Arnica and Vitamin C

  • I was idly musing in the gym today, as one does, and started thinking about recovery. I know that weights work essentially breaks down the muscle and rebuilds it. I also know that the idea behind, for example, ice-baths is that they help you recover faster - you treat it, in essence, as a soft tissue injury, and RICE it.

    Now, that being the case, I know arnica is excellent for bringing down bruising and swelling in soft tissue injuries, and frequently used for that by rugby bagmen. Vitamin C helps healing. As the mechanism would appear to be the same, does anyone know if they'd help promote faster recovery while training? Spoken to a few people about this, and they've no idea, as it's never been put to them before. :nta


  • sounds logical, but have not heard anything along those lines either!

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