Current squad for 2018


    Check out the current squad for the 2018 Northland Mitre 10 Cup season.

    (Number represents caps for Northland / If contracted to a Super Rugby Team.)

    Jordan Olsen (27)
    Matt Moulds (45 / Blues)

    Ropate Rinakama (10)
    Ross Wright (82)
    Jack Straker (0 / **)

    Murray Douglas (10 / Hurricanes)
    Tom Robinson (5)

    Joshua Goodhue (22 / Blues)
    Matt Matich (19)
    Kara Pryor (38 / Blues)

    Sam Nock (27 / Blues)

    Jack Debreczeni (0 / Rebels)

    Jack Goodhue (9 / Crusaders)
    Scott Gregory (0)
    Blake Hohaia (5)
    Tamati Tua (16 / Blues)

    Jordan Hyland (29)
    Jone Macilai (36 / Crusaders)
    Matt Wright (38)

    Josh Goodhue listed as a loosie...Need to get on and sign Pitman, Dan Pryor not yet signed. Surely they are talking with Bond to come back too?
    Never heard of the 10?
    A fair few names form last year not yet signed.

  • @taniwharugby said in Current squad for 2018:

    Never heard of the 10?

    Melbourne Rebels player. Quite talented.

  • @tim be a step up on both our previous options (Dan Hawkins had a stint with Rebels)

    Hawkins hugely committed player, but was never gonna set the world alight, had high hopes for Breen, but never really got there...

    Still gutted we lost Alaimalo!

  • Not a bad base to work off.

    Wonder why Dan Pryor is yet to commit. Could it be he’s considering offshore options after Super Rugby?

    Will be interesting to see if guys like Bond, Ram, Sililoto and Waa all return.

    Alaimalo leaves a huge hole though. Be good if we can lock in a quality fullback. From there I think we’ll continue to build a decent team.

  • @j77 I expect some of those not signed, maybe just came off contract and will be hopefully being negotiated at present (likes of Pryor, Ram, Bond, Waa, Matiu et al)

    I guess for Dan Pryor, if he is looking off shore, now is the time to do so before the glut form the RWC next year.

    Have to assume MacLeod has played a part in getting Straker up here, seems a promising young prop!

  • I particularly like this bit:

    A former Australian Schoolboys representative, Debreczeni is known for his prodigious boot.

    An area we really struggled with, and TBH have done so for many years.

  • @taniwharugby players definitely not returning apart from the obvious ones

    Rene Ranger
    Solomon Alaimalo

    Dan Pryor.
    Peter Breen
    Malcolm MacLeod
    Howard Siliotto
    Dan Hawkins
    Micheal Faleafa

    Tim Bond is looking overseas but there is a chance if he does’nt secure a contract he may return

    Namatahi Waa,recently had surgery on his neck,very doubtful at this stage.

  • @steven-harris news on why Dan aint back? Heading off-shore before the 2019 RWC player glut?

    Gutting, but he has served us pretty well!

    So Ram still floating about? Honestly thought he'd of been snapped up off-shore after some good outings for Tonga.

  • I’m pretty sure DP will be looking offshore. I couldn’t imagine him suiting up for another province after the service he’s given us. If it is offshore, I wish him all the best, he deserves a nice cash cow after 8 years of hard graft in the Cambridge Blue.

  • How is Sweetman coming along?

  • boy I'm glad we got rid of that Alaimalo guy.... 😞

    Potential to go all the way!

  • @taniwharugby said in Current squad for 2018:

    boy I'm glad we got rid of that Alaimalo guy.... 😞

    Potential to go all the way!

    You guys ditched Alaimalo? 💣

  • @nepia well not exactly...rumour is, he was on the verge of re-signing, we ditched our Assistant coach, and Alaimalo left because of that...

  • Contracted players and High Performance Squad

    Dan Pryor has re-signed!

    Also signed Jonno Kitto:
    A New Zealand rugby union scrum half and former New Zealand U20 player who is currently playing for the Harlequins; he has previously played for Leicester Tigers and Worcester Warriors in Premiership Rugby. He was born in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Regan Varney:
    Taranaki born Regan Verney has proved to be a furious tackler in the Wellington backline since making his Provincial debut against Manawatu in 2017.
    Verney attacking ability was also highlighted during the 2017 season as he crossed the whitewash for 4 tries. The former New Plymouth Boys High School student Verney plays his club rugby with Old Boys University. Verney's superb Mitre 10 Cup form was rewarded with a Super Rugby contract with the Chiefs for 2018.

