FatBusting : BartMan log.

  • Current Weight (20th):  105kg

    Goal weight:  double figures!

    Time - with a trip to Fiji on the 2nd of March for a mates wedding, probably not in the next month  😕

    Training Regime:  Rowing Concept 2 Erg, weights at gym twice a week, upper body weights with home gym once a week...

    Progess report:  Started at about 118kg 12 months ago - lots of rowing, eating better - less fizz drinks, less junk food, more fruit n vege, and feeling better for it.  Mrs Bartman reckoning I feel better for it too  :nta

    [b]MONDAY 20th --------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    PRE DAWN:     6500m row     25.34.1 mins     (cruising at just under 2:00 / 500m)
    LUNCHTIME:     6500m row     25:56.4     (cruising at just under 2:00 / 500m)  crunches / abwork afterwards (not that it is bloody working  :nta)
    AFTERWORK:     8000m row     31.11.3     (1/57.0 / 500m)     curls, french press, shoulder press, press ups,abs.

    [b]TUESDAY 21st-------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    PRE DAWN:     5500     20:52.6     1:53.9 / 500
    BREAKFAST:  Half a watermelon (I know, not very good, need to get to supermarket)!!
    SNACK:  two bananas
    LUNCH:     6000m     22:33.4     1:52.8 / 500
    LUNCH:  2 massive sandwiches on grainy shity bread - tomato, cheese, lettuce.
    SNACK:  two more bananas (whoever said variety is the spoce of life is full of shit)
    AFTERWORK:     7000m     25:50.07     1:55.0 / 500  Sit ups . crucnhes and shit.
    DINNER:  Rice / Tuna / mixed vege hodge all mixed together.  Cooking not a priority, just getting the food down is!

    [b]WEDNESDAY 22nd -------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    PREDAWN:     5000     19:45.2     1:58.6
    BREAKFAST:  Blueberry Muffin, 2xbananas (still haven't got to supermarket)!
    LUNCH:     5000m     19:52.7     1:59.3 / 500
    LUNCH:  1x massive sandwich grain bread, tom, cheese, lettuce.  half a watermelon - I loooove watermelon...
    SNACK:  Apple, Banana, 2 little bread roll things with nothing on them, too lazy to make anything...
    AFTERWORK:  Touch at 6:50, won 6-3, BartMan dotting down for one and setting another with a couple of scything runs close to the ruck  😁.  Celebrated with 3 bottles of Becks Beer - which was bloody nice!
    DINNER:  With the late game of touch, was weak, and with Mrs BartMan and Junior Mrs BartMan, we had KFC - a burger and chips  but it was BLOODY NICE  :happy: but had Pepsi Max, no sugar, so that makes up for it.  Right.  Right???  Also avoided going out and having beers with Shark and Willie Weka, who were in Tauranga for the night.  A warm Mrs BartMan, or a cold beer with a couple of boofs.  Tough choice  :coolsmiley:

    [b]THURSDAY 23rd -----------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    PRE PRE DAWN:  Drive back from Mt Maunganui - a chicken sandwich thing from servo station that tasted like shit, and bottle of Red Bull to kick start day.
    PREDAWN:     Row  6500     24:28.6     1:53.0 / 500
    LUNCH:     Row 8000     30:58.6     1:56.0
    LUNCH:  half watermelon, sandwiches - grain bread and as above!
    SNACK:  Banana.
    AFTERWORK:     Row 6500     25:33.6     1:58.0 / 500
    AFTERROW:  Banana, salad sandwich on grainy shit again.

    [b]FRIDAY 24th----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    PREDAWN:  5000 row     19:53.9
    LUNCH:     6500 row     24:59.0
    Ate like shit today, just not organised - muffin and banana for breakfast, muffin and packet of crackery things for lunch, a couple of banananas during the day, and plenty of water though, so one thing good.  About to have a BBQ for dinner, and watch the rugby.

    [b]SATURDAY 25th----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    ROW:  5500     20;30.0   Then weights - deadlifts, Bench press, shoulder press, matrix arms (ouch), shed load sit ups ets.  Ate shit.

    [b]MONDAY 27th----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    DAWN:  ROW  5500     20:50.8   
    AFTERWORK:  5500     20:27.1
    Eating today pretty good - cerial for breaky, banana in the breaks, the grain ssandwich at lunch, and got lazy, subway for dinner - one of the low fat turkey or vulture thingies...

    [b]Tuesday 28th -----------------------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    MORNING:  5500     21:51.2
    Breakfast:  Toast n marmite with butter - GOT to get organised on the food front, but Fiji calling this Friday, so will wait until come back to get back on the eating wagon proper!!
    MIDDAY:     5505     20:00.0

    [b]Wednesday 1st ---------------------------------------------------------[/b]
    DAWN:  3500     13:51    -   about as motivated as a dead sea slug this morning for some reason.  Already into holiday mode... :nta

  • Fark, three times a day. Am tired just thinking about it.

