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  • My wife loves exercise machines the more gimmicky the better. So as an early Xmas present I got her the AB circle. It arrived today and as Im at home with the kids I decided to see exactly how authentic this thing is. We have an initial 30 day trial so the plan is to do at least 3min a day for the next 28 days. 28 days gives me a sufficient amount of time to actually achieve some results,if any can be, and leaves me 2 days to return it should it be a piece of crap.

    Hopefully it could also give other ferners an insight into whether or not its worth buying.

    Arrived this morning at about 10 and I've done 3 lots of 3min(one in each setting). While Im doing it I have to say that it feels mostly like Im working my hips, triceps and lats. Does not seem to be working my Abs at all. BUT about 5 mins after each set I have tightened up in the ABs considerably and Im going to feel it tomorrow. It seems to be working more than I bargained for. Early days though.

  • That's the one that swizzles side to side right? Are you finding that the movement on it quite loud?

  • [quote name='Milk']That's the one that swizzles side to side right? Are you finding that the movement on it quite loud?[/quote]

    Yeah that the bugger. I thought it worked on bearings and figured it would be loud. But it actually has 1 1/4 inch piping for the track and plastic rollers attached to the underside of the knee pads that just roll along the pipe. Pretty quite. My daughter was watching a movie and didn't seem bothered.

    First gripe would be as Im a fairly big lad* the knee pads have bugger all give to them. I'll have bruises in the morning so thats a major problem early on.

    Also works better on carpet. I have wood floors in most of the house and it slides a bit which throws off your rhythm something chronic.

    *Weight limit of 120kg too. Im 105 And I reckon you wouldn't want to be much bigger, a little bit tinny.

  • 3 minutes equals about 75 reps either side(150 all up is what the machine will indicate) so it is a fair bit of movement. I did my last lot at 4pm roughly on the highest incline and my mid section is sore, a good sore though which is a good sign.

  • Someone told me they saw it advertised on Goodmorning or something and you could barely hear the presenter talk. They must have misplaced the microphones maybe.

    I've seen the informercial a few times. It's more bearable than the Zumba one doing the rounds at the moment. In that one this guy parks his truck and busts out some Zumba in the back of the truck. He stops and and waves enthusiastically at some passing kids, who wave enthusiatically back. In real life I reckon the cops would be called right then and there.

    I'm only average height but I find I'm too tall for some of gym machines that are made for the home, well for those cheapish all in one sets anyway.

    Good luck with the AB Circle Pro-ing, be interested to hear how you get on.

  • Considering that as advertised 3min is like doing 100 sit ups I don't feel like I've done 300 the day before. My lower back is a lil achy and my hammys are a bit tight. But nothing in the stomach area.

    finished my 1st set for the day. Still nothing during the actual activity that feels like the AB's are getting a work out. Thought I'd do some Otago crunches as a comparison and almost an instant burn. Won't be doing any conventional sit ups for the duration as just for experimental purposes.

    I decided to give the dietary plan a go too so had a protein shake for breakfast and some fruit(7.30), having chicken'n'rice next(10.30), chicken'n'salad(1.30), protein shake and water(4.30) and then hopefully some fish and steamed vegies(7.30).

    Eating every three hours obviously cuts out the cravings for snacking.

    I'll throw in a run this arvo. Im just getting over a rolled ankle so at this stage it's just light stuff and right now maybe once or twice a week.

  • Is this machine endorsed by Chuck Norris ? if not I'd seriously doubt its effectiveness Raz xzxcool

  • If for no other reason buy the AB circle for the free instructional DVD, the chick who endorses this thing is fit as hell!

  • 3rd day and very stiff in the back and hammys are a bit tight. My abs however are still not really getting any benefit. Im determined to stick it out but if this back thing gets any worse Im sending it back....

  • [quote name='Razbra']3rd day and very stiff in the back and hammys are a bit tight. My abs however are still not really getting any benefit. Im determined to stick it out but if this back thing gets any worse Im sending it back....[/quote]

    Then you can order the next one that takes your fancy off an infomercial, use that for 30 days and repeat the cycle ! xzxcool

    Why haven't I thought of this, brilliant. xzxgood

    Anyone seen that one sponsored by Leanne from downsize me ? ( who incidentally looks like she should be practicing what she preaches a bit more )

    Apparently all you do is lean on it and it wobbles you into shape. Outstanding. All for 4 "easy" payments of 200 odd bucks....

  • Im a pretty healthy guy normally. I go for runs and do a fair amount of weights. I eat Maccas maybe once every couple of months when the kids demand it. So long story short Im not obese. So you can imagine my surprise to find that I seem to have lost a couple of cm off the waist in 3 days. I have modified my eating schedule though so Im not ready to say this AB machine is any good.

    Still stiff in the back and the major difficulty with this machine is that because it moves in a circular motion you are forced outward like a mini gravitron(fun park ride), so I find Im straining so much in the legs trying to stay on that the workout is all there, as mentioned several time already mostly in the thighs and hammys.

    MN5: I have to admit I really had no intention of keeping this thing. My wife however claims that it is already a miracle worker, for someone who used to live at jenkins gym she seems to know bugger all about quality equipment.

    Of course this may in fact be quality equipment......[size=7]not bloody likely[/size]

  • Lower back issues have stopped. Still a bit of a fight to actually stay on the bloody thing but Im fairly certain that has more to do with my size than anything to do with the machine.

    I can report Im starting to see some pretty good results. Dropped 2 kegs in under a week of use. Again though, I am using the diet plan too.

  • I watched the infomercial yesterday, it said it was $29.95 for the 30 day trial... so how much does the actual machine cost to keep it longer?

  • saw the add while at the gum this morning and now know what you;re talking about. My wifes best mate loves all gimicky things too, she'll love this thing!!

  • [quote name='Milk']I watched the infomercial yesterday, it said it was $29.95 for the 30 day trial... so how much does the actual machine cost to keep it longer?[/quote]

    A ridiculous $360

  • xzxshok amazingly i have lost 5cm of the tum! Wifey is looking mint too! I really wanted it to be a piece of shit but im starting to get addicted to it.

    Im not ready to make love to it and actually fork out to keep it but I can report it is not a pile of shit xzxgood

    Still one very big day to get through on friday, the timing of my trial was not ideal.

  • Well for the first time in maybe 3 years Im under 100kg. I'd say it has more to do with my diet plan than the actual machine but results are results. I've lost 6kg and its xmas!

    I would likely have the makings of a 6 pack by now if I had been simply doing regular crunches. But the effort involved with using the machine is so low I don't mind so much.

    If I keep at it and make this an on going part of my daily work out then Im likely to get the 6 pack in about a month. Of course though that would require me to actually splash out and buy it out right.

    Some pretty good side effects have been the definition I've gained in areas I wasn't expecting to. My arms,chest and shoulders are starting to get pretty buff. I do light weights regularly but nothing like Bart,MN5 or RB, but it wasn't until I started using the machine that I got this type of definition(if this keeps up I may consider b4 and after pics...). Again the diet is the likeliest contributing factor here.

  • hey Raz, you're right about the definitioin coming from the diet - you can work out all you like, any method, but your muscle is always going to be covered by fat unless you eat right!

    Get those before and after photos quick!

  • yeah, but great results all the same, well done that man!

  • [quote name='BartMan']yeah, but great results all the same, well done that man![/QUOTE]

    Cheers Im pretty chuffed about it.

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