  • @taniwharugby what’s worse Alaimalo was in the Blues development squad back in 2016.The chiefs were watching him play for the Blues Dev squad against the NZ under 20s at the Ardmore rugby club before they headed off to Australia in May 2016.
    Tana was at the same game not sure what he was watching..but even I had heard the chiefs were looking at him,the Blues offered Solomon a wider training squad birth for 2017 and the chiefs offered a full contract.
    Very similar situation happened to Taleni Seu offered a Blues wider training squad contract ended up with a full contract at the chiefs.
    They often say selection selection is in the eye of the beholder..makes me wonder if the Blues selectors rock up to games with their eyes closed.

  • @taniwharugby interesting wider squad,Great to see Ben Mather back in the mix,he’s very tidy at first five with very good game management.
    Also Sweetman back from injury.Looked up the boy Walon Skipps on Utube looks a very interesting prospect,looks to have good footwork and speed.
    Other selection that caught the eye was Kane Jacobson open side flanker who was in the North Harbour squad last year.
    Plenty of young guys who I reckon will be good to go over the next 2-3 years,crazy connection with Mt Albert Grammar Tom Barlow ,Mikaaere Wiki and Mason Hohaia are some of the recent ones that have left MAGS recently,not to mention Emil Pittman,Jacob Matiu,Blake Hohaia,Jack Goodhue and Josh Goodhue and from last years squad Micheal Faleafa and Josh Larsen from last years squad.unbelieveable..!,have I missed anyone else..?

  • @steven-harris rinekama and matich both attended mags as well. Never heard of the new signings but both playing at a high level

  • @muddyriver I live next to MAGS and can remember seeing a few boys with Kauri tree eblems. This was before everyone started coming back to play for us so it worried me that were losing talent. But recent years have been good. Long may the return of the prodigal sons continue...

  • Josh Goodhue has re-signed with Northland through till the end of 2020.

    Ross Wright has re-signed with Northland through till end of 2019.

    Kane Jacobson (Loose Forward) has signed for Northland for the 2018 season.

    Isileli Tu’ungafasi (Prop) has signed for Northland for the 2018 season.

    More info:

  • Northland unfortunately has failed in its bid to sign Lyndon Dunshea,really disappointing given he was not on Auckland’s radar until injuries hit the Blues and Dunshea took his opportunity..typical Auckland I don’t think even they would know a good rugby player if one fell into their lap.

    However just looking at the HP squads that were named.there are some talented sizeable loose forwards that will be worth a look at next Wednesday when they take on Counties Manukau..

    On saying that,we may get one back over Auckland as the very promising first five who played for the NZ secondary schools in 2015 Wiseguy Faiane will be making his debut in Northland Club rugby this Saturday for Old Boys Marist and given he did have a season for Auckland in the Mitre 10 Cup last year will be well and truly on Whitcombe and Konia’s radar.

  • Good little cameo from Matt Matich for Chiefs last night.

    On this point ( an Itm cup level player having a shot at next level ) I wonder about the Blues signing u20 players before they have a decent amount of time at ITM cup level. It seems like they want to protect players. Not sure that all these players are ready? Some yes but not everyone matures the same. Why do they need to contract them before completion of the ITM cup this year....

    I wonder if they should develop a two tier contracting system whereby franchises can protect their development players and have first right of refusal for contract upgrades. And that contracts are after ITM Cup.

  • @kev they contract them before another franchise does.

    Some players will thrive with the challenge, others wont.

  • @taniwharugby understood...just not sure it’s the best system.

  • @kev it isn't, but under the set up we have, isn't really a better way I don't think.

    Back in the day these kids would play senior club rugby and learn form the wiley old fellas in their team (and opposition) now they go straight from school into M10 or Super.

    I wonder if Nock was released to play for Keri Keri on Saturday?

    Apparently Ranger played for Wellsford reserves and As, but Wright wasn't, and Hyland got limited minutes.

    Odd thing about Wright, is that I thought he had been released completely anyway given he was only an injury replacement, so maybe he is injured rather than being told he isn't allowed to play?

  • @taniwharugby I think there could be a better system. But that’s always a matter of opinion. The Blues are just absolutely crap at picking, developing and retaining players. Just happy that more of our players are getting a crack even if it is only as injury reserves. Ross Wright played really well and was unlucky with some ill informed criticism after his last game. Hope Nock turns a corner and has a great season for us. Good to have Ranger back - gives us back a real attack in option. Thought he got better for us in his last stint - played with real passion.


    Dan Pryor is off to Japan. Just a great skilful heads up rugby player for us over many years.

    Not sure what the mix of loose forwards will be like this year. No Ram, DP, Faleafa.

