Push up challenge

  • This one is simple..how many push ups can you do. Palms facing down, chest and nose must touch the ground.

    My chest is killing from today's bench press so I'll give it a go either tomorrow or Sun.

  • cool - think best ever at a rugby fitness test YEARS AGO was 64.

    Will help with the BP challenge I am sure too!

  • My best was 109 when I was fit and young. This is where having short arms is a definite advantage.

    Having done no exercise for yonks, I can do 43.

  • 62 lastnight. I reckon 55 of them were "proper" the others were a bit of a struggle as my form died away. Unfortunately I've got long levers and push ups or bench has never been a strong point.

  • If you want a variation to your push up workout try this - it's a killer. Take 5 seconds to go down and then hold for 5 seconds (with nose touching deck) and then burst up. See how many you can do?

    Most I've done is 6 which is just a touch over a minute work out.

    See if you can work up to a 10 second down and hold.

  • Here's another variation: Hindu push-ups. Start in an inverted "V" position, hands and feet on the floor about shoulder width apart, and you should be looking at your feet. Bend your arms down and bring your chest toward the floor, chest gliding a few inches above the floor, then arch your back and extend your arms so your head is facing the sky. Then reverse the movement so you are back into the inverted "V". That's one rep. Try a few sets of these for fun. These are really killer for building overall strength and explosive power. They are pretty popular in martial arts.

  • just did 48...havent done any calisthenics or weights for at least 5 months, so pretty happy with that. My best is 93...back at school, still sucked at pull ups then though.

    I have my feet about shuolder width apart and look up, so you have to go down further to get your chin to the ground

  • The two pushups I'm enjoying right now that give me a good workout are spiderman pushups and one leg decline pushup. I like to use the spiderman as the 3rd exercise in upper/lower body superset.

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