Fatbusting: Mojoman's log

  • Well well well..I just stumbled across this.  I can't believe no one mentioned it on the Sportstalk forum.

    OK I've decided to do this too.

    Current height - 1.91cm
    Current weight - 116kg
    Measurements - Chest=116cm, Waist=99cm

    Goal weight - 100kg  (7kg lighter than my playing weight)
    Goal Measurements - Chest=114cm, Waist=92cm
    Time to achieve - Nov 2006 - summertime!! I want to rip my shirt off and show of my gunsÂ

    I stopped playing rugby in 2003 and now fear of middle age spread is getting to me.  I lead a fairly health lifestyle, don't drink..don't smoke..don't do drugs and am a vegeterian.  However sweets are my downfall..sweets and fizzy drink..I'm drooling as I'm writing.  I work out 4-5 times a week, mix of cardio (thai boxing) and weights..sometimes some stair running and jogging.  I'm currently training for my black singlet in Muay Thai (black belt equivalent) so I'm probably a bit lighter than 116kg but thats what I was 5 weeks ago.

    Here is my proposed training regime.  In bold is what I'm currently doing.

    [b]5.30-7pm: Muay Thai.  High aerobic/anerobic workout.  Pad work, sparring, bag work etc.
    7-8pm: Karate.  100 pushups. 100 situps. 100 squats before class.[/b]

    12pm: Weights (light weights program as I tend to put on bulk as soon as I start lifting heavy)
    [b]6pm: Workout with girlfriend.  Light stuff, running/hill walks etc.[/b]

    [b]5.30-7pm: Muay Thai.  High aerobic/anerobic workout.  Pad work, sparring, bag work etc.
    7-8pm: Karate.  100 pushups. 100 situps. 100 squats before class.[/b]

    12pm: Weights (light weights program as I tend to put on bulk as soon as I start lifting heavy)
    6pm: Workout with girlfriend.  Light stuff, running/hill walks etc.

    12pm: 5-6km run, city to Toowong route along the riverwalk.

    [b]9.30-10am: Sparring session @ gym.  Bag work[/b]

  • Nearly forgot diet.  Theres no way I can keep off the sweets so I've decided that one day a week (Sunday) I'll treat myself to a packet of fruit and nut chocolate and some Pasito.  Rest of the week I'll make do with fruit.  I've also decided to take some protein powder (Redbak) to supplement my meals 2-3 times per day.Â

  • Jesus Mojoman...this fatbusters forum is for useless fat fucks, not super-fit kickboxing units who don't drink! 😁

    Nah, just jokes mate.....welcome, and by the looks of things, you are showing disturbing signs of being a fatbusters success story before you even start!

    Nice work

  • Tks RB..overall I need to come down in size/muscle mass..I'm 32 now and it's getting harder to keep it off.  I'm aiming to get into double digits by this time nextyear.

  • Went to the gym to do some rounds yesterday.  7 x 2min rounds of sparring and 3 x 2min bag work, 3 x 2min BJJ ground work.
    Felt buggered afterwards and I've hurt my bloody neck while grappling in the ring.  Feels like a pinched nerve in my lower neck..I do it every now and then..should've warmed my neck up before sparring.  To go with that I've banged up my elbow after taking a kick to it..bugger.

    Today was my rest day..had a bag of twisties and some choclate..mmm.mmmmm.  Didn't eat that well so I still need to improve on that.  I'm the biggest sweetooth on this planet I've decided..I could live on chocolate and fizzy drink if I had to.

    Ended the day with a 30min meditation to some Buddhist chanting.  Nice to clear the mind and settle oneself before the week starts.

  • Did a tough session lastnight @ the gym.  1.5hrs of Muay Thai, getting ready for my grading nextweek.  Started with a 10min cardio session followed up with some shadow sparring.  Then into 2min rounds on bags, thai pads, more cardio work (burpees, jumping jacks) then finished off with 6x 3min rounds of full contact sparring.  Today I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.  Going to go for a light jog to take the soreness out of the body.

    Haven't been eating well though.  Not enough protein cos I'm feeling kind of lethargic during sessions.Â

  • Been quiet the last couple of days..feeling v.lethargic and haven't done anything other than walking with my girlfriend and shadow sparring. Eating has been OK..eating regularly and not too much junk food.  Going to go for a run tomorrow and then nextweek going to just work on technique heading into my grading nextweek.

