US Pro Rugby competition ggooonnneee....

  • Always expected it would fall over. At least it made it to the end of the first season.

  • Quelle surprise

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    One-cap All Black Jamie Mackintosh joined the Ohio Aviators in March and played for them 11 times, scoring five tries, before returning to French club Montpellier.

    On the quality of the rugby, its a bit of a red flag if a (fairly unathletic) prop is scoring a try nearly every second game...

  • Slightly off topic but also concerning plans to expand rugby in North America, I see a team from Toronto are to enter the third tier of English Rugby League this year. It sounds a bit bizarre to be honest - a team flying transatlantic to participate in unglamorous fixtures against Barrow and York.

  • This article, Loose Pass, shows what a mess PRO Rugby is in.

    CEO Doug Schoninger sent out a mail to all players and coaches, informing them that their contracts were being terminated, but also slightly ominously reminding them that they were still employees of PRO Rugby until the termination was carried out.
    The mail ...
    ... could neatly be summed up as:
    – We’re not paying you
    – But you’re still our employee for the time we’ve paid you for
    – So you don’t talk to the media without our permission
    – Because in reality, we’re using you as an all-in bargaining chip with USA Rugby
    The rugby world would be better off for having the USA and Canada continue to emerge as a credible professional zone, but this spat has set that evolution back a good couple of years and has cost USA Rugby some good people. The argument of who did bad first is long irrelevant now. It’s time for closure, reflection, learning. And then it is time to try again.

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