Back in the saddle again - BartMan

  • Right, the post sevens time to get into a good fitness regime thingy again.

    Will post my weight tonight after leaping on the scales...

    So, starting yesterday...

    Tuesday 10th February 2009: 5000m row - 18:36.1
    Wednesday 11th Feb 2009: AM Weights - chest and arms: 5000m row - 18:12.1
    Thursday 12th Feb: [b]WEIGHT: 97.4kg[/b]: AM Weights - back and shoulders: 5000m row - 18:41.4
    Saturday 14th Feb: morning 6000m row - 23:06.4

  • Monday 16th: 6000m row: 22:46.9 5000m row: 18:56.4
    Tuesday 17th: [b]WEIGHT: 96.4kg[/b]: Morning - weights, chest / arms. LUNCH: Row 5000m 18:36.4 this row much easier than the 18:36 odd I rowed the first row back on the C2. Fitness coming up quick. Don't think I'll try for a sub 18 for a while though - not until it gets cooler!
    Wednesday 18th: Lunch row: 6000m 22;08.0. Evening row: 5000m 18:34.1
    Thursday 19th: AM weights - back, shoudlers, biceps. Lunch Row: 5000m 18:54.1
    Friday 20th: Lucn Row: 6000m 22:57.4

    Already after 5 rows can feel my body getting 'tighter' if that makes sense. While I have been doing weights consistently over the last few months, you just can't beat the all over body workout that rowing gives you - core especially I reckon!!

  • Monday 23rd Feb: Lunch Row: 7000m 26:09.0 PM: Weights - chest and shoulders.
    Tuesday 24th: AM weights, back and arms : Evening Row: 30 minutes - 8115m
    Wednesday 25th: Lunch Row: 6000m 22:44.9. Evening Row 5000m 18:43.9
    Thursday 26th: Morning weights - back / chest. Lunch Row 5000 metres*
    Friday 27th: Morning weights - shoulders and arms - lunch row 5000m 18:44.7 [b](WIEGHT 95.7 - 13.1% body fat)[/b]

  • Monday: 2nd AM 2k row 7:27.0 then chest weights, then 2k row 7:22.0 PM, 7k row 26:39.1
    Tuesday 3rd AM 2 k row 7:27.2 then back weights then 2k row.
    Wednesday 4th AM 2k row 7:22 then arm weights then 2 k row. PM 30 minute row 8077m
    Thursday 5th AM 5k row 18:27.7 then shoulder weights.

  • Fuck me Bart, but you're doing some intensive stuff. If you keep that up you'll be anwhippet with arms - nothing but biceps' balls and ribcage.

    Do you dip in and out of the exercise regime?

  • Don't think that'll ever happen Cato, love the grub too much - I train so I can eat what I want when I want - within reason that is!

    Over the last year, after having a rowing fixation that saw me rowing 100,000+ metres a week, I got back into the weights again, and the rowing has slowed as a result.

    So only just now getting back into the rowing again a little more seriously, but still wanting to do the weights, as I really enjoy them - more so now a long tern shoulder injury has repaired, so I can actually lift weights again!!

    And after a weekend in Wellington doing nothing but eat and drink, all the last few weeks training will be for niothing!!

  • Monday 9th: Row 5000m 18:16.9
    Tuesday 10th: AM: row 2k 7:12.3 weights chest row 3k 10:58.3 LUNCH 5k row 18:39.0 EVENING ROW 5k 18:33.0
    Wednesday 11th AM: SHoulder weights at gym then 5k row 18:36.9 [b]WEIGHT 94.1kg[/b] lunch row 6k 22:52, Evening row 5k 18:53.9
    Thgursday 12th: AM 2500 row 9:14.9, arm weights then 2500m row 8:54.9 lunch row 7k 26:14.8
    Friday 13th: Morning Row: 6k 22:04.2 Lunch Row: 8k 30:27.0

  • Saturday: 6k row
    Sunday: 5k and 6k row
    Monday 2 k row, back and arm weights. lunch 9k row.
    Tuesday 2k row. Chest and shoulder weights.

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