  • Ever tried the Matrix system for arms Bart? Its a killer....

  • vaguely rememeber that frm the dim dark recesses of trainings past - refresh me - big guns would rock, toshow off to al the rugby heads that I train Tuedays and Thursdays  😁

    And Kirwan, only thing hard about it is the three showers a bloody day - the 25 minutes workout glides on by real quick, but the constant showering and towel washing sucks!  Also three pairs of grots a day pushes your washing capabilites.  Have taken to rowing with no shirt on at home, because there is no one to gross out, and it saves on washing 3 tee shirts a day too!!

  • I'm going to steal your idea about listing the workouts.

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    vaguely rememeber that frm the dim dark recesses of trainings past - refresh me - big guns would rock, toshow off to al the rugby heads that I train Tuedays and Thursdays  😁

    Yes its been about 9 years since I did it (Uni) but had a mate who would only do chest and arms From what I vaguely remember its basically three exercises:

    • Seated (Preacher) curls
    • Standing dumbell curls
    • Standing barbell curl

    And you do sets with 5 full curls, then 5 from bottom to halfway, 5 from halfway to top, 5 full. Repeat for three circuits with breaks in between. At the end you should have difficulty lifting 5kg on each arm

  • When is "pre-dawn" exactly Bartman? It sounds terrifyingÂ

  • That is the approximate time you shoudl be arriving home from teh pub MvJ

  • Perhaps not quite pre dawn, 7am.  But sounds better than 7am....  :happy:

  • With those matrix curls you can do 20s at NTA mentioned: 5 full curls, 5 top half of movement, 5 bottom half of movemnt and finish with 5 full curls.

    Another good one is 21s:  7 full, 7 upper, 7 lower.

    Also good for Triceps which you can do with Cable Press downs.

  • like that idea matricing bis and tris - might give it a go next time at the gym  😁

  • Hey Bart
    Have posted a good rowing sesh for you to try in red Beards diary,  based  on the BFL. Good to hear how you fair.

  • will give it a nudge at lunchtime today.  It certainly looks a farking killer!!

  • Did the BFL programme as per snapperslayers programme on RedBeards thread.

    Easy (ish) the 1:55 and 1:50 splits, the 1:45 and 1:40 a bit harder to hit and stay on - probably did closer to 1:46 and 1:41 splits, was over more than under by a second.  the last 'sprint', meant to be 1:35, you have got to be kidding!!  Managed to keep it under 1:40 for that split, on the 1:38 and 1:39 marks.

    Heart rate, after a minutes wind down to make the 20 minutes row was still up at 168 bpm, so shudder to think what it was at the end of the sprint!!

    Must get a decent heart rate monitor - my old one broke can cant be fixed  😢

  • Good to hear you got through it, was surprised you thought it was "easy (ish)", maybe you could throw 1 or 2 more cycles in just to make it a little harder or reduce the time each minute by a few seconds. Also put a bit more pressure on yourself by staying under the target eg 1.45/500m on the sprint, try to keep your speed under that, 144 at the most;  only 1 or 2 secs diffeance, will make alot of differance. The last sprint 1.35/500m  certainly tests your ticker in a couple ways, heart rate going mad plus the mental strenght to  keep pulling when you dont think you can.
    Good work!

  • yeah, half the battle is mental thats for sure - those couple of seconds look small on the monitor, but by fuck the are massive when rowing away!!

    When I say easyish, I mean keeping to the 1:55 and 1;50 splits - not the whole thing!!

    Will call the whole thing easy when I can be 1:45 or lower, and 1:40 or lower for those splits.  And will call it beaten when I can finsih with a 1:35 or lower!!

    So won't be for a few weeks I reckon, at the least - a ten day trip to fiji will set me back a week or three!!

    Got some good results doing a two minute cruise / 1 minute hard rows for a while - 30 minutes.  cruise being between 1:50 and 1:55 splits, hard being between 1:40 and 1:45 - nearer then higher as you get tireder!

    You do a bit of rowing too snapper?

  • I am doing the BFL - 3 weeks to go - Red beard talks about it in his diary.  On cardio days I find the rowing the best, get the heart rate peaking at 190 clicks on that last sprint. Down to under 1.30/500m now on last sprint.

  • fark, 1:30, there's a target then, farkÂ

    Think I will have to practise rowing at that rate when fresh to start with, to see if I can get there, let alone after 18 minutes!!

  • HOLIDAY TIME:  Fiji from 3rd to 10th, back into exercise Monday 13th.

    Won't be back on deck doing ANYTHING until march 13, so expect I'll be back to my norma fatbastardness by then  :shifty:

    Will attempt a few paddles or soemthing in real water while away

    so good luck fat busting folks.

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']At the end you should have difficulty lifting 5kg on each arm
    [/quote]Dang....that comes at the start... 😕

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