Mount Maunganui challenge...

  • OK boys and girls, was in the mouint this past weekend with Mrs Bartman, and we ran around, then climbed, then ran around the mount.

    Time were - running counter clockwise - from the gate by the surf club entrance (just up the stairs after the boardwalk), around the Mt, and back to that gate. Then climb from there to top up the stairs that start near the same gate, back down, and then another lap of the mountain...

    Times, first lap 19:30. climb - 16:10, down 9:55. second lap 18:10 (warmed up by now)!!

    So that was it - challenge on - that was me and the mrs.

    Before our mad weight training and Bodybuilding eating plan our best time for a single lap as just over 21 minutes I think!!

  • Sounds like fun. I'll give it a crack!

  • was cool - I did not think I was going to be able to keep up with the Mrs on the second lap. The climb kills you (first time done it for AGES), but different muscles used from the running, so that second lap, we were honking (or so t seemed, the three old ladies on zimmer frames seemed to have trouble catching up anyway)...

  • Have they fixed the stairs track up the side of the Mount now?

    Back in the rowing days used to run up there quite a bit. Now generally just go for a plod around the Mount when I'm back in Tauranga. Always a fairly nice run with a breeze around there. I think its about 3.5km around?

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