v NH

  • So our mid-field changes yet again, we have not had the same mid-field start the whole season, despite all the players that have played there, all being fit, all season.

    Finally Markwick gets a start!

    Assume Macilai injured? Robinson started with head issues didnt he, and took another last week....

    Waa, Moulds, Kite
    Neville, Uluiviti
    Faleafa, Maich, Pryor
    Markwick, Breen
    Hawkins, Dunn
    Lama, Alaimona, Hyland

    Wright, Sililota, Talease, Larsen, Ram, MacLeod, Tua, Lawebuka


  • Predictable mostly but I wonder why Lawebuka can't get a start? Has Lama been injured or ....

  • Not the quickest backline....our pack seems to be able to chop and change and maintain a decent quality but same can't be said for the backs. Cant see this backline getting the penetration we need...Alaimalo needs to back himself and be involved, he and breen are our 2 weapons in the backs.

  • The last act of our season. Some signs of improvement after last year but in the two games that mattered vs BOP, Southland we didn't front. Harbour have been good this season so we will have our work cut out.

    We have lots of young talent and have had injuries to burn this year so whatever happens we should have a better showing next year. However, that depends on continuing improvements in intensity (club rugby?), fitness, decision making and set piece. I wonder what will come out of the end of year review? Certainly a lot to talk about.

  • Missing some tackles and down 10 - 7

  • This is hard to watch.
    Ref is a pedantic dick head.
    And once again we seem our own worst enemies with mistakes and giving away penalties.

  • Man, yc for a nothing high tackle.
    Id like to see someone knee cap that ref before he can get out of Whangarei. Ass hole.

  • Refereeing is pedantic and ruining the game - penalties for nothing, missing knock ons ....

  • We need to score now to get back in the game - 1st penalty after 29 mins!

  • Missed a lineout at crucial time on attack and defence.

  • We can't do the basics and end up on defence and they score. Come on guys hold the ball, get your set pieces going....

  • Kara Pryor was held back and no penalty and they run the length of the field and score ....shit

  • Apart from the first 90 seconds, we've been awful.
    They're all a bit flat, looking forward to their summer off maybe.
    I cant watch anymore, its embarrassing.

  • First time I've watched northland this season.

    They are making harbour look pretty good

  • @JK this is an end of the year shit performance

  • i have seen these performance from Northland and they are hard to watch - nothing has changed, so disappointing.

    This referee and his supporting crew are very poor. Must be hard for the players.

  • Play some territory please...

  • And hold onto the ball....

  • Marwicks passing is sharp - where has he been?

  • Embarrassing

  • Why did Shane Neville kick with outside him? From bad to terrible....

  • On the line. NH hand in the ruck on our side rolls the ball out - should have been a yellow card! Shit ref.

    But we get the try... Belatedly.

  • And another...

  • Ross Wright mistake and we hand the ball back....

  • They score....man so we have to get our exits sorted.

    By the way McCleod at halfback has the physicality of a feather.

  • Lawebuka scores..

    Some players like Marwick, Ram (really good! ) and the young Fijian lock have looked good today but haven't been selected this season? Same goes for Lawebuka. I don't understand this...if it is contracting rules they have to change this.

  • I think Alaimalo looks like he has had his instincts beat out of him.

    He looked like he was gonna be a star after 2 rounds, barely done anything since then, looks to have serious gas, but doesnt seem to back himself.

    We looked so passive out there, waiting on defence so often, and then on attack just too slow and lateral.

    Such a shame cos was a good crowd out there

    Thought the officials missed alot.

    Such a dissappointing end to the season, we have some very good players, but we lack any penetration in the backs as well as making some poor decisions too often.

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