2017 Black Ferns (including World Cup)

  • 2017 will be a big year for the women with the World Cup to be played in Ireland from 9 to 27 August. Before the World Cup, there will be a Women's International Series to be played in New Zealand.

    It's good to see that two of the Black Ferns games during this series are scheduled before important men's games, to attract a bigger crowd (and probably to ensure the games will be televised) and thus promote the women's game.

    This Winter's fixtures in New Zealand Time:

    International Series:
    Friday, 9 June - Wellington
    Black Ferns v Canada, Westpac Stadium (followed by Hurricanes v Chiefs)
    Australia v England, Porirua Park

    Tuesday, 13 June - Christchurch
    Black Ferns v Australia, Rugby Park
    Canada v England, Rugby Park

    Saturday, 17 June - Rotorua
    Black Ferns v England, Rotorua International Stadium (followed by Maori All Blacks v British and Irish Lions)
    Australia v Canada, Smallbone Park

    Women's Rugby World Cup (Ireland)
    Thursday, 10 August, 1.45am (Dublin)
    New Zealand v Wales (pool A)

    Sunday, 13 August, 11.00pm (Dublin)
    New Zealand v Hong Kong (pool A)

    Thursday, 17 August, 11.00pm (Dublin)
    New Zealand v Canada (pool A)

    Play-offs and finals from Tuesday, 22 August.

  • 2017 Black Ferns Women’s Rugby World Cup training squad

    Eloise Blackwell - Auckland
    Fiao'o Faamausili - Auckland
    Charlene Gubb - Auckland
    Aldora Itunu - Auckland
    Linda Itunu - Auckland
    Emma Jensen - Auckland
    Charmaine McMenamin - Auckland
    Aleisha Nelson - Auckland
    Theresa Fitzpatrick - Auckland
    Kiritapu Demant - Auckland
    Tyla Nathan-Wong - Auckland
    Luka Connor - Bay of Plenty
    Kelly Brazier - Bay of Plenty
    Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox - Canterbury
    Kendra Cocksedge - Canterbury
    Jessie Hansen - Canterbury
    Pip Love - Canterbury
    Justine Lavea - Counties Manukau
    Rawinia Everitt - Counties Manukau
    Aotearoa (Katie) Mata'u - Counties Manukau
    Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate - Counties Manukau
    Aroha Savage - Counties Manukau
    Renee Wickliffe - Counties Manukau
    Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali - Counties Manukau
    Arihana Marino - Counties Manukau
    Sharnita Woodman - Counties Manukau
    Badin-Lee Munro-Smith - Counties Manukau
    Hazel Tubic - Counties Manukau
    Portia Woodman - Counties Manukau
    Kristina Sue - Manawatu
    Janna Vaughan - Manawatu
    Sarah Goss - Manawatu
    Selica Winiata - Manawatu
    Rebekah Cordero-Tufuga - Manawatu
    Cyrstal Mayes - Manawatu
    Becky Wood - North Harbour
    Chelsea Alley - North Harbour
    Charmaine Smith - North Harbour
    Emma Iverson - North Harbour
    Angie Sisifa - Otago
    Greer Muir - Otago
    Ariana Bayler - Waikato
    Sosoli Talawadua - Waikato
    Toka Natua - Waikato
    Carla Hohepa - Waikato
    Honey Hireme - Waikato
    Lesley Ketu - Waikato
    Stacey Waaka - Waikato
    Jackie Fereti - Wellington
    Joanah Ngan-Woo - Wellington
    Ayesha Leti-Liga - Wellington


  • The Black Ferns squad for the three-test June series will be named tomorrow.
    Exciting times ahead for our women's team, first the June series here in NZ and then the World Cup.


  • Black Ferns squad for the June Series (*denotes new player):

    Eloise Blackwell (Auckland)
    Rawinia Everitt (Counties Manukau)
    Kelly Brazier (Bay of Plenty)
    Kendra Cocksedge (Canterbury)
    Fiao'o Faamausili (c) (Auckland)
    Sarah Goss (Manawatu)
    Aldora Itunu (Auckland)
    Linda Itunu (Auckland)
    Lesley Ketu (Bay of Plenty)
    Justine Lavea (Counties Manukau)
    Pip Love (Canterbury)
    Charmaine McMenamin (Auckland)
    Toka Natua (Waikato)
    Aleisha Nelson (Auckland)
    Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate (Counties Manukau)
    Aroha Savage (Counties Manukau)
    Angelene Sisifa (Otago)
    Charmaine Smith (North Harbour)
    Sosoli Talawadua (Waikato)
    Rebecca Wood* (North Harbour)

    Chelsea Alley (Waikato)
    Kelly Brazier (Bay of Plenty)
    Kendra Cocksedge (Canterbury)
    Theresa Fitzpatrick* (Auckland)
    Honey Hireme (Waikato)
    Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali (Counties Manukau)
    Kristina Sue (Manawatu)
    Hazel Tubic (Counties Manukau)
    Janna Vaughan (Manawatu)
    Stacey Waaka (Waikato)
    Renee Wickliffe (Counties Manukau)
    Selica Winiata (Manawatu)
    Portia Woodman (Counties Manukau)


  • @Stargazer
    There are two Kendra Cocksedeges? One a forward obe a back?

  • @booboo said in 2017 Black Ferns (including World Cup):

    There are two Kendra Cocksedeges? One a forward obe a back?

    Haha, well spotted. They have - since my post - corrected the list on the ABs website.
    Would be great to have two Kendra's; best women's player in the world. You can never have too many of those!

  • @Stargazer
    Have to say what little I've seen of women's rugby she is pretty sharp.

