm still getting shin pains when i run, and i have been spending a fortune at podiatry clinics trying to get this sorted. This tuesday i'm getting some orthotics for my feet to correct my pronation when i run.
    But until i get it totally sorted i'm able to run about once a week. Finding 2.4 easy to run in general now, but still over the required time.

  • You seem to be heading in the right direction.

    Good running shoes and orthotics will make a huge difference. Running intervals or speedwork will also be hugely beneficial rather than just cranking out the miles. This kind of workout will also aid your weight loss as it will shock your body and force it to cope with different demands. Add in lunges and squats tostrengthen your legs. Single leg squats too.

  • Well,
    Still no luck with my shins, so i've decided to take a month off running. I have the new shoes and orthotics and still no joy, so the only thing left is to let them heal. At the momment i getting a slight pain even when i walk.

    So to make up for the lack of running i'm going to up my swimming to three times a week.

    I weighed 110kg this morning so pretty happy with that. Only had three beers while watching the game over the weekend.

  • Weight update. 109 this morning.

    Programme for this week:
    Monday: Chest and Tri's
    Tuesday: Cardio (Bike and Rowing)
    Wednesday: Arms and Shoulders
    Thursday: Swimming
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Swimming
    Sunday: Cardio (Bike and Rowing)

  • Well, it's been a month since i've taken a month off running, so i'm going to attempt start again on Wednesday - so fingers crossed i get no pain.
    Still get a few niggles in the lower leg region, but nothing major. Strange thing is my legs seem to be more defined than when i stopped running?

    During the three weeks since i have last updated this log i have just mainly stuck to using the bike and rowing - have gotten sick of swimming already - fucken hate chlorine.

    My current weight in to the mornings is now around 108kgs. Have really cut back on the drinking and the amount of food i eat during dinner time.

    Programme for this week
    Monday: Cardio (Bike)
    Tuesday: Chest and Tri's
    Wednesday: Running
    Thursday: Arms and Shoulders
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Running

  • Success!
    Went for a run on monday - and today my legs are feeling better than ever. Tried some compression wraps around my legs on wednesday night, and yesterday they felt like a million dollars.

    So now i can finally get some decent running in to get my 2.4 time down.

    Weight this morning was 107kgs.

  • Did some sprint training on sunday - 6 400m laps at 1min 40secs with a break lap in between.
    And yesterday some cardio at the gym.

    Legs today are feeling a bit tender, again around the shin area.

    Weight this morning was 107kgs again.

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