Poll: Most average player to be top try scorer (Super Rugby)

  • For every Roff or Howlett who have topped the charts, there have been some real journeymen too.

    2017 Vince Aso (13)
    2013 Frank Halai (10)
    2012 Bjorn Basson/Andre Taylor (10)
    2011 Bjorn Basson/Sean Maitland/Sarel Pretorius (9)
    2008 Leila Masaga (8)
    2006 Lome Fa'atau (10)
    2002 Roger Randle (12)

    Sure Randle never got (test) capped and Wellington-born Fa'atau was overlooked; but at least they were first choice in their own respective teams. Aso may not make the 23 for the finals.

  • Maitland was beyond average, what makes that record more incredible was he scored 4 of those tries in one game against the Brumbies that year. Also was surprised to see Digby Ioane scored only 5 tries that season - the roll the Reds were on it seemed like a lot more.

    Masaga was pretty underrated at Super level IMO, one of the bright lights during some dim years for the Chiefs after they made the final.

    Basson had his moments, but was also a suspected drug cheat.

  • Andre Taylor did not look like a journeyman that peculiar year. He was just brillant. However, his form dropped abruptly the following seasons.

  • @Frye Fa'Atau was capped for Samoa in 2000 and started playing super rugby in 2002 so not sure he was overlooked....

  • Fa'atau was a bloody handy player wasn't he? Hardly a journeyman.

    Aso has been put in to a few breaks this season but is a good attacking centre. The deficiencies in his game are elsewhere.

  • Frank Halai lol and he got a test too. Suprised we managed to score 10 tries that season with Chris Noakes running the show.

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