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  • Get our quick turn around of the way quickly...
     15. Solomona Alaimalo, 14. Waisea Lawebuka, 13. Warren Dunn, 12. Jordan Hyland, 11. Jone Macilai, 10. Peter Breen, 9. Sam Nock, 8. Matt Matich, 7. Jack Ram, 6. Kara Pryor, 5. Shane Neville, 4. Josh Larsen, 3. Phil Kite, 2. Matt Moulds ©, 1. Howard Sililoto. Reserves: 16. Jordan Olsen, 17. Namatahi Waa, 18. Matt Talaese, 19. Epineri Uluiviti, 20. Aorangi Stokes, 21. Matty Marwick, 22. Dan Hawkins, 23. Tamati Tua.
    Pretty happy with that side given our injuries already, Moulds, K PRyor, Matich, Hyland and Lawebuka back into the starting line-up, assume Waa is just rotation, cos he has been very good also.
    Gonna be a big ask to get up over a very good Otago team, but if we keep doing what we have been (lineouts and decision making aside) we will be a real shot.

  • That's not too bad - quite inexperienced bench but starting lineup is still looking quite strong. Wouldn't have minded seeing Tamati Tua get another go starting but I guess it's all rotation.

  • Seems lock is the cursed position,Sweetman out for the season,Goodhue and Tom Robinson with concussion issues,but I also believe Justin Fredericks from the Northland Bs is out for the season,I will have my fingers crossed for Larsen and Neville.
    Have also heard,depending on a medical,Guy Wood maybe added to the squad to replace Troy Gilbert.if this happens,really excited about this kid,looked all class playing for the Bs on Saturday,stood out llke a saw thumb,only issue was,he was limping,around the 60th minute,which is understandable,given he has been out with a serious injury...!
    I don't often,make comments this outrageous,but this kid has a skill set to walk into any super team.

  • Assume Kara will be open side?

  • You got Kev,Kara in the 7 jersey,excited about Stokes and Uluiviti coming off the bench,Stokes based on club form,has been the outstanding loose forward in the southern districts comp.and Uluiviti is a talent,with size,and is more like a NZ style forward.

  • as I was saying to J77, I have a much better feel for this team so far, despite the 2 losses, that with some luck (and smarts) could have been 2 wins, whereas last year, we barely looked like we could win a lottery with the only ticket! 
    Ideally a win, but a 2 BP loss and no more injuries will be fine.
    Any word on how serious Dans injury is yet?

  • Guy would be a great addition to the squad, hell of an effort to come back after the really nasty broken leg earlier in the season.
    Has real utility value. Was playing 12 or 13 for MW before the injury, but his best position is 15. Would also be equally at home on the wing.

  • Like what I hear about this Guy Wood. How much footy did he get in for MW Gunner?

  • Like what I hear about this Guy Wood. How much footy did he get in for MW Gunner?Bugger all, only 4 or 5 games from memory.
    He showed his class in those few games though, that's for sure.
    I really hope he does get a shot, I'd love to see how he goes at this level.

  • Awesome, he's a pommy isn't he? I seem to remember another Pom running around for MW last year, Rawcliffe or something similar??
    On another note, would like to see that bloke Erinemo Tau get brought in, surely got to be a step up on Lawebuka? I've heard positive things about Tau, and by all accounts he carved up for South Canterbury last season..

  • Same here, I watched a preseason clip and Tau looked good!

  • But I think Lawebuka has a lot to offer so more that Tau adds to the squad than being negative.

  • Hopefully Lawebuka will make up for his game 1 indiscretion....he also spent time in the Blues dev side this year so hoping he will be better for that.

  • Half time and we are in this. But would want lineout to work better and keep up scrum dominance which faded towards end of half.
    We need out midfield to hold the ball and get across the advantage line against a rushing defence - maybe some second man plays.

  • Half time and we are in this. But would want lineout to work better and keep up scrum dominance which faded towards end of half.
    We need out midfield to hold the ball and get across the advantage line against a rushing defence - maybe some second man plays.

    all this time you been here as Kev, when it should be Ken 😉

  • tit for tat rugby grrr

  • Poor decisons and skills at critical times. Neville should have picked and driven close to the line. The pass have Breem no kicking angle and the lineout was just an open invitation.

  • Annoying that Northland couldn't get the win. A few bad decisions in the end was the difference. The better team certainly lost imo.

  • disappointing we are still playing a bit 'dumb' but good to get a BP, better than nothing...
    Otago were at about  $2 for -24 points I think it was
    Some of the subs seem ill-timed?

  • We are not far away from a good performance. The good thing is that we have nailed the core area of scrums. Lineouts obviously need work but I still think this can be fixed.
    On the players I would like to make a comment about players that have a positive impact on the game. Kara is so good because he makes things happen. Same with Macalai. I think Lawebuka offers the same - he got in the way of the fullback twice and dropped the ball on the kickoff once but on attack and defence he had an impact. So I think he keeps his place and wil get better with more game time.
    I was most disappointed with the midfield and think we need to make a change. But the forwards including the reserves look really good so we just need to sort the lineout.

  • So many opportunities let slip, first and foremost, the line outs have to be fixed, that is an absolute must, in the last 2 games we must have lost a dozen or so on our own throw. I don't have the solution, these guys are currently full time professionals.
    If we have a penalty 5 metres out from the opposition try line and ball should go straight to the half backs hands, not the props.
    Also the 8-9 combination maybe needs a bit of work, maybe just a communication issue, something seemed a bit off there and we let a try scoring chance let slip.
    Pryor, Lawebuca, and Breen all had blinders. Dunn, and Moulds probably had games to forget

  • Good point re 8 and 9 combo today.

  • good to see the good old NZ media still shit....

    The men from the far north were beaten 33-28 by Otago in their round three match in Dunedin on Wednesday night, leaving them entrenched at the bottom of the championship section of the NPC.

    We currently sit 3rd from bottom....or 5th depending on how you want to look at it.
    Havent watched all the game yet, but holy shit, there was some average defending in parts, especially that first try from that rubbish cross field kick and then 3 weak attempts to tackle.
    But if we cant win lineouts, we will keep having these 'almost' games!
    Also, not sure if there are any Radio Sport listeners, but an Otago fan got through for their rambler yesterday and his leg was the Otago -24.5 points at about $2.00...bummer.

  • The promotion and coverage of ITM cup is very poor. It annoys me because it was the rugby I was brought up on and Northland has always ( until last year and when we were part of the Chiefs ) been treated like crap at s15 level.
    Still think the success of future AB teams depends on strong roots but with so much attention directed at s15, crowds and interest is definitely dwindling. But with the ABs and S15 teams winning no one seems to care.
    In the US they seem to maintain a lot of interest in College sports despite their professional competitions.

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