  • @kev knew it was coming.

    No surprises really, now is the best time for him to leave (obviously next year with RWC gonna be lots seeking overseas contracts)

    With the injuries he has picked up past couple of seasons, I expect the slightly less physically demanding Japanese league will prolong his career.

    I'll see if I can find the link to something I read on FB, was a cool little piece about him.

    Been a great servant to Northland rugby.

  • Good to see Nock playing a lot better for the Blues on Friday. Making his decisions faster, taking control a bit more, started to run as well. The ball wasn’t well protected by the forwards and one time he had the ball slapped from his hands by Higginbotham who was offside at the ruck, which was disappointing. But good signs for Northland. Hope he gets more game time?

  • @kev form what I have seen, Sykes has been in awesome form, and in the games I saw of Matiu, he looked strong in the carry and on d.

    I'm not yet sold on Thoroughgood, hope he proves me wrong.

    Yeah definitely one of Nocks better games (still a way from commanding a starting spot) thought his passes were crisp and accurate, got himself around the park in the right places, but yeah agree that the forwards did let the Reds in around the fringes too.

  • looks like we will be without Macilai for the season, we were already looking thin on firepower outwide, but this makes it worse.

    Hopefully one of the rookies will step up and show his worth.

  • @taniwharugby said in Current squad for 2018:

    looks like we will be without Macilai for the season, we were already looking thin on firepower outwide, but this makes it worse.

    A back three of Debreczeni, Ranger and Hyland?

    There's lots of young midfielders so no need to have Ranger blocking their progress. Debreczeni has played plenty of games at fullback and it's worth having a good look at Faiane at 10

  • @duluth yeah thats what it is likely to be, but I'd of preferred Macilai, Alaimalo, Ranger 🙂

    But if any of them get injured, then we are into the newbies...are a couple that look sharp at club footy (Renata Te Nana looks very good)

    I do hope we play Ranger on the wing instead of centre though, guess depends on if Goodhue makes the ABs, although as you say, we dont need toplay him there though.

  • Been out of the loop a little bit.. What’s the verdict on Myles Thoroughgood? I see he’s from the Canterbury system.

    It seems we are a bit thin in the back three now. Hyland and Ranger on the wings seems like the obvious option as it stands, but to me that lacks some top end speed. Maybe we need to have a last ditch effort at the market for the next Fijian prodigy, like they did with Rupeni back in the day. This is all provided Macilai is out for the year.

    @Duluth, what’s your take on Wiseguy Faiane? No doubt you’ve seen him a fair bit in Auckland??

  • @j77 said in Current squad for 2018:

    @Duluth, what’s your take on Wiseguy Faiane? No doubt you’ve seen him a fair bit in Auckland??

    Only seen him live a few times. He's a good signing but it is early in his development

    He was a very good at schoolboy level but struggled in his limited NPC time. Although that was in the chaotic Nick White side so probably not fair to judge him

    He kicks the ball more than other NZ 10's, he has a lot of variation. More of a Sopoaga than a McKenzie

    It made sense for him to leave Auckland because he's behind Plummer and probably behind D'Angelo Leuila (Ieremia started him for Samoa when he coached them). So Wiseguy was likely to miss out on the 23

  • @duluth from what I hear his goal kicking isnt that great, which will pose an issue if there arent other options available.

    The games I watched he looked handy, playing well within himself I thought, would be handy enough, and TBH a step up on either option we had last year, which sadly wouldnt be too difficult.

  • @taniwharugby

    ..and Debreczeni is also a step up. So if Wiseguy doesn't work out there is another option.

    I'll make a prediction that he'll have a mixed first year, be better in his second and then become a SR player in 2020. So a massive improvement on what you guys have had in recent years

  • As long as Debreczeni is there for kicking goals I’m all for giving Faiane a crack. If he is a good general play kicker that suits me, as I really want to see our 10’s getting distance out of hand this year. My pet hate from years gone by was our inability to carve metres off..

  • yeah alot hinges on Debreczeni being there, and I look forward to the prospect of someone being able to get us outside our 22 for our exits, something we have struggled with for many years now.

    I saw Goodhue was still listed as out with concussion for the Blue,s but I had heard he was 'available' for Kamo a fortnight ago had the Blues released him.

  • It’s always been the Northland way to throw the ball around and have a crack from anywhere, but if you don’t have a 10 who can get you out of the shit when needed it makes it tough. We’ve leaked countless points from those situations. What I’d like to see this year is us play for territory more with clever kicks, turn the opposition around. Then we can turn on the razzle dazzle.

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