  • Went for a run lastnight..stopped every 2/3 lightpole and did some pushups/squats/dips etc.  Then finished off with some hills on the way home.  45min workout felt pretty good.  I'm cutting down on intensity of my workouts leading up to my grading this Sat. 
    Eating went to shite on the weekend..too much chocolate!!!!

  • Tues night - Did some shadow sparring @ the gym for 35mins..nothing too strenous.  Just getting my timing and technique downpat.
    Wed night - Had my last hitout lastnight before grading on the weekend.  5x2min shadow sparring and then 8x2min rounds on the thai pads..was buggered when I finished.
    Feeling a bit lethargic physically..I've got to look @ my protein intake for this week.  It's hard getting concentrated protein in your diet when you're a vegeterian. 
    Eating has been OK..cut down on my chocolate intake this week.

  • Well finished my grading lastweek..1.5hrs of hell physically.  Ended up with a few cuts and broken nose but I got through it.  Have taken off the whole week to recuperate..being eating shit too so now feeling like a real fat lazy bastard.  Going to get back to weights and aerobic workouts on Monday.

  • Today's the day I go back to training!!  I've had 2 weeks off of complete rest..apart from walking the dog.  My body (apart from gaining a few kg's me thinks) is free of niggly injuries for the first time in 6 months.  I'll weigh myself @ the gym tonight and start back on training and eating in moderation.  No junk food until Sunday and even then no pigging out.  I'm looking forward to shedding some kilos before summer.

  • Went to the gym lastnight and did a 45min weights session..went about 70% as it was my first in a few weeks.  I'm not going heavy on the weights..light with high reps.  Then followed it up with 60min Muay Thai session for my cardio.  Again it wasn't a hard class, probably went at about 70%.Â

    Felt sore this morning in the legs when I woke up.

    Back to the gym today to do 40mins Muay Thai circuit with a 20min kata session to warm up.  Mix bag work up with skipping, mirror work - shadow sparring, situps etc over 3min rounds.  So it will be as follows, 3min stations x 2 sets.

    1. Medium bag - all 8 weapons, the bag hangs from the ceiling and moves a bit so got to use your feet alot.
    2. Situps
    3. Hand/Elbow station - Fixed station for elbow work and hands.
    4. Skipping
      5.  Heavy bag - my favourite.  Work those kicks!!
    5. Shadow sparring - mirror
    6. Heavy bag - 2min Superset round.

    Eating has been OK the last couple of days too.  Sushi for lunch and low carb dinners with protein shakes to supplement it all.  Haven't been sleeping well though which is a bummer.

  • Good workout lastnight..was happy to do some more cardio.  Didn't go too hard as I was still a bit sore but hard enough to raise quite a sweat.  Back today to do some weights and then another Muay Thai class, then I'm taking a Karate class after.
    Have looked @ doing some training @ a Muay Thai camp in Thailand..looks interesting.  5hrs per day, 6 days a week to sharpen up and give your technique a good going over.  Only costs $300 per month training and accomodation fees too so it's cheap.

  • Doing well with my eating and workouts.

    Monday did a Muay Thai class.  Didn't get in early enough to do weights beforehand though.
    Tues went for a 5km jog.  Slowly getting back into my running.
    Wednesday - Tonight I'm off to do weights and then Muay Thai class.Â

    Eating is going well.  No binges for a couple of weeks.  Eating moderately and mixing alot of veges, fruit into my diet.

  • Went for a run Sun night, bout 6km's..felt better running than I did for a long time. 
    Lastnight went and did a weights session @ the gym.  Weighed myself and I've lost 2kg's..yay!!    Now down to 114.5kg..another 10 to lose.

  • Went to the gym lastnight and did some padwork and bag rounds with the boys..nothing too strenous.  Finished off with 5x3min rounds of light sparring.

    Feeling v.lethargic tonight though so I'm giving training a miss.  Give my body a bit of a rest.  I haven't been sleeping well..going to bed @ midnight and getting up 8am isn't good for me I'm starting to find out.

  • I've been training but just been too lazy to logon and update my log.  Did a SPIN class with my partner on the weekend.  It's been 8 years since I did one and man was my arse sore.  Good cardio workout though.
    Be @ the gym tonight to do some weights, then Muay Thai class followed up by a Karate class.Â

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