"Feed the Backs" video show

  • The "Feed the Backs" video show with Ric Salizzo and John Kirwan seems to be a regular weekly presentation from allblacks.com now.

    Featuring high profile guests, in-depth analysis and cutting banter between the two hosts, Feed the Backs will discuss all of the hot topics in rugby from the domestic game right through to the international stage.
    The only place to see the Feed the Backs is on the All Blacks Facebook page. Tune in every Wednesday (or occasionally Thursday) at 7.30pm to watch the show unfold live.

  • I've been liking that show, and if they can keep getting interviews with people like Grant Fox I'll definitely keep tuning in.

    I've also been enjoying the AllBlacks.com podcast series. Mils' one talked a bit about the change of culture he experienced in the ABs and how he still sees the fruits of that today:

    Riki Flutey was pretty good for a yarn too:

    There are other interviews with the likes of Sopoaga and Dane Coles that I just think offer a different side of these guys that I usually see in the media. They're a little more open I think. Definitely worth checking out if you have time.


  • Yep been watching those, been an interesting show.

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