Robbie Fruean - to retire?

  • If true, this is really shit news. I feel really sorry for him. So talented, but his health ruining what could have been a great career.

  • Such a shame that guys with freakish abilities ( Jonah, Joeli, Lauaki etc ) get curtailed in other ways.

    He was nothing short of a fucken beast at his absolute best.

  • I feel sorry for the guy, but also can't help thinkiing this was inevitable.

    I think he can hold his head high and say that he got the absolute best out of his career that was possible given his condition. He can have no regrets. Good on him. I really hope he can live long and prosper from here on out.

  • On the bright side he made it to 29, meaning he played (or at least collected on) professional rugby for nearly 10 years. For a while there it didn't look like he'd be able to stretch it out that long. So while unsatisfying from a playing potential point of view, at least financially he must have done ok.

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