  • Black Ferns team to play Canada named

    The Black Ferns team to take on Canada at Westpac Stadium this Friday in their first Test of the International Women’s Rugby Series has been named by Coach Glenn Moore today.

    The team is (number of caps in brackets):

    1 Pip Love (1)
    2 Fiao’o Faamausili - captain (44)
    3 Aleisha Nelson (20)
    4 Eloise Blackwell (24)
    5 Charmaine Smith (8)
    6 Rawinia Everitt (19)
    7 Sarah Goss (2)
    8 Aroha Savage (22)
    9 Kendra Cocksedge (34)
    10 Victoria Subritsky-Nafatali (11)
    11 Renee Wickliffe (24)
    12 Kelly Brazier (29)
    13 Stacey Waaka (3)
    14 Portia Woodman (8)
    15 Selica Winiata (24)

    16 Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate (12)
    17 Toka Natua (8)
    18 Aldora Itunu (8)
    19 Linda Itunu (29)
    20 Lesley Ketu (3)
    21 Kristina Sue (4)
    22 Honey Hireme (15)
    23 Theresa Fitzpatrick-

    -Test debut

    Moore said the team was a mix of experienced players, newer faces and players returning from injury.

    Prop Pip Love returns after injury ruled her out of the 2016 season. Stacey Waaka is back in the starting XV after an impressive Black Ferns debut in 2015 at just 20 was stalled by injury last year. Experienced forwards Les Ketu and Linda Itunu are also back after missing selection due to injury in 2016, and utility back and Black Ferns Sevens player Theresa Fitzpatrick will make her debut from the bench.

    Moore said selections had been based on form which had shone through during the team trial last month and preparation in the tough, wet conditions in Wellington this week.

    "Overall it’s a very strong and experienced side. We’ve had some terrible weather to train in but they have continued to work hard and maintain their focus.

    "Everyone is ready to play and we’re hoping for a dry track. The feeling in the camp is buoyant and there’s a level of excitement having everyone back together. Everyone is looking forward to playing and excited the series is in New Zealand.

    The Black Ferns last played Canada during their 2016 end of year tour in the United Kingdom and beat them by 10 points 20-10.

    "I expect the Canadians, who are ranked third in the world, to have a good crack at us up front. They had a good scrum last year and they certainly have some great athletes withstrength, power and pace," Moore said.

    Kick-off for Friday’s international Test match at Westpac Stadium is at 5pm, prior to the Hurricanes v Chiefs Investec Super Rugby match.

    Also LIVE on Sky Sport 1.

  • Full time: Black Ferns 28 - 16 Canada

    Watched the game LIVE at Westpac. Was a good win for the Black Ferns, against a well-defending Canadian outfit. As usual, Kendra Cocksedge was a real stand-out, scoring two tries and kicking well at goal. Cocksedge and Winiata are real pocket rockets; they are much faster than they seem to be on tv. The first half was good to watch; the second half slightly less, when the Ferns had to defend more against a Canadian team that seemed to become better as the game progressed. Stupid high tackle from our no. 10, who got 10 minutes in the bin.

    There was a reasonable crowd for a women's game at a late Friday afternoon. I assume there would have been more people if it had been played in the weekend, especially as a curtain raiser to a SR game.

    Next up is Australia in Christchurch. I fear there won't be much support for them at Rugby Park, as this game is played on a Tuesday and not followed by a men's game.

    By the way, Australia v England ended in a big victory for England (10-53).

  • Black Ferns to play Australia (Tuesday, 12/6/2017 at 2.45pm, Rugby Park, Christchurch - Sky Sport 1 from 3.20pm)

    1. Toka Natua (9)
    2. Fiao’o Faamausili (45)
    3. Aldora Itunu (9)
    4. Eloise Blackwell (25)
    5. Rebecca Wood*
    6. Charmaine Smith (9)
    7. Sarah Goss (3)
    8. Charmaine McMenamin (7)
    9. Kendra Cocksedge (35)
    10. Kelly Brazier (30)
    11. Portia Woodman (9)
    12. Theresa Fitzpatrick (1)
    13. Stacey Waaka (4)
    14. Honey Hireme (16)
    15. Selica Winiata (25)

    16. Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate (13)
    17. Sosoli Talawadua (1)
    18. Aleisha Nelson (21)
    19. Lesley Ketu (4)
    20. Linda Itunu (30)
    21. Kristina Sue (5)
    22. Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali (12)
    23. Chelsea Alley (12)


    This will be the first time that the Black Ferns play a test match in the South Island.


  • Wow. A bit lucky but a great try from Winiata after charging down the Aussie kick. That's the second try of the Black Ferns already. First one to Portia Woodman, who caught the Aussie defence sleeping near the side line.

    BFs lead 12-0.

  • 14 minutes played, and Winiata scores her second in the corner. It's quite windy in Chch; Cocksedge can't convert.

    17-0 NZ

  • Awesome run and offload from Hireme and the captain, Fiao’o Faamausili, goes over for the 4th try. Difficult angle for Cocksedge and she misses again.

    22-0 NZ after 21 minutes.

  • Big crowd at Rugby Park. Looks like several Chch schools are there.

  • Try Toka Natua for the BFs' fifth try. Not surprising England had a big win over this Aussie team. They seem to have gone backward since last year. Maybe a lot of new players?

    BFs lead 27-0

  • And still, they may just have scored in the corner....

    The TMO says it's a try!

    It's 27-5 after nearly 30 minutes.

  • The sevens players in this BFs team seem to have made the transition smoothly. They've only been with the squad for a month or so, but they're going very well.

    Great try Cocksedge under the sticks. She converts her own try: 34-5 to NZ after 37 minutes.

  • Hail in Chch! Awful weather.

  • Haha, the ref goes for half time. Think that was a bit early. Teams run off